Through your membership on Harvard Kennedy School’s Dean’s Council, you provide unrestricted funding to support the School’s priorities. This funding is critical to ensuring the School has the flexibility to respond to new challenges as they emerge. Thanks to your generosity, you have helped Dean Doug Elmendorf to fortify two important initiatives during the last academic year.

The first involves social innovation. With your seed funding, the School was able to launch the Social Innovation & Change Initiative (SICI) at our Center for Public Leadership. Led by faculty member Julie Battilana, Alan L. Gleitsman Professor of Social Innovation at Harvard Kennedy School and professor at Harvard Business School, SICI has created a Social Innovation Studio, which is a dedicated space in the Belfer Building where students can obtain advice on using social innovation to advance progress against a specific social problem. Here, students interact with and receive advice from practicing social entrepreneurs. In addition, SICI is planning its inaugural conference on research in the field of social innovation.

The generosity of members of the Kennedy School’s Dean’s Council also provided funding to build our capacity in the use of digital technology in governance, e.g., the delivery public service and benefits, campaigning and responding to public opinion, and protecting the country from threats to its security. You have helped us to hire a new faculty member, David Eaves, who is developing new courses and undertaking new projects across the School that bridge technology and governance. David has also attracted more students who are interested in digital technology and governance to the Kennedy School, and he frequently hosts visiting speakers who are at the forefront of this important area.

The continued support of members of the Dean’s Council makes it possible for Dean Elmendorf to respond to emerging challenges and new opportunities. We are very grateful for your generosity.