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1975 | 45th Reunion

Albert (Nick) Nichols MPP, PHD 1981 writes, “Stayed at HKS to get PHD in public policy, distracted by teaching, children, house remodeling, etc. On the faculty at HKS (1977–83, 1985–88, and adjunct 2011–16), where I taught micro, analytic methods, and energy & environment. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (1983–85), where in the economic analysis division I directed a phaseout of lead in gasoline. As an economic consultant (NERA and LECG, 1989–2013), I focused on regulation and litigation in antitrust, environment, and energy. Eve and I have two children (Matt and Beth) and three granddaughters (ages 11–15). We are both retired and pursue hobbies (mine is woodworking), volunteer (I’m on town appropriation committee), and travel.”



Michael Wallace MPP is retired—and loving it!



Larry DiCara MC/MPA writes, “I have retired from Nixon Peabody and am sharing space with old friends at 10 Post Office Square, consulting and lobbying on behalf of clients with complicated issues, often at Boston City Hall, which is but a few minutes away. I remain an active citizen of the Boston community. My three daughters have completed their junior year, one at Hobart and William Smith and two at Harvard.”



Adam Thomson MPP writes, “I’m gradually picking up threads with classmates. In the past year, I have seen Rob Meyer MPP, PHD 1991, John Walsh MPP, Chris (and Carole) Fisher MPP, and Tom (and Nancy) Gallagher MPP in the UK. I expect to see John (and Gael) Lundeen MPP with the Fishers at the end of May (2019). I’m still running the European Leadership Network, doing guerrilla diplomacy to stop conflict in Europe.”

Nga Nguyen, Benjamin Polk, Megan Carroll, and Daniel Bjorkegren, all MPP 2009, share a laugh in HKS’s new courtyard.
Nga Nguyen, Benjamin Polk, Megan Carroll, and Daniel Bjorkegren, all MPP 2009, share a laugh in HKS’s new courtyard.


1980 | 40th Reunion

Joseph Aiello MCRP writes, “I continue to be blessed with good health, a great extended family, and a circle of friends from kindergarten through to those I’ve made late in life. Many, many good friends from our class. I hope we have a big turnout for our 40th!”

Edward Burns MC/MPA, while at HKS, was an assistant district attorney in Suffolk County (Boston). In 18 years, he conducted more than 200 jury trials of violent felons. On two occasions, record-breaking (lengthy) prison sentences were obtained—both against rapists, in totally unrelated cases. He later became the undersheriff of Middlesex County, Massachusetts (Cambridge). Edward writes, “Since the 1600s, the sheriff of Middlesex traditionally leads the Harvard University Commencement Day Parade. In 2006, circumstances resulted in me leading the commencement procession. Astonishingly, Earth continued in its orbit with barely a whimper.”

John MacIlroy MC/MPA, writes, “After retiring, I began writing. My first published (coauthored) work was a “mostly true” collection of stories—Not Exactly Rocket Scientists and Other Stories (, available, as they say, wherever books are sold, including Amazon. I have now written more than 20 short fiction stories, appearing in Short Story America, Ebb & Flow, and other print and digital platforms. Several of my latest stories will appear in anthologies that will be released this fall, and I am working on both a novel and my own short story collection. My novel is glaring at me from my desk, asking for attention. Stay tuned.”

Ken Young MC/MPA, writes, “Finding life as challenging as always. Medicare counseling. President of the Hubbard Free Library, established in 1880, transitioning (hopefully) to a new sustainability model. Involved in state-level policy debates—development vs. conservation. More foreign travel. Navigating my own and helping others manage the retirement finance landscape. Enjoying having a child living and working abroad. Deciding where to live to keep warm in the winter, cool in the summer, while transitioning to one floor. Making new friends and exploring new interests and opportunities. Ruing the fragmentation of my country and the decline of our democracy.”



Lynn Fields Harris MC/MPA, until June 2018, served for 15 years as executive director of Center in the Park, a nationally accredited senior community center and social services agency in Philadelphia. Through her leadership, the center was transformed into a wellness center and was recognized as a model for the implementation of innovative programming and of community-based/academic participatory research initiatives with diverse populations. She has served in numerous volunteer leadership roles, including as a National Council on Aging (NCOA) board member. Lynn received the NCOA’s 2019 Distinguished Service Award. The NCOA’s Trailblazers in Aging Awards recognize individuals and organizations around the country who are working toward a just and caring society that allows all of us to age with dignity, purpose, and security.

Joe Leitmann MPP, after 35 years at the World Bank, is planning to retire at the end of 2019 and move on to consulting, teaching, writing, traveling, and spending time with friends and family all over. In the meantime, he continues to contribute to the resilience agenda, supervising the organization of an international conference on inclusion for post-disaster recovery (, authoring technical publications, mentoring, serving on the boards of several nonprofits and professional organizations, enjoying the grandchildren in nearby Virginia, and playing all manner of racquet sports.



Eric Elbot MPA writes, “After months conducting national security focus groups in Bali with elites from Russia, China, Germany, and Muslim states, I entered the 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary to share outcomes with the next president. This year I am entering to stimulate debate about these next-term disruptors: trade war with China becomes cold war, becomes hot war, distracting from Iran error blowback; invent lifelong adaptive education for A.I., bio-engineering, and global competitive work shifts; test climate change meta strategies: globally move hot peoples from Equator to melting North; fast-track genomic medicine for free, effective, low-cost health-partnership care.”

Alexi Panehal MC/MPA writes, “After 36-plus years, I retired in August 2018 from the U.S. Agency for International Development. My last two years with USAID I was seconded to the National War College, in Washington, DC, where I taught national security strategy at the graduate level to senior military, diplomatic, and civil service employees. I am now living on an island, where I am researching and writing three books and working on two articles. One of the articles, titled “Your Affectionate Brother,” examines George Washington’s often unguarded correspondence with his four full siblings. In my spare time, am gardening, traveling, hiking, and owl and bird banding.”

