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Sandford Borins MPP reports that his article “Innovation Under Populism” has been published on ESADE Business School’s eBulletin at



Alexandra Schweitzer MPP writes, “I’m wearing three hats these days. I’m thrilled to be back at HKS as a senior fellow in the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government. I’m studying and writing about programs to address social determinants of health, such as poor nutrition, unstable housing, and social isolation. This project dovetails with my ongoing consulting work helping health care organizations build integrated programs to address the needs of complex patients. Finally, I chair the board of Goddard House, a nonprofit senior living organization, which is developing innovative programs to bring the power of the arts to underserved older adults in Greater Boston.”

Steve Steckler MCRP recently retired as chairman of Infrastructure Management Group (IMG), the company he founded in 1994. IMG grew to become one of the most successful U.S. firms in the privatization of public assets and services, as well as the financing and management of airports, railways, highways, and public utilities. Before IMG, Steve served as a policy advisor at the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation during the Reagan administration, followed by several years at Price Waterhouse. He now shares his time among Washington, D.C., the Chesapeake Bay, and Naples, Florida, while writing, sailing, advising former clients, and enjoying the inspiring company of his four grown children.


1981 | 40th Reunion

Dick Sheffield MC/MPA writes, “I have been re-based to Texas by ABC News after a few months in New York covering the 2020 primary elections. Now working remotely, like so many others. Other than being part of our election coverage, I am revising and rewriting my second novel, Cables from a Restless Heart. You can read the synopsis and a brief excerpt and take a look at my first novel, Lasso the Moon, at

HKS Dean Doug Elmendorf talks with Zanny Minton at a reception for the Dean’s Council at the Tate Modern.
Zanny Minton Beddoes MPA 1992, editor in chief of The Economist (right), shares a moment with Dean Doug Elmendorf at the meeting of the Dean’s Council in March at the Tate Modern in London.



Kristin Faust MCRP writes, “In November of 2019 I was named executive director of the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) by Governor J.B. Pritzker and the IHDA Board. As the state’s housing finance agency, IHDA is the leading voice for the creation and preservation of affordable housing in Illinois. We finance both home ownership and quality affordable rental housing. It’s housing policy and housing finance all day long and I couldn’t be happier. There is so much to do to provide everyone the opportunity for a decent, affordable place to call home!”

F. Donal O’Brien MC/MPA writes, “I received the Father Edward F. Boyle S.J. Award from the Labor Guild of the Archdiocese of Boston at the 53rd Annual Cushing-Gavin Awards dinner held on Dec. 6, 2019. The chaplain of the Labor Guild is Father J. Bryan Hehir, Harvard Kennedy School Parker Gilbert Montgomery Professor of the Practice of Religion and Public Life. The award recognizes my arbitration and mediation practice for ‘Excellence in Labor-Management Relations Exemplifying Moral Integrity, Professional Competence, and Community Concern.’”



Judith Bunnell MPP reports that more than 35 members of the MPP/MPA2 Class of 1984 participated in a “Virtual Cocktail Party (pants optional)” to check in and see how everyone is doing with the Covid situation and in their personal and professional lives. Attendees included people from coast to coast, Canada, and Mexico, and we received a special message from classmate Matt Tueller MPP, U.S. ambassador in Kabul. “We plan to keep these going on a semi-regular basis!”

Dana Rowan MPP, after recently serving as chair of the Trustees of Boston Architectural College (BAC), is now teaching a graduate-level real estate course in “leadership and entrepreneurism” in the newly established master’s of real estate development program at the BAC. This year the BAC is celebrating its 130th anniversary in architectural education. In addition, Dana has also become a member of the Harvard Alumni Real Estate Board, which was one of the last Harvard alumni organizations to convene a meeting on the Cambridge campus, before Covid-19 meeting restrictions were imposed on all campus activities.



Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty MC/MPA has been contributing to the sectors of developmental administration, education, culture, forestry, tourism, science, technology, museums, archaeology, and the arts. “I.A.S. professor, CUTM, Bhubaneshwar, member, Governing Board, BRLF, Delhi, advisor, KCC, Kolkata, state, national governments. Policy field research on indigenous heritage as part of sustainable livelihood resource management, biocultural diversity linkages. Published on culture arts development nexus, art history. Writing on Historiography of Indian art, Vision 2020: Perspective for Sustainable Development. At Kolkata with wife Minati and daughter Sayantani. PhD program at ESADE.”

Barbara Lamont MC/MPA writes, “I run a critical healthcare call center for health departments and hospitals in more than 30 states. We provide nurse triage, Tier One health service reps, etc. You can imagine we are stretched thin during this pandemic, as many health departments and other agencies have turned all their calls over to us. We are hanging in there, doubling our staff and making sure all callers stay well!”

Karen Walz MCRP writes, “My consulting practice, Strategic Community Solutions LLC, continues to keep me engaged in exciting projects that help communities become more successful and sustainable. Building public involvement and consensus is ever-changing but very gratifying. I was recognized as a Texas Planning Legend in 2017—the first baby boomer to receive this award. My husband and I love traveling and made it to Antarctica, our last continent, in 2019!”



Nadine Hack MC/MPA, CEO of beCause Global Consulting (, recently spoke at several conferences, including “Role & Responsibility of Media in Deeply Divided Societies”; “Future of Planet: Inspiring What Could Be”; and “How Do We Measure Impact by Movements.” She co-facilitated for the fifth time the FIFA/UEFA Women Football Leadership Program. She was one of 40 participants at the RFK Human Rights global conference “Business & Human Rights” with Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, whom she featured in “Speak Truth to Power” (2000).



James Brett MC/MPA was named vice chairman of the National Council on Disability (NCD). NCD is an independent federal agency that advises the president, Congress, and other federal agencies on policies, programs, and procedures that affect people with disabilities. Its members are appointed by the president or a member of Congress. James, who is the president and CEO of The New England Council, has dedicated much of his work as a policymaker and his community and civic life to improving the quality of life for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Aaron Harber MC/MPA is promoting public education about science by featuring a number of interviews he has done, including ones with National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, on his nonpartisan public affairs program, “The Aaron Harber Show.” For those interested in learning more about Dr. Fauci’s background, visit

Natalie Jaresko MPP writes, “On lock down beginning week five of what is currently projected to be eight weeks in Puerto Rico. As executive director of the Oversight Board, have done all possible to ensure front-line workers, hospitals, the self-employed, small businesses, and others most affected by the emergency measures get financial support on a timely basis. Fiscal management of previous years made it possible for the government of Puerto Rico to act before federal. Now we look to access the federal support package for those qualifying, while mitigating and containing the pandemic to the largest extent possible. Planning an economic recovery is the next required step...Stay safe and stay healthy!”

“We know that we need to build up the ability of government at all levels to serve people capably and effectively and honestly.”

Nick Burns

1991 | 30th Reunion

Jim Cashel MPP spent the 2018–2019 academic year as a visiting fellow at the Shorenstein Center researching broadband expansion in developing countries. You can find his book The Great Connecting: The Emergence of Global Broadband, and How That Changes Everything on Amazon. He lives in Sonoma, California, with his wife Anne Ching MPP 1992.



David Greig MC/MPA writes, “I was lucky to visit friends in Malaysia, Thailand, the countryside in central Vietnam (highlight: Hoi An), and a delightful small ski village in Japan (Nowawa Onsen) before Covid-19 hit us. Now I’m in lockdown, still working part time (on strategy for the New Zealand Ministry of Transport) but from home in Wellington. Fortunately we’re allowed out for local walks, provided we maintain over two meters distance from other people. New Zealand’s response, tough and early, seems to have been successful but it’s too soon to be sure. Like everyone else I look forward to some relaxation of it!”

Richard Hyde MC/MPA writes, “For the past four years I have been the pastor of a church near Portland, Maine. Let me say that it has been a leadership challenge that has called to mind many lessons from Heifetz’s famous and irritating course on leadership. I also make periodic visits to the nation’s capital to lead tours and lecture for the University of Notre Dame Washington Program. Latest lecture: ‘God, Country, Notre Dame: Puritans, Catholics, and the Harvard-Notre Dame “Washington Connection.”’”

Ashok Parameswaran MPP is founder and president of the Emerging Markets Investors Alliance, a New York City-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that engages institutional investors in public markets to promote good governance and sustainable development in the governments and companies in which they invest. In so doing, the alliance amplifies the voice of public policy experts on issues including deforestation, transparency and anti-corruption, human rights, animal welfare, and circular economy. Ashok would love to connect with alumni and students who may wish to contribute to the alliance as policy experts, volunteers, investors, or donors.

Chris Riback MPP writes, “I had the opportunity to host classmate and New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson MPP on my “Chris Riback’s Conversations” podcast. We discussed how one leads a city out of the coronavirus, and what it’s like to see the place you love go through it. As always, Noam’s intelligence and warmth shined. More importantly, Noam made clear ‘in words, tone & action’ why, during this pandemic period, government’s role is becoming understood and appreciated. Listen here:

Marti Trudeau MC/MPA completed a doctor of social work degree through the University of Southern California Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. Through her doctoral work she developed a training program for the hybrid health-services position of direct care community worker, which combines the roles of direct care worker and community health worker in order to better address negative social determinants of health in the home care setting. She is living in Philadelphia.



Beth Arman MPP writes, “I finished my dissertation! I now have a PhD in public policy from University of Maryland Baltimore County. I’ve moved back to the West Coast. I live in Oakland, California, and work as a senior dean for Diablo Valley College.”



Michael Daniel MPP writes, “I left the federal government in 2017 after 21.5 years and I now run a cybersecurity nonprofit called the Cyber Threat Alliance, based in Arlington, Virginia. We enable cybersecurity providers to share threat intelligence with each other and thereby make the entire digital ecosystem safer. Although it seems like it should be easy, sharing is hard work and we’re learning every day how to make it work in a highly competitive industry.”

Meinolf Meyer MPA writes, “I am still happy at Google in Hamburg, Germany. 2020 is the year of return to politics and public service, at least somewhat, i.e., part time. In Q1 2020 I have founded an NGO/charity, which is working towards better support and education for local politicians in my country. They are under increasing threat from extreme-right and populist activists—murder threat and other hate crimes are common now. Currently building and scaling the new organization, which is called ‘Starke Demokratie e. V.’”

“We’re going to have to retest the virus-negative people repeatedly, which in turn means we need more testing capacity than we had been thinking.”

Amitabh Chandra


Charles Hokanson MPP writes, “I’m living and working in downtown Tampa, deeply engaged with bridging philanthropy, business, and education as senior vice president, Florida community engagement, at Helios Education Foundation. My team works on developing innovative grants and policy solutions aimed at reducing achievement gaps and promoting post-secondary completion, especially among low-income, underrepresented, and first-generation students. I also serve on on the boards of Florida Education Foundation (chair), Florida College Access Network Advisory Council (chair), Hostelling International USA (vice chair), Florida Philanthropic Network, and Florida Chamber Foundation.

Jenny Wilson MC/MPA writes, “I am so grateful for the lessons learned from my year at HKS years ago. Last year I was elected mayor of Salt Lake County, Utah, serving 1.2 million residents. Most importantly, I am now a member of “Unified Command,” addressing two disasters simultaneously. The first, Covid-19, and the second, recovering from a 5.8 earthquake that hit our county on March 18. I will never again face a professional challenge as daunting as that faced on March 18. We continue to recover from that and along with the world, we continue to address Covid-19. HKS provided me with skills, knowledge, lifelong friendships, and the confidence necessary to keep going.”



Chris Granda MPP joined the team at Energy Solutions as a remote employee at the beginning of March, just in time for the pandemic. “Covid-19 is changing everything, but the battle against climate change continues and I feel fortunate to be part of the fight.”

Jeff Katz MC/MPA consults to nonprofits, mostly as an interim executive director for agencies in transition. In the past few years Jeff has led a homeless shelter, a community development corporation, and a Vietnamese community center. He is currently serving as interim executive director of Prison Book Program, which sends books to people incarcerated in 44 states. He was on the reunion planning committee and is obviously disappointed that the reunion will be delayed. Jeff now lives in Cambridge, within walking distance of the Kennedy School. “If you come to the Boston area, let me know and I will arrange a get-together with our local classmates.”


2001 | 20th Reunion

Josiah Brown MPP writes, “A year into starting up Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Southern Connecticut, I write with examples of our progress. We received federal 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. We prepared our initial cohorts of volunteer advocates. We launched our website (—with information about how to volunteer; the Advisory Council; ambassadors raising awareness; and how to donate. Op-Eds appeared around Adoption Month and then Volunteer/Child Abuse Prevention Month. I was interviewed via YouTube. I’m learning a lot, working with committed volunteers and colleagues to advance the CASA movement to help all children find safe, permanent homes where they can thrive. My wife and I continue to enjoy living in New Haven with our children.”

Angela Calman MC/MPA has joined The Commons Project Foundation as their senior vice president, communications and marketing. The Commons Project’s mission is to build digital platforms and services that put people’s interests first.  Angela led global comms for a number of organizations, including 23andMe, Intuitive Surgical, and IBM Watson Health. She was also chief communications officer at The Cleveland Clinic. Angela is on the board of directors of I-ASC, an international organization advancing communication access for non-speaking individuals. She lives in Manhattan and Newport, Rhode Island.

“It would be a big mistake if we were to pivot very quickly, when we first saw signs of economic recovery, toward a fiscal contraction. We did that as a country in 2011 and ’12, and it … prolonged the suffering of that last downturn.”

Doug Elmendorf

"We and other advanced economies need to be thinking about what’s going on in other parts of the world and ... shoring up the international institutions, like the IMF, that can provide support to these economies.”

Karen Dynan


Earl Adams Jr. MPA was appointed in February to serve as office managing partner of the Washington, D.C., office of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, a national, full-service law firm. Earl is a litigation partner whose practice focuses on advising clients on a range of regulatory matters. Also, Earl was elected in January as chairman of the board of directors for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA), which manages both Reagan National and Dulles International Airports. Earl is serving in his second six-year term, having been appointed and reappointed by two different Maryland governors.

Edita Tahiri MC/MPA 2002 writes, “Recently, I shared my experiences worldwide with people who go through war and peace in search for a better future. This is a ‘give and take’ mission for me. When the war ended in my country, Kosovo, I promised to myself that one day I will help others to come to freedom as others helped us. The same motivation that pushed me in leading our struggle to accomplish our dream now pushes me to contribute to others’ dreams. I traveled in places or participated in international conference including Myanmar, Philippines, Nepal, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iraq.

Daniel Wagner MC/MPA works full time as chief of staff for the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Office of Defense Nuclear Security. He writes, “The United States is in the midst of a major investment in our eight national labs to ensure our infrastructure and modernization programs assure the security of the nation. Additional work includes involvement with Community Renewal International, investing in rebuilding our cities. Seeking those interested in working in Baltimore. Finally, my nonprofit work involves working with vulnerable persons in Colombia and in Vietnam who are seeking greater empowerment through education and small business operations.”



Mina Bressler MPP writes, “Founded by HKS MPP and MPA classmates from 2003, The Future is Female ( aims to help women flip four critical Senate seats in the 2020 election through grassroots organizing, strategic contributions, and volunteer opportunities. Organizers hope to recruit more HKS grads to the cause. If interested, please email”

Michaeljulius Idani MPP received a fellowship to study at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, where he will pursue an MFA in fiction. He has received fellowships and support from the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, the Hurston/Wright Foundation, Lighthouse Writers Workshop, Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, the Martha’s Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, the Esalen Institute, A Cappella Books, and For Keeps Books.

Michelle Thornhill MC/MPA was recently named head of strategy and transformation for the Wells Fargo Foundation, one of the largest corporate foundations in the United States. She was also recognized by Ebony magazine as a Power 100 honoree, as the organization celebrates their 75th anniversary.



Michelle Blair MPA joined the National Assessment Governing Board in 2007. As an independent bipartisan arm of the U.S. Department of Education, the board oversees the “Nation’s Report Card,” also known as the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). After two promotions, Michelle now serves as the assistant director for assessment development, spearheading projects to update the knowledge and skills NAEP assesses and reports on for the nation, states, and several large urban districts, with a primary focus on students in grades 4, 8, and 12. In 2019, Michelle earned a master’s in mathematical statistics.

Stephen Frost MPP runs Frost Included, a diversity and inclusion consultancy helping a range of organizations around the globe. With the current Covid-19 emergency, he is leading the team and helping clients virtually to embed inclusion in their decision-making. For example, only when we consider diversity in design thinking will we produce equitable health outcomes, de-biased algorithms, and better customer service generally. He would be delighted to hear from alumni, especially on how they are keeping inclusion on the agenda in their organizations at this time.



Sylvia Clute MPA is coauthor of an article in the current Richmond Public Interest Law Review. The article, “Unitive Justice and Re-Entry Culture Change,” pg. 203, is coauthored by Paul Taylor and Weldon Bunn, former inmates who transformed their prison culture using techniques that are similar to Clute’s Unitive Justice theory. The article is a comparison of their two approaches to culture change. The issue also includes transcripts of panels Clute, Taylor, and Bunn participated in, on pgs. 93 and 113. “Symposium 2019: Restorative Justice” is available at:

Alice Farmer MPA writes, “I’m sorry to miss everyone at reunion this year! I am a refugee lawyer with UNHCR, currently living in D.C. Hope all are well!”

Patrick McCormick MC/MPA writes, “In April [I started] a new role as CIO for the City of Cambridge. City staff have been working nonstop to address Covid-19 challenges, including promoting safety measures, enabling a remote workforce, hosting public meetings online, and aiding residents and small businesses. I’m humbled to join such a dedicated team of public servants. The move follows nearly three years with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as IT capital program manager. The Executive Office of Tech Services and Security was established in 2017 as a new secretariat with a mandate to modernize IT across state government and it was exciting to be part of that enormous organizational change.”


2006 | 15th Reunion

Angela Joo-Hyun Kang MC/MPA is founder and executive president of Global Competitiveness Empowerment Forum (GCEF), based in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Since January 2020, Angela has been participating in global policy recommendation procedures as co-head of South Korean Delegation and the elected chair of Digital Inclusion Working Group of Women 20 (W20), the gender equality policy engagement group of G20. She is also an Integrity & Compliance Taskforce Group member of Business 20 (B20), the business policy engagement group of G20.

Adeeb Mahmud MPP joined FSG right after graduating from the Kennedy School. As a managing director, he leads the firm’s D.C. office, and advises companies and foundations on creating social change. Most recently, he has been designing responses to Covid-19 with pharmaceutical and other companies, as well as beginning to plan for recovery approaches from the pandemic. He and his wife live in Rockville, Maryland, and he has recently been in touch with Jacqui O’Neill MPP, Alex Dworkowitz MPP, Doug Aaron MPP, and Shaun Gonzales MPP 2005.

“The public, in these sorts of situations, absolutely needs the truth or else there’s no trust in the leadership.”

Chris Robichaud


Jed Willard MC/MPA writes, “Harvard College was abruptly emptied of students around March 14. My organization here, the FDR Foundation, has been supporting low-income students with out-of-pocket expenses the University can’t cover: from transportation gaps to internet access, and now summer jobs for students who must support their families. Simultaneously we’re working with scholars and officials around the world to combat Covid-related disinformation campaigns. If these activities are of interest or overlap with your own, I would love to hear from you.”



Thomas Eads MC/MPA is now science advisor to the director of regulatory informatics at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Center for Tobacco Products (CTP). As a pioneer in regulatory informatics, Thomas is leading projects in advanced text analytics (concept discovery), machine learning-boosted document retrieval, and knowledge representation (ontology). The work strengthens CTP’s response to new tobacco products that put youth at risk of nicotine addiction and exposure to other harmful and potentially harmful constituents. Meanwhile, time with family, HKS classmates, and hiking buddies grows in proportion to the joy of living in the Washington, D.C., area.

Hassan Tetteh MC/MPA currently serves as the health mission chief for Warfighter Health at the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) in the Department of Defense (DoD). Hassan also leads a Specialized Thoracic Adapted Recovery (STAR) team in Washington, D.C. His research in thoracic transplantation aims to expand heart and lung recovery and save lives. He created The Art of Human Care book series, and, in early 2020, was ranked on the Amazon bestseller lists with the new book, Success Strategies, coauthored with Jack Canfield.



Ryan Androsoff MPP reports that 2019 was a busy year for him, having launched a new Digital Executive Leadership Program that he leads at the Ottawa-based Institute on Governance. The program is the first of its kind in Canada to provide digital literacy and leadership training for public sector leaders. Last year he also completed a documentary film and museum installation project to explore the history and spiritual traditions of his ancestors, the Doukhobor community who came to Canada 120 years ago as religious refugees fleeing persecution in tsarist Russia. More information about the project and the film are available at:

Nizar Farsakh MC/MPA writes, “Trained Iraqi activists in leadership and advocacy for a third year now. I also got the opportunity to work on recruiting over 450 applicants for the Arabic online organizing course. Both those experiences have humbled and inspired me as I got a glimpse of the promise that region holds despite its gargantuan challenges. Finally opened the Museum of the Palestinian People in Washington, D.C., in mid-June with great success. Make sure to visit us on 18th & T NW next time you’re in D.C.! Visit Oh, and we got to see Bocelli in concert for Christmas!”

Zak Gingo MC/MPA writes, “I am still working at Harvard, now as the associate dean for physical resources and planning in the FAS. I have been spending a lot of time helping to plan Harvard’s expansion into Allston, in particular the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ new research building that is about to complete construction. These days, my work revolves around Harvard’s response to Covid-19. Over the past 10 years I’ve had the pleasure of watching my children grow into confident young adults, and been able to visit some very interesting places, both at home and abroad. I hope everyone is doing well!”

Mallika Kaur MPP has a new book out titled Faith, Gender, and Activism in the Punjab Conflict: The Wheat Fields Still Whisper (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020). In her law and policy work, Mallika became increasingly fascinated by the layers of stories that begin where legal cases and human rights reports end. This creative nonfiction book explores and engages with the everyday and unfinished histories of the conflict in Indian Punjab through stories of human rights defenders who challenged the violence that paralyzed most others in a position to intervene.

Greg Macias MC/MPA moved last November from New York City to Denver, Colorado, to take the position of vice president for programs and strategy for Western Resource Advocates (WRA). At WRA, Greg oversees a seasoned group of legal experts, economists, engineers, and public policy advocates. WