Harvard Kennedy School's Dean's Council comprises leaders from various sectors who believe in improving public policy and public leadership around the globe. Members provide financial support and practical advice that allow the School to advance positive change at the local, state, national, and international levels so people can live in societies that are more safe, free, just, and sustainably prosperous.

For additional information on the Dean’s Council or to arrange a membership payment, please contact the Dean's Council team.

Recent Updates:

“Members of the Dean’s Council provide crucial unrestricted funding and valuable advice that make it possible for the Kennedy School to launch new initiatives, respond to emerging issues, and provide financial aid to students who otherwise would not be able to attend the School. The generosity of these friends makes the Kennedy School a more powerful force for good in the world, and we are tremendously grateful for their support.”



Karen A. Frank MBA 1997


Laurence D. Belfer AB 1988
Peter L. Malkin AB 1955, JD 1958


Ceci Chan
Daniel Goldberg LLM 2001
Charles H. Grice MPP 1985
Rod Miller MPP 1990


Leadership Circle

Members of the Dean's Council Leadership Circle provide enhanced financial support to Harvard Kennedy School, giving the School more flexibility to respond to emerging challenges and opportunities.

Geraldine Acuna-Sunshine

Geraldine Acuña-Sunshine AB 1992, MPP 1996

President, Sunshine Care Foundation for Neurological Care and Research
Boston, Massachusetts

Gianna headshot

Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki

Athens, Greece

Andrew T. Balls

Andrew T. Balls MPA 1998

Chief Investment Officer for Global Fixed Income, PIMCO Europe Ltd
London, United Kingdom

Mary Boies

Mary Boies

Counsel, Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP
Armonk, New York

Ceci Chan

Ceci Chan

Founder, ACE91
New York, New York

Karen Frank

Karen A. Frank MBA 1997

Former Global Head of Equity Division, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP)
London, United Kingdom

David Goldberg

Daniel K. Goldberg LLM 2001

Partner, Lumina Capital Management
São Paulo, Brazil

Reinhard Gorenflos

Reinhard Gorenflos MPA 1989

Founder and CEO of Tua Res Foundation
Munich, Germany

Charles H. Grice

Charles H. Grice MPP 1985

Managing Director, CRI Compliance LLC
New York, New York

Fred Hu

Fred Hu PhD 1993

Founder and Chairman, Primavera Capital Group
Hong Kong, SAR

Frank Jao

Frank Jao (Triệu Như Phát)

Founder, Bridgecreek Group
Founder, Molecule USA Inc.
Huntington Beach, California

Peter Malkin

Peter L. Malkin AB 1955, JD 1958

Chairman Emeritus, Empire State Realty Trust, Inc.
Chairman, Malkin Holdings LLC
New York, New York

Scott Malkin

Scott D. Malkin AB 1980, MBA 1983, JD 1984

Chairman, Value Retail PLC & SD Malkin Properties
London, United Kingdom

Rod Miller

Rod Miller MPP 1990

Partner, Milbank
New York, New York

Paul Much

Paul J. Much MC/MPA 2009

Chicago, Illinois
Steven Rattner

Steven Rattner

Chairman and CEO, Willet Advisers LLC
New York, New York

Sean Rush

Sean C. Rush MC/MPA 2007

President Emeritus, JA Worldwide
Weston, Massachusetts

Vincent Ryan

Vincent J. Ryan

Chairman, Schooner Capital
Boston, Massachusetts

Gabriel Sunshine

Gabriel B. Sunshine AB 1991

Partner, Bracebridge Capital
Boston, Massachusetts

Erica Wax

Erica L. Wax MPP 1997

Co-founder, Impact 100 London
London, United Kingdom

A man with short gray hair wearing a suit smiles at the camera

Mark Wittcoff HKS PLC 2022

Chairman, KW Commercial Landmark
Beverly Hills, CA

Guang Yang MBA 1995

Guang Yang MBA 1995

Vice Chairman of CTH Group and Atlas Technology
Miami, FL

Fady Abouchalache

Fady Abouchalache MBA 1992, MPA 1993
Founding Partner, TriSpan 
London, United Kingdom

Charles Akinola

Charles Akinola MC/MPA 2010
Hyattsville, MD

Mohammed Alardhi

Mohammed Alardhi HKSEE 1992, MC/MPA 2004
Investcorp House
London, United Kingdom

William E. Aliski

William E. Aliski MC/MPA 1987
Boston, MA

Abayomi Awobokun

Abayomi Awobokun
Managing Partner,
Ce-IV Managers
London, United Kingdom

Thomas Barry

Thomas C. Barry MBA 1969
President and CEO, Zephyr Management
New York, NY

Harvey Beker

Harvey Beker
Chairman, Millburn Ridgefield Corporation
New York, NY, and Boston, MA

Steven J. Berger

Steven J. Berger AB 1979, MBA 1983
Vice Chair and CFO, Weld North LLC
New York, NY

Scott Black

Scott M. Black MBA 1971
President and Founder, Delphi Management
Boston, MA

Krzysztof F. Bocian MC/MPA 2017

Krzysztof F. Bocian MC/MPA 2017
Chairman, Eastport Capital
Warsaw, Poland

Marc Bodnick

Marc Bodnick AB 1990
Entrepreneur and venture capitalist
Atherton, CA

Osman Boyner MPA 2001

Osman Boyner MPA 2001
Founder and CEO, BEDEO
London, United Kingdom

Hermann Friedrich Bruhn

Hermann Friedrich Bruhn MBA 2001
Owner and CEO, Hermann Friedrich Bruhn Group
Hamburg, Germany

James Cashel

James Cashel MD 1989, MPP 1991
Chairman, Forum One
Arlington, VA

Richard E. Cavanagh

Richard E. Cavanagh MBA 1970
Senior Advisor, Fremont Group
Lecturer, Harvard Kennedy School
Cambridge, MA

Adrian C. Cheng

Adrian C. Cheng AB 2002
Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, New World Development Company Limited
Hong Kong SAR

Anne Chiou

Anne Chiou MPP 2005
Head of Programs, Business and Policy, Asia Society Hong Kong Center
Hong Kong SAR

Jamie A. Cooper

Jamie A. Cooper MPA 1994
Chair and President, Big Win Philanthropy
London, United Kingdom

Howard Cox

Howard E. Cox Jr. MBA 1969
Greylock Partners
Boston, MA

Bharat Desai

Bharat Desai
Former Chairman and Co-founder, Syntel, Inc.
Miami, FL

Zach Du Chao

Zach Chao Du
Champion for Children, UNICEF; Senior Advisor Smart Growth Committee, Deloitte China
Shanghai, China

Ellen K. Dyvik

Ellen K. Dyvik AB 1987, MPA 1990
Founder & CEO, EN Capital Advisory Limited
London, United Kingdom

Ernesto F. Fernández-Holmann

Ernesto F. Fernández-Holmann MPA 1966, PhD 1968
Chair, Ayucus
Miami, FL

Ernesto F. Fernández-Holmann

Claire L. Fitzalan Howard
Non-executive Director, Schroders Plc and Caledonia Invesments Plc
Trustee, Mallinckrodt Foundation and Schroder Foundation
London, United Kingdom

Timothy Franks

Timothy Franks
Partner, Private Equity, KKR
London, United Kingdom

Gayle Gao

Gayle Gao, MC/MPA 2003
Chairman, Lakewood Charitable Foundation
Delaware, OH

Margaret (Meg) Gifford

Margaret “Meg” Gifford MPA 1986
New York, NY

Dionisio Gutiérrez

Dionisio Gutiérrez
President, Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo
Guatemala City, Guatemala

Fernando Gutierrez-Eddy

Fernando Gutierrez-Eddy MC/MPA 2009
Chief, Resource Mobilization and Partner Relations, UN Women
New York, NY

Serena Harding-Jones Lese MC/MPA 2020

Serena Harding-Jones Lese MC/MPA 2020
Trustee, American Repertory Theater
New York, NY

Darryll Hendricks

Darryll Hendricks MPP 1988, PhD 1992
Managing Director, UBS
New York, NY

Nicolaus Henke

Nicolaus Henke MPA 1990
Senior Partner, McKinsey & Co.
London, United Kingdom

Dwight Hutchins

Dwight Hutchins MC/MPA 1996
Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group
Boston, MA

Frank F. Islam

Frank F. Islam
Chairman and CEO, FI Investment Group
Potomac, MD

Joshua Jeffers

Joshua Jeffers
Owner, J. Jeffers and Company
Milwaukee, WI

Carlos Jereissati

Carlos Jereissati
President/CEO, Iguatemi Empresa de Shopping Centers
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Tasso Jereissati

Tasso Jereissati
Senator, Federal Senate of Brazil
Fortaleza, Brazil

Maha J. Kaddoura

Maha J. Kaddoura MC/MPA 2000
President, Kaddoura Charitable Foundation
Beirut, Lebanon

Latifa Kosta

Latifa Kosta
London, United Kingdom

George Kounelakis

George Kounelakis
ENA Investment Capital
London, United Kingdom

Nicholas Kukrika

Nicholas Kukrika MPP 2007
Partner, Generation Investment Management LLP
London, United Kingdom

Patterson Lawson

Patterson Lawson MC/MPA 1989
Richmond, VA

Shan Li

Shan Li
CEO, Silkroad Finance Corporation
Hong Kong SAR

Yanchun Lily Li

Yanchun (Lily) Li
Chairperson, Harvard Wealth Strategy and Management LLC
Co-founder, UBI Blockchain Internet
Beijing, China

Hermann Liu

Hermann Liu MPA 2004
Managing Partner, Lakewood Capital
Delaware, OH

Andronico Luksic

Andrónico Luksic
Chairman, Luksic Group
Santiago, Chile

Eugenio Madero

Eugenio Madero
CEO, Rassini
Mexico City, Mexico

Bashar Masri

Bashar Masri
Chairman, Massar International
Rawabi, Palestine

Mohamed Mansour

Mohamed L. Mansour
Chairman, Mansour Group
London, United Kingdom

Lindsey McMurray

Lindsey McMurray
Managing Partner, Pollen Street Capital
London, United Kingdom

Jon Mendelsohn

The Rt. Hon. Lord Jon Mendelsohn 
Member, House of Lords
London, United Kingdom

Eric Mindich

Eric M. Mindich AB 1988
Former CEO, Eton Park Capital Management
New York, NY

Anthony P. Morris

Anthony P. Morris
Principal, Morris Company
Boston, MA

Stanley Motta

Stanley Motta
Chairman, Inversiones Bahia, Ltd. and Copa Holdings
Republic of Panama

Andre Muller-Wegner

André Müller-Wegner MPA 2005
Managing Director, UBS
Zürich, Switzerland

Christian Long Oberbeck

Christian Long Oberbeck
CEO and Co-founder, Saratoga Partners
New York, NY

Michael Olshan

Michael Olshan AB 2004
Founder and Managing Partner, O-Corp Investments
New York, NY

Minnie R. Osmeña

Minnie R. Osmeña MC/MPA, HKSEE
President, Minnie Osmeña Foundation
New York, NY

Dimitrios Papalexopoulos

Dimitrios T. Papalexopoulos MBA 1987
Chairman, Titan Cement Group
Athens, GR

Dwight Poler

Dwight Poler
Senior Advisor; former Managing Director, Head of Europe PE, Bain Capital LLC Founder and CEO, Climate Change Mitigation Fund, AccelR8
Boston, MA

Bame Pule

Bame Pule MBA 2006
Founder and CEO, Africa Lighthouse Capital
Gaborone, Botswana

Sean Rowland

Sean Rowland MPA 1997
Executive Chairman, Hibernia College
Dublin, Ireland

Elliot Schrage

Elliot J. Schrage AB 1981, JD 1986, MPP 1986
San Francisco, CA

Enrique Segura

Enrique Segura
Founding Chairman of the Board & Chairman, ENSE Group
Washington, DC

Anthony Tamer

Anthony Tamer MBA 1986
Founder and Co-CEO, HIG Capital
Miami, FL

Emil Tedeschi

Emil Tedeschi
CEO, Atlantic Grupa
Zagreb, Croatia

Lynn Thoman

Lynn Thoman MBA 1979
Professor, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs
Founder, 3 Takeaways on Apple Podcasts
New York, NY

Jesús Viejo Gonzalez

Jesús Viejo Gonzalez MPP 1998
Chairman, Trefilia Capital
Monterrey, Mexico

Brooke N. Wade

Brooke N. Wade
President, Wade Capital Corporation
Vancouver, BC, Canada

George White

George White
Of Counsel, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP
Alexandria, VA

Patricia White

Patricia White
Alexandria, VA

Malcolm Wiener

Malcolm H. Wiener AB 1957, JD 1963
Malcolm Hewitt Wiener Foundation
Greenwich, CT

Howard Wolk

Howard Wolk MC/MPA 2002
Co-President, The Cross Country Group
Medford, MA

Joanne Yoo

Joanne Yoo MPA 2006
Managing Director, Development Partners International
London, United Kingdom

Given the global pandemic, we are offering enhanced opportunities for members of the Dean's Council and Dean's Council Leadership Circle to engage virtually with HKS faculty and each other.

Benefits and responsibilities for members of the Leadership Circle of the Dean’s Council include:

  • Make an annual contribution of $50,000 to the HKS Fund.
  • All the benefits of membership on the Dean’s Council plus additional opportunities, including but not limited to:
    • Enhanced listing with a short biography and photo in the roster of Harvard Kennedy School's Dean’s Council on the School’s website.
    • Invitation to participate in a Leadership Circle roundtable discussion hosted by the dean and chair of the Dean’s Council before the fall meeting in Cambridge.
    • Invitation to an exclusive Leadership Circle event in conjunction with the spring meeting of the Council (typically in London).

Benefits and responsibilities for all members of the Dean's Council include:

  • Make an annual contribution of $25,000 to the HKS Fund.
  • Membership listing in the roster of Harvard Kennedy School's Dean’s Council on the School’s website.
  • Listing in Harvard Kennedy School's Annual Report of Giving & Alumni Engagement.
  • Invitations to two annual meetings of the Council, typically held in Cambridge and London.
  • Regular communications from the dean of Harvard Kennedy School, including news and requests for feedback on how the School is training public leaders to address shared challenges.
  • Monthly newsletter highlighting research and insights from HKS faculty, including webcasts of John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum events. 
  • Invitations to participate in the Wiener Conference Call series, which offers the opportunity to ask questions of expert faculty on a range of timely issues.
  • Priority access to Harvard Kennedy School events, including gatherings at the School’s John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum.

Additional responsibilities of all members of the Dean's Council:

  • Commit to a three-year term, subject to renewal upon agreement by both the member and Harvard Kennedy School.
  • Uphold the mission and values of Harvard Kennedy School and, in dealings with the HKS community, adhere to the Harvard Kennedy School Code of Conduct.
  • Make an annual contribution of $25,000 to the HKS Fund, which provides crucial unrestricted support for Harvard Kennedy School’s highest priorities.
  • Consider an additional leadership gift once per each three-year term to support a specific Harvard Kennedy School project or initiative.
  • Serve as an ambassador for Harvard Kennedy School by working to raise the visibility of the School’s achievements, people, and mission.
  • Engage more closely with Harvard Kennedy School. Opportunities include:
    • Host a networking event to recruit new members during each three-year term.
    • Encourage your employer to post job opportunities in the HKS job bank used by graduating students and alumni.
    • Host an event for Dean’s Council members, students, or alumni.
    • Sponsor a current student for a summer internship.
    • Invite a student to shadow you at your job during winter break.
    • Serve as a Policy Analysis Exercise client for second-year MPP students.
    • Other opportunities to engage based on interest and alignment with the School’s mission.


For Members Only:
View the password-protected Dean’s Council contact list.

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