Keerthi Weragoda MC/MPA writes, “Returning home after graduation, I was appointed secretary to the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Research. From 1982 to 1997 I continued to work as secretary in several other ministries. Position of secretary is the apex in the career of an administrative service officer. Secretary is the chief executive responsible for the implementation of the policies approved by the Cabinet of Ministers. To discharge those responsibilities, it was necessary to develop strong command in direction and communication of the decisions for the development of the activities of the ministry. I am grateful to Harvard for providing those strengths.”



Gary Jones MC/MPA writes, “I’ve retired after 32 years as a senior researcher for the Massachusetts House of Representatives. In 2014 I earned an ALM in English literature and creative writing from Harvard Extension for my novel on Deborah Samson, born in 1760, who disguised herself as a man and fought in our revolution. One of her descendants, who is transgender, published his novel about her the same year. Now I’m redoing my novel and starting a new one structured on the Chinese classic Dream of the Red Chamber or The Story of the Stone. My hero and heroine, a stone and flower in heaven, are sent to the Mass statehouse to live out their human lives.”



Jody Litvak MPP writes, “More than 50 members of our MPP/MPA2 class gathered for our 35th reunion, where we loved reconnecting with each other and some of our favorite professors. Some who couldn’t attend sent along best wishes. The large turnout was due in large part to the early organizing by classmate Judy Bunnell MPP and the team she built. She found “lost” classmates and created an environment that was inviting to all our classmates, ensuring that as many of us as possible could attend. We were thrilled that ‘core’ professors Tony Gómez-Ibáñez, Steve Kelman, and Dutch Leonard joined our group for Saturday lunch, and enjoyed many informal gatherings at old haunts like Charlie’s, Grendel’s, and Shay’s. Many commented how we left feeling the ‘afterglow.’ We invite all classmates to keep the glow by joining our Facebook group (HKS MPP/MPA2 1984 Reunion).”


1985 | 35th Reunion

Maria Nuria De Cesaris MC/MPA writes, “Venezuela’s complex humanitarian situation, created by a corrupt and irresponsible regime, has changed my life. Since 2016, I have been involved almost full-time in children’s nutrition programs in Ciudad Guayana with the support of Meals4Hope, an NGO created by Venezuelans living in Europe. It has been challenging both professionally and emotionally. But also it is a source of happiness every time one child achieves normal weight and smiles in gratitude. I hope my country will be free soon.”



Steven Falk MPP, having recently concluded a long career as the city manager of Lafayette, California, received one of the first Bay Area Metro Awards recognizing people, projects, organizations, and local governments that have advanced solutions to ease the Bay Area’s housing crisis, improved the transportation system, and/or made the nine-county region more resilient. Launched jointly by MTC and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG), the awards program honors positive impacts on the Bay Area’s mobility, affordability, resilience, and community, and recognizes efforts that make the region a better place to live, work, and play.

Paul Tuccio MC/MPA and his wife, Barbara, live in Jackson, Mississippi. Paul is retired from the U.S. Department of the Army Corps of Engineers. Paul and Barbara are active members of the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle Parish.



Nadine Hack MC/MPA gave the keynote speech at Stockholm Philanthropy Symposium in Sweden this past May and the keynote speech on International Women’s Day in Geneva, Switzerland, at Barclay’s Private Bank ( She also was honored as a 2019 Enterprising Woman of the Year (



Dave Jones MPP writes, “After serving two terms as California’s statewide elected insurance commissioner, I am now a senior director at The Nature Conservancy and director of the Climate Risk Initiative at UC Berkeley School of Law. In both positions I am continuing my work to address climate change and the risk it poses to the financial sector. Kim Flores MPP 1987 and I celebrated our daughter Isabelle’s graduation from Harvard College, where she led the Divest Harvard movement. Our son Will studies engineering at George Washington University. Good public policy is alive and well in California! Visitors from near and far always welcome—no walls here!”



Bob Bailey MC/MPA writes, “Thirty years after graduating from HKS and two careers later—10 years in management in local government and 18 years in HR/OD work in progressive nonprofits and philanthropy—I finally retired at 70 at the end of July. Hopefully the start of a new chapter—after some initial rest and travel with my wife, Sarah (who I met right after HKS). Hopeful, too, that our son Connor may find himself at HKS in 2020 as an MPP student.”

James Brett MC/MPA was appointed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the National Council on Disability. James is the chairman of both the Disabled Persons Protection Commission and the Governor’s Commission on Intellectual Disability.

Pat Lawson MC/MPA writes, “I am a practicing professional photographer. I have just completed a yearlong project—‘Portraits of Individuals with Alzheimer’s and their Caregivers.’ A heavy subject but one that needs to be told. The goal is to show the dignity of individuals caught in the journey. Very appreciative if you or your colleagues are interested in discussing. I made the project in association with the Alzheimer’s Association. We are looking for proper venues.”


1990 | 30th Reunion

Jonathan Duke-Evans MC/MPA retired from Britain’s Ministry of Defence at the end of 2017. He is currently researching a book on the history of ideas and trying to learn Russian. Jonathan and his wife, Patricia, divide their time between London and a house by the sea in Cornwall.

Roy Norton MC/MPA, in January 2019, left his position as chief of protocol of Canada and became Canadian public servant-in-residence at the Balsillie School of International Affairs at the Universities of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier in Waterloo, Ontario ( He lives in Stratford, Ontario—home of the world-renowned Stratford Festival (

Rene Rambo-Rodgers MC/MPA writes, “Hard to believe 30th reunion around the corner. Director of planning and analysis for New York City Department of Juvenile Justice after graduation, followed by various jobs, including admin and legal VP for radio broadcasting company in Palo Alto, California; evening dean of private business college; labor/management consultant for various industries including hospitals and energy providers. For the past 21 years, assistant HR manager for large public union. Married in 1993; just celebrated 26th anniversary. March 2019, began term on HKS Black Alumni Association Board as Northern California area director. Interested, contact me. See you at the 30th reunion.”

The DC Alumni Council organized an outing to a Washington Nationals baseball game, turning out a crowd of about 40 degree program alumns, executive education  participants, and their guests.
The DC Alumni Council organized an outing to a Washington Nationals baseball game, turning out a crowd of about 40 degree program alumni, executive education participants, and their guests.



Jim Cashel MPP, after spending the 2018–2019 academic year as a visiting fellow at the Shorenstein Center, has published a book titled The Great Connecting: The Emergence of Global Broadband and How That Changes Everything.

Noreen Dunne MC/MPA retired in 2015 from formally teaching undergrad and postgrad students at a Jesuit college in Darjeeling, India. Noreen is now involved in a mentoring program for selected former students who are currently schoolteachers in government schools, in both the urban and rural areas of Darjeeling District. “My main focus is to support and motivate dedicated teachers in a sustained manner, within a systemically difficult system. Simultaneously, a trustee and treasurer of the Social Work and Community Development Centre, Hayden Hall, that my teacher and I started 50 years ago. Targeting the holistic development of women and children in the Darjeeling Hills.”

Fabiana Feld MPA is chief investment officer at International Finance Corporation, where she structures sustainable agribusiness private sector investments in fragile countries with multinational corporations. In addition, she works with two professors at Stanford Business School and will soon be teaching in Spain.

Barry Sloane MC/MPA was appointed to the Community Bank Advisory Committee of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Nasim Zaidi MC/MPA reports that after HKS he worked on poverty alleviation and agriculture production policies for 10 years at the provincial level. For the next 12 years at the federal level, Nasim worked in aviation in policy and regulatory positions, building airport infrastructure and promoting safe domestic and international connectivity, including at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a UN agency in Montreal. As chief election commissioner of India for five years, Nasim conducted free and fair elections with integrity for 850 million voters at one million polling stations. He retired in 2017.



Ship Bright MC/MPA is living in Exeter, New Hampshire, doing both nonprofit consulting work through his company BrightNGOsolutions, LLC and commercial real estate in the southern Maine/seacoast New Hampshire region. Ship received his second Fulbright award to teach social entrepreneurship at the University of The Bahamas for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Juliette Fay MPP writes, “After working in child abuse prevention for 10 years, I started writing novels while home with our four kids. Apparently I can’t get away from social issues, however. The latest, City of Flickering Light (Simon & Schuster, April 2019), follows three friends trying to make it in the silent movie industry in 1921, where they face sexism, anti-Semitism, abuse, and poverty. #MeToo was rampant in early Hollywood, of course, but there was also remarkable tolerance for different lifestyles, and it was fascinating to research. Tom and I are still in Wayland, Massachusetts, which is a little different from Hollywood!”

Taegan Goddard MPP writes, “Ahead of what promises to be an epic 2020 presidential election in the United States, I just launched a new interactive electoral vote map. View a regularly updated consensus map based on the latest polls and forecasts or toggle the states yourself and see the electoral tally change. You can see the map at”

Gail Murray MC/MPA writes, “As the proud grandmother, I was accompanied to the June high school graduation of my granddaughter in North Carolina by my daughter, Julie Murray Brenman MPP 1993, her proud mother. Shortly afterwards I vacationed with friends on a cruise of the Norway fjords, followed by a trip to Iceland.”

Tom Schneider MPA recently accepted a position in federal consulting with Gartner, Inc., as a senior director focused on how technology best enables the mission and operations of organizations facing emerging cybersecurity threats. He is responsible for client service delivery, sales and revenue growth, building client relationships, financial reporting, and personnel development as part of the North America/Southeast region based in Washington, DC. He has spent the past 17 years supporting U.S. federal defense, intelligence, and civilian security agencies; state/local governments; commercial clients; and the international public sector.



Virginia Huth MPP has now served 22 years with the federal government, 12 as a member of the Senior Executive Service in several positions. She is currently with the General Services Administration as the director of the Office of Acquisition Policy, Integrity & Workforce. Virginia lives with her two amazing sons, Robert (12) and Jeremy (14), in Arlington, Virginia, along with their cats, Mikey and Mr. Fiddlesticks.



Reinhard Junghanns MC/MPA retired from the European Commission in 2014. Keeping himself busy during recent years, he has continued to share his experience in international development cooperation by giving advice to civil society organizations in Latin America, particularly in El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. At present, Reinhard is collaborating with community leaders on social prevention of violence, empowerment of youths and women through the creation of small businesses, and civil and environmental education. In February 2019 he participated in an electoral observation mission on the occasion of presidential elections in El Salvador.


1995 | 25th Reunion

J. Michael Daniel MPP writes, “Since March 2017, I have been the CEO of the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), a nonprofit membership association dedicated to improving the cybersecurity of our digital ecosystem. I joined CTA after leaving the White House, where I served as President Obama’s cybersecurity advisor.”

Amy Sweeting Rosenfeld MPP lives in Amherst, Massachusetts, with her husband, Jamie, and two kids, Rory and Sophie. She recently started a job as the in-house editor for Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, an NGO that works with the seafood supply chain to rebuild depleted fish stocks and reduce the environmental and social impacts of fishing and fish farming. Amy also works as a freelance editor for a variety of international development and conservation organizations.



Kate Callahan MC/MPA is still working in the end-of-life care sector of health care. As an expert in advanced health care planning, she authored the holistic “Five Wishes” document to assist people in making decisions when they are not able to speak for themselves and incapacitated due to trauma, chronic illness, or aging. More than 18.3 million people have completed this document. She states that the biggest challenge to having the document honored is lack of communication. People neglect to speak to their primary care physicians, their family members, and their health care surrogates as to what their wishes are after completing the document.

Pat Corrigan MPP is supporting a new effort to double two-way trade and investment between the United States and Africa.

Dwight Hutchins MC/MPA was re-elected by the Board of Governors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AmCham) as chairman for a record fourth term on May 6, 2019, making him the longest-serving chairman of AmCham since its establishment, in 1973. He will focus on U.S.-China trade, and is hosting the Business Summit of Asian Chambers next year.

Amy Kaufman MPP writes, “This lifelong New Yorker (with a few years in Cambridge) is now living in San Francisco! Have been here for three years, working for consulting/ engineering firm Mott MacDonald in transportation planning and asset management. Finding opportunities to get more involved in future mobility strategies for the Bay Area. Hoping to connect with other members of the class of 1996.”

Patrick Mendis HKSEE was appointed as a distinguished visiting professor of Sino-American relations at the Yenching Academy of Peking University in 2018. Previously, he was an associate-in-research at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University for two years. The National Confucius Research Institute of China in Qufu honored Patrick with the International Confucius Award at the Chinese Symposium of Confucian Scholars in November 2018. Over the years, he has lectured at more than 25 universities and academies across China and has visited all the provinces of China.



Racheal Seymour MPP was one of eight writers selected for the 2019 Disney ABC Writers Program. Created in 1990 with the Writers Guild of America West, the one-year program’s goal is to secure participants first staffing assignments on Disney-ABC television series such as The Rookie and How to Get Away With Murder. Racheal’s script was selected out of nearly 2,000 applications for the prestigious and competitive career-launching program. They also took into consideration her background in federal and local government. “It’s an amazing opportunity to make a difference through writing; can’t wait to see which show picks me up!”



Eric Henson MPP is still active in tribal affairs and consulting in and around the Cambridge area. He will be taking on an adjunct position with the Kennedy School for the 2019–2020 academic year to teach a course dealing with tribal economic development.

Jenny Korn MPP has won an Innovation Award from Princeton University for her founding and coordination of Princeton Club Diversity. The club is a monthly series of in-person discussions about issues related to race, racism, and racial justice. It is open to all and has held more than 100 gatherings in the West Coast, Midwest, and East Coast regions across six years. Contact Jenny if interested in joining a future gathering. “We hope to see you soon!”

Luis Diego Monsalve MPA writes, “Dear friends from the HKS community: The new president of Colombia, Ivan Duque, asked me to be his ambassador to China at the end of last year, and here I am since the end of March. I presented my letters of credence to President Xi Jinping on May 28. I have not been in the public sector for a long time, but I see this as a great opportunity to serve my country and improve the relationship between the two countries, especially in areas such as trade and investment.”

Gabriel Petek MPP writes, “In February 2019, I was appointed by California’s Joint Legislative Budget Committee to be the state’s sixth legislative analyst, leading the Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO). The LAO was established in 1941 to provide the legislature with analysis and recommendations, particularly related to fiscal matters. After 20 years in the Bay Area, my family and I are relocating to Sacramento. I look forward to recruiting analysts from the Kennedy School!”



Amr Abdallah MC/MPA writes, “The year 2019 marks my 20th anniversary graduating from HKS. It has been a wonderful journey working and living in many countries in the MENA region. Working in Egypt, Saudia Arabia, and UAE is a delight, and now I still do that but from Washington, DC. My work at Education for Employment Global (EFE) as the director of Gulf programs helps youth from the region find their first economic opportunity and get their first job. I am blessed with a loving wife and three lovely girls. My eldest daughter wants to go to Harvard as well.”

Brandy Corcoran Carlson MPP reports that Seventy2 Capital Wealth Management, founded and led by Paul Carlson MPP 1998, was recently named to the Washington Business Journal’s list of the 100 Best Places to Work for 2019. The firm has also been nominated for a 2019 Moxie Award for boldness and innovation in business. Paul and his wife, Brandy, who was back on campus in May for her 20th HKS reunion, reside in Rockville, Maryland, with their four children.

HKS alumni went to Broadway in April for a special viewing of “The Prom.” The evening featured an exclusive panel discussion following the performance focused on activism and the arts. (Left to right) Host and producer Dori Berinstein HKS 1985 stands with cast members Zeke Stokes, Catilin Kinnunen, Isabella McCalla, and HKS Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy Timothy McCarthy.
HKS alumni went to Broadway in April for a special viewing of “The Prom.” The evening featured an exclusive panel discussion following the performance focused on activism and the arts. (Left to right) Host and producer Dori Berinstein HKS 1985 stands with cast members Zeke Stokes, Catilin Kinnunen, Isabella McCalla, and HKS Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy Timothy McCarthy.


2000 | 20th Reunion

Matt Clausen MPP since 2017 has served as president of the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), a leading research and advocacy organization advancing human rights in the Americas. He and the organization have been especially focused on preventing human rights abuses against migrants and on advocating for policies that seek to address the root causes of migration, rather than on rhetoric and decrees that demonize those who are fleeing violence and searching for a better life for their families.

Mark Lewis MC/MPA, founder and president of Educational Attainment Services (EAS), celebrates 10 years in business with a new office location. EAS is now in Silicon Beach and is able to serve more families as they navigate the college admissions process.



Josiah Brown MPP recently left Yale to become founding executive director of CASA of Southern Connecticut (for New Haven, New London, and Middlesex counties), part of the national CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) network for children facing abuse and/or neglect, based in Seattle. The group has an existing affiliate in Fairfield County and a new statewide association to promote the work in Connecticut.

Jeffrey Butler MPP recently received tenure in the economics department at the University of California, Merced.

Malia Du Mont MPP joined the board of the World Affairs Council Mid-Hudson Valley. She was appointed chair of the New York 19th Congressional District Veterans Advisory Committee, and also serves on the Military Advisory Council for the nonprofit Arts in the Armed Forces. She continues in her role as chief of staff at Bard College, where she also teaches in the political studies program.

Lisa Halpern MPP is a PHD candidate in public policy at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. “Since graduating from HKS with concentrations in health policy and leadership, I have worked in health-related settings including government, nonprofit, and business. My choice to pursue doctoral studies at Carleton, which has the oldest and most distinguished public policy program in Canada, flows from my desire to increase my knowledge of international public policy issues and comparative health systems. My choice is also personal in that I am a Canadian citizen (dual U.S. citizen), and the majority of my relatives live in Canada.”

Rick Minor MC/MPA was elected to the Leon County Commission of Tallahassee, Florida, in the fall of 2018. Rick continues to serve as CEO of Second Harvest of the Big Bend, the region’s food bank, which provided an all-time record 12 million pounds of food to the hungry in FY 2018–19. He, his wife, Jessica, and his five-year-old daughter Madeline welcomed a new addition to the family—Charlotte Rose Minor—who was born in November 2018.



Dana Pittard NSF has written Hunting the Caliphate: America’s War on ISIS and the Dawn of the Strike Cell (Post Hill Press). In the book, Pittard and co-author Wes J. Bryant bring their senior military backgrounds and unique experiences serving in once-secret operations in the Middle East together to tell true and unique stories from the war on terrorism in the years following 9/11.



Jeffrey Bielicki MPA, PHD 2009 has been promoted and tenured at The Ohio State University, where he has a joint appointment between the College of Engineering and the John Glenn College of Public Affairs.

Farid Shafiyev MC/MPA is chairman of the Center of Analysis of International Relations in Baku, Azerbaijan. He is the former ambassador of Azerbaijan to Canada (2009–14) and Czechia (2014–19). Farid is also the author of several publications, including Resettling the Borderlands: State Relocations and Ethnic Conflict in the South Caucasus (McGill–Queen’s University Press, 2018).



Tim Sultan MC/MPA is the executive director of the Arizona Dispensaries Association (ADA). The ADA represents Arizona’s legal cannabis industry. In 2003, as a Mid-Career student, Tim was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). His classmates at HKS organized a 5K run to celebrate Tim’s commitment to fight his symptoms. The following year, Tim ran for Congress in Arizona. After 15 years with MS, he is stronger and healthier than ever, thanks largely to medical marijuana. This year, Tim helped former President Vicente Fox legalize marijuana in Mexico and now uses his Kennedy School education to support Arizona’s licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.


2005 | 15th Reunion

Blake Walters Foote MPP writes, “Living La Vida Loca with my husband and two sons (8 and 10) in Brooklyn. I enjoyed working for the Bloomberg administration after graduating and am now doing nonprofit consulting in New York City. I’m also an active trustee of the Brooklyn Public Library and board chair of the CUNY School of Professional Studies (the CUNY system’s main online campus). I love seeing my KSG friends (though I know it’s now HKS) in New York, Maine, DC, and even Mexico. It’s great to learn about the impact we’ve had since graduating nearly 15 years ago.”

Michael Lynas MPP writes, “In 2009 I cofounded National Citizen Service (NCS) in the United Kingdom, a youth development program that brings 16-year-olds from different backgrounds together in common purpose. Ten years on, having worked for three years in No. 10 Downing Street as a senior policy advisor, I now lead the NCS Trust, which is the Royal Charter body that oversees NCS. NCS is now backed by the main political parties and enshrined in primary legislation. We have supported half a million young people to bridge social divides and develop character, and reach one in six of all 16-year-olds in the country.”

Leonardo Beltran Rodriguez MPA/ID writes, “Having served in the Mexican federal government between 2012 and 2018 as deputy secretary of energy for planning and energy transition, am now a member of the boards of Sustainable Energy for All, the World Economic Forum’s project on Partnering to Accelerate Sustainable Energy Innovation, and Fundación Por México, and am also a nonresident fellow at the Institute of the Americas, an executive fellow at the University of Calgary, and a consultant to the World Bank.”



Marcela Sabino MPP writes, “I am the lab director of the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro; our mission is to prototype a more social and sustainable future using high and low tech in a transdisciplinary way. We create exhibitions on topics such as A Future of Work in 50 Years, The Future of Fashion, Hacking the City of Rio, and Creative A.I. Our artistic residencies explore the creation of a sustainable food system with alternative proteins like edible plants, insects, and algae, and wearables for quadriplegics. Our latest project is RePangea—A Technoshamanism Experience in Virtual Reality, where three people participate in a futuristic, collective virtual ritual.”

Clare Sanford MPP was recently named an Exchange Leader by Child Care Exchange magazine and is featured in the July/August issue of the publication. The Exchange Leadership Initiative (ELI) launched in 2014 with the intention of making leadership more visible in the field of early care and education. She’s also still a dork and still making up embarrassing songs.



Martin Bratt MPA writes, “I recently left McKinsey & Company, after almost 15 years, to take up the role of chief strategy officer at the International Rescue Committee. This has also meant relocating from London to New York City, where I am excited to connect with former HKS classmates!”

Jill Gentry Leandro MPP and her husband, Robb Leandro, welcomed their third child, John Christopher, on January 8, 2019, in Raleigh, North Carolina, where the family resides. Jill continues to work at SAS Institute in the area of education policy.

Mario Ramirez MPP is living in Nashville, Tennessee, where he’s practicing emergency medicine and working with another White House Fellow alum, Andrew Buher, on tough policy issues at the intersection of education, health care, housing, and commerce through their new cross-sector consultancy, Opportunity Labs. “Would love to connect with any other HKS alums in the South or visiting Nashville!”



Donna Hockey MPP writes, “We are so excited for our one-year milestone at Surreal Brewing Company (established June 2018), which is solely dedicated to brewing great- tasting nonalcoholic craft beer. We are now sold in more than 200 stores in 23 states and nationwide online. Our mission is inclusivity and providing an adult-tasting beverage that can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime. We have expanded to four healthy NA craft beer styles that are the lowest-calorie beers in the United States, including two gluten-reduced styles. Please send us a note at Cheers, Donna.”

Tamas Kowalik MC/MPA writes, “Hi, everyone. I have recently gained admission to the PHD in Leadership Communication Program of Kansas State University, and was also granted a graduate research assistantship. In addition to my doctoral studies, I will be working with the Kansas Leadership Center. If you are around, please let me know.”

Tai Sunnanon MPP founded his own consulting practice, the Strategic Insights Group, and is also the executive director of Independent Cities Association, a nonprofit focused on policies that enhance cities across southern California. In May 2019 Tai was commissioned as a lieutenant with the U.S. Air Force.

Bina Venkataraman MPP writes, “I’m excited to share that my first book, The Optimists Telescope: Thinking Ahead in a Reckless Age (Riverhead, 2019), is being published this fall. It features some Kennedy School favorites like Marshall Ganz and rock-star alumni like Bindu Ananth. I look forward to hearing what you think, and finding ways to put these ideas about the future of our society and the planet into action.”



Brent Wright NSF was promoted to the rank of brigadier general by Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt on May 1, 2019. Brent’s previous assignment was Vice Wing Commander, 138th Fighter Wing, Tulsa, Oklahoma. He serves as the assistant adjutant general for the Oklahoma Air National Guard and is the principal advisor to the adjutant general for all Oklahoma Air National Guard matters. Brent is also responsible for the combat readiness and operational effectiveness of all Oklahoma Air National Guard units.


2010 | 10th Reunion

Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook MPA writes, “Tom Ashbrook and I are thrilled to announce the September 17, 2018, birth of our son Jonathan Thomas Clüver Ashbrook. Looking forward to introducing him to classmates at our 10-year reunion in May 2020!”

Claudia Ramirez Bulos MPA/ID writes, “Since graduation, I have been working at the Central Bank of Mexico in the research department. Last year I moved to the Financial Stability Area, analyzing the interaction between the financial sector and the real economy, as well as new financial developments in Mexico. Within the Central Bank, I have participated in several activities and women’s groups. The aim is to empower more women in the organization and to improve conditions so that men and women can work and advance their careers with more equality and the same opportunities. On a personal matter, I am expecting my second child. I am excited for the 10-year reunion.”

Nizar Farsakh MC/MPA writes, “Interesting mix of challenges and achievements this year. Been doing more work with Iraqi activists, which was pretty inspiring. Two big clients evaporated, making a sizable dent in my income. Got denied entry to Lebanon, again. Bought a house at a bargain price and while rates were still low. Had a successful heart surgery. Managed to raise more than $120,000 for the Museum of the Palestinian People, of which I’m chair of the board.”

Sven Merten MPP writes, “We are building COMATCH, an expertise access point that matches pre-vetted, high-quality independent consultants and industry experts with clients. Our worldwide talent pool is more than 8,000 individuals strong as of early 2019. After growing the business into the leading talent marketplace in Europe, we are now building out our North America presence. I am certain we can help fellow alumni find the right kind of talent to help with their most pressing consulting needs. Let’s chat!”

Ian Mills MPA writes, “Courtney Rountree MPP and myself now have two little treasures—Ariella (four) and Eliud (two)—and have spent most of the past decade in Kenya, with me working for the World Bank and DFID and Courtney having founded Sinapis, which scales early-stage businesses and teaches ethical business based on Christian principles (now in six countries and growing!). We’re about to move—by the time this comes out, we’ll be either in the Caribbean or in the United States (Austin or DC), starting our next phase! We’d love to see you!”

David Payne MC/MPA was promoted to the rank of colonel while serving as deputy division chief of the Army War Plans Division of the Department of the Army. After completing his Pentagon tour in January, he assumed new duties as the director of strategy, plans, and policy for the Office of the Chief of Army Reserve. David was recently selected to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Seminar XXI course for U.S. national security leaders.



Anar Jahangirli MC/MPA writes, “Life has been a roller-coaster for most of the past five years. I spent two years supporting research at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. In 2017, I accepted a job with the World Bank to go to Afghanistan and support a digital transformation and e-government project, establishing a one-stop shop for all government services. As part of the office of the Minister of Communications and IT, I helped to develop strategies and policies. Last year, I moved to Toronto, Canada. I’m currently working in the municipal government supporting senior leaders in their strategic communications. It feels great to be part of Harvard Club of Toronto, too.”

Jesse Lava MPP was named to the national 40 Under 40 in Public Health list. He was honored by the de Beaumont Foundation for his work as director of policy for the Chicago Department of Public Health, where he has created and shepherded new laws and budget initiatives on issues ranging from tobacco to environmental justice to opioids to food safety, among others.

Ken Nason HKSEE writes, “I completed six years’ service as a public representative on the governing council of the Nova Scotia Barristers Society in 2015. Thereafter I served on the Hearing Committee until 2018. I also completed three years’ service on the Complaints Committee of the College of Registered Nurses in Nova Scotia. Since 2014 I have been actively involved in a traumatic brain injury research partnership initiative in my capacity as co-architect. I am currently attempting to raise $25 million (CDN) to initiate this patient-centric collaborative research endeavor.”

Hassina Sherjan MC/MPA writes, “Since graduation in 2011, I have been working to bring changes in girls’ education policies to safeguard the future of young Afghan mothers who have not had access to formal education. Afghanistan has the highest illiteracy rate in the world—7.8 percent of the female population between 15 and 24 years of age are illiterate. I founded Aid Afghanistan for Education (AAE),, to assist girls and women to complete high school. More than 3,000 students are attending AAE schools in five provinces. Ministry of Education policy does not allow married women to attend government schools.”

Timothy Vaill MC/MPA writes, “After 17 years, I ‘retired’ as CEO of a publicly held financial firm with the intention of doing some things in the public sector—hence HKS. Following graduation, I worked for the Patrick administration, writing the state’s economic development plan. I also joined the investment committee of the $82 billion Massachusetts Pension Fund, where I still serve today. Five years ago I became a partner (and CFO) of a clean energy infrastructure company called Anbaric. We are helping to convert carbon-based electricity systems to using power from renewable sources. The big move currently is harnessing energy from offshore wind. So, still at it!”



Dan Futrell MPP was appointed in May 2019 to serve as CEO of the Pat Tillman Foundation, by which Dan was named a Tillman Scholar at HKS in 2011. The Pat Tillman Foundation unites and empowers service members, veterans, and spouses as future leaders in the public and private sectors, inspired by the selfless service of Pat, former NFL player and U.S. Army Ranger killed in Afghanistan in 2004. The Tillman Scholar community is currently 640 strong after 12 years, serving in various industries and roles around the world.

Ruddy Wang MC/MPA writes, “It’s been going downhill. Second year into fatherhood, my jokes have gotten worse, and I am slightly less (but still very) sexy. I am living in São Paulo and proud to now be handling Uber’s electric bike and scooter business in Latin America; my wife tells me it has made me more insufferable, to a greater number of people, over a larger land mass.”



Leila El-Khatib MC/MPA writes, “Hello, amazing HKS alums! Since graduating, I returned to Canada to continue serving the federal government. I took on jobs in the emergency telecommunications, industrial security, rail transportation, and indigenous affairs sectors. I also opened a consulting firm, 6 Degree Seminars, which includes delivering cultural competency training specific to the Middle East and Islam. I found myself missing the HKS magic and through your support became an HKS Alumni Board director. This was a natural progression from having served HKS students as commencement class marshal and HKS representative to the Harvard Graduate Council. Feel free to reach out!”

Piyush Jain MPP writes, “During my PAE in the MPP program, I worked on crowdfunding as a solution with the foresight of creating a GoFundMe of India. then came into force. impactGuru’s potential to scale was affirmed when it raised a $2 million Series A equity investment round, which was the largest for any crowdfunding platform in Asia, excluding China. Other milestones include Indian Government of Maharashtra’s $20,000 grant to us and partnerships with the largest: Apollo Hospitals Group,, and Since inception, $60 million mobilized for 20,000 patients from 200,000 donors. I’m grateful to HKS for awakening the entrepreneur in me!”

Jon Murad MC/MPA writes, “After retiring from the New York Police Department, I spent two years as a risk consultant, but found myself pulled back to public service and the deep sense of satisfaction and meaning it provides. Since October 2018, I’ve been deputy chief of operations for the Burlington Police Department in Burlington, Vermont. We’re a small city with big-city challenges, including the opioid epidemic, drug trafficking, and domestic violence. But we’ve got a vibrant new American community, and we’re implementing profession-leading programs like de-escalation training and MAT for substance-abuse disorder. Always happy to see HKS grads if you make it up to the Queen City!”

Cynthia Villarreal MPP changed careers after the federal government change in Mexico and started working for the Tecnológico de Monterrey—Mexico’s top private university. “I am now very happy to be responsible for the institution’s civic engagement and social initiatives. Please reach out if we can collaborate!”



Carmen Dominguez MC/MPA writes, “Since September 2018 I have been in Geneva, working as advisor to the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet. The challenges we face today are bigger than ever, and the stakes as high. Seventy years after the Universal Declaration on Human Rights was adopted, we see backtracking and the rise of threatening ‘isms.’”

Michael Koehler MPA and his husband, Allister Chang MPP 2015, settled into a new home in Washington, DC. Michael continues to grow his adaptive leadership firm, KONU, in both North America and Europe, with a special emphasis on new markets in London, Brussels, and Geneva. KONU regularly runs free refresher workshops for HKS alumni—learn more at


2015 | 5th Reunion

Edward Dong MC/MPA writes, “Greetings in SoCal to my dear classmates of 2015! 
As founding chair of the U.S.-China Committee and national advisor on the Los Angeles Chapter Advisory Board, both with International Leadership Foundation, I’ve been promoting civic engagement, leadership empowerment, and economic prosperity of the Asian Pacific American community to enhance the representation of diversity in our country and develop young leaders in the United States, Asia, and Pacific Rim countries in public service, politics, and business. I’ve served on the HKS Dean’s Council since 2016, the Leadership Council of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights since 2017, and the Leadership Circle as an inaugural member since 2018.”

Rodrigo Perez-Alonso MPA writes, “Since graduating, my wife, two kids, and I moved back to Mexico, where I set up a consulting firm called One of my clients, an airline, recommended me to the position of executive director of the National Air Transportation Chamber, where I worked until March of 2019. I am back at, writing an op-ed weekly column for Excelsior and weekly commentary for Imagen Television and Radio in Mexico. My wife and I enjoy traveling in Mexico with the kids and being in touch with friends and family.”



Shaniece Criss MC/MPA has been named to the 2019 Class of ChangeMakers by the Jefferson Awards Foundation, now known as Multiplying Good. The group consists of 15 individuals from upstate South Carolina age 40 and under “who have demonstrated a commitment to service and the potential to truly move the Upstate forward.” Since 1972 the Jefferson Awards Foundation has recognized a host of national public figures for their outstanding contributions to the country and its communities. The Jefferson Award is the country’s highest honor for service and volunteerism, and honorees have included Barbara Bush, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill and Melinda Gates.

Christina Fletes-Romo MPA recently joined the ACLU of Northern California as a voting rights attorney, where she ensures that all communities, regardless of their socio-economic status, have meaningful and fair access to engage in our democracy. She was also appointed by the California secretary of state to serve on the statewide Language Access Advisory Committee.

Jack Gao MPA/ID writes, “In the relentlessly vigorous but practical training at HKS, it was already becoming clear to me that mainstream economics had its limits when confronted with developments in the real world. Since graduation, I’ve been continuing this quest for more realistic, if pluralistic, economics that better reflects and directs the world in transformation at the economic think tank INET, an organization that champions new economic thinking. During this period, the connections with classmates and faculty, the humility of intellect, and audacity to act that HKS taught us have never failed to inspire me for higher pursuits.”

Alyce Su HKSEE, at the invitation of Li Baodong, secretary general of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA), participated in the BFA Annual Conference on March 26–29, 2019, at Boao, Hainan Province, China. The theme of the conference was “Shared Future, Concerted Action, Common Development.” H. E. Li Keqiang, premier of the People’s Republic of China, delivered the keynote speech at the opening plenary. The conference’s official sessions and CEO roundtables attracted 2,000 delegates from 60 countries and regions, with Zhou Xiaochuan, vice chairman of BFA, defining the forum’s role as a communication platform among global leaders.

Richard Trojanski HKSEE announced his candidacy for a city council seat in Maple Heights, Ohio. He is the first openly HIV-positive candidate to run for elected office in Ohio. Richard is an HKSEE alum (Bohnett Leaders Fellow) from the Senior Executives in State and Local Government program.



Paul Mauro MC/MPA writes, “Hello, all. I currently serve as the commanding officer of the NYPD Legal Bureau here in New York City. For those of you with a legal bent: if I can assist your efforts, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I hope all members of the class of 2017 are happy and healthy. I wish you all continued success.”

Yasmin Radjy MPP, after one year of serving as director of organizing and training at Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Planned Parenthood Federation of America, was promoted to the position of national political director. In that role, she oversees engagement with and endorsement of all federal candidates; partnerships with national political organizations and party committees; and the organization’s engagement in 2020 coordinated presidential efforts.

Mildred Voon MPP writes, “Hello from the Caribbean! I’m currently working on a public sector consulting project in beautiful Saint Lucia—will be here until February 2020. Drop me a note if you are in the region!”

Dean Doug Elmendorf (right) with Juan Manuel Santos MC/MPA 1981 (left), former president of Colombia and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, as Santos prepares to deliver the HKS graduation address in May.
Dean Doug Elmendorf (right) with Juan Manuel Santos MC/MPA 1981 (left), former president of Colombia and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, as Santos prepares to deliver the HKS graduation address in May. “I believe in this generation of extraordinary men and women because you are not motivated by hate and prejudice,” Santos told graduates.



Haytham Abushaban MC/MPA recently joined the World Bank as a consultant working on private sector development, youth employability, entrepreneurship, and social cohesion in the Middle East North Africa (MENA) region. Haytham looks forward to meeting HKS alums at the World Bank and in DC and the MENA region.

Safwan Al-Amin MC/MPA has returned to practicing law at an international law firm in the Middle East. Since graduation, Safwan has taken on more public policy mandates, advising governments on a wide range of public policy matters from a legal perspective.

Bahariah Bahadom MPA writes, “Graduating from HKS in today’s chaotic world warrants us to be more agile in solving issues. Balancing the rise of populism and getting the right needed ‘unpopular’ policies is challenging for me as I re-enter the world post-Harvard. As advised by Heifetz, ‘Reenter quietly, ask questions, build the muscles to move from dance floor to the balcony, stay curious...’ I know for sure that the tools provided by Harvard will be useful along the way to make the world a better place.”

Mariano Machado MPA writes, “Re-entering the atmosphere has been hard: even though we will always prepare for it, the challenges awaiting are more related to personal expectations, rather than external constraints. I have decided to move into the private sector, to better understand what is needed for my country to thrive, and—then—go back to the public arena to implement it.”

Niels Planel MC/MPA writes, “Post-graduation, I went back to France with the commitment to make a difference in dealing with the root causes of poverty among advanced economies. At the OECD, I started working on the design of a multilateral fund to drive innovation at scale, to encourage companies to develop initiatives that deliver social impact, and to allow governments to test new models for addressing social challenges. I’ve also been collaborating with the World Bank as well as with a large poverty foundation, and I published a new book, Abolishing Inequality. I know I am running a marathon, not a sprint.”

Jana Reed MC/MPA joined the executive team at iMentor as chief operating officer. The iMentor model harnesses the power of long-term personal relationships to help students succeed. The organization partners with high schools in low-income communities, where a majority of the 9,000-plus students served are first-generation college graduates. iMentor recruits thousands of volunteers who commit to mentoring a high school student for at least three years. iMentor runs programs in Chicago, Oakland, San Jose, and New York City.

John Schert MC/MPA was named a 2019 USA Eisenhower Fellow. He traveled to Thailand in April and will be visiting Egypt in November 2019.

Rocio Tua MC/MPA writes, “Experimenting in exercising leadership in financial services... :) ”

Photos by Raychel Casey, Mike Collins, courtesy of HKS Alumni Relations, and Martha Stewart