2018 Alumni Board Elections Results

Congratulations to the newest members of the HKS Alumni Board of Directors! We are excited to welcome these 10 alumni to the Board when their terms begin on July 1, 2018. 

Teresa Acuña Headshot_sm.jpg Teresa Acuña MC/MPA 2017
Location: United States
Luma Al Saleh_Headshot_sm.jpg Luma Al Saleh MC/MPA 2017
Location: Oman
Edson Kondo_Headshot_sm.jpg Edson Kenji Kondo MPP 1990
Location: Brazil
Tami Kesselman_Headshot_sm.jpg Tami Kesselman MPA 1995
Location: United States
Carl Manlan_Headshot_sm.jpg Carl Manlan MC/MPA 2012
Location: Ghana
Diego Osorio_Headshot_sm.jpg Diego Osorio MC/MPA 2009
Location: Canada
Frank Pearl_Headshot_sm.jpg Frank Pearl MC/MPA 2011
Location: Colombia
Meredith Segal_Headshot_sm.jpg Meredith Segal MC/MPA 2017
Location: Niger
Brooke Suter_Headshot_sm.jpg Brooke Suter MC/MPA 2017
Location: United States
Jen Tutak_Headshot copy_sm.png Jennifer Tutak MPA 2012
Location: United States


Learn more about the role of a board member and the nomination process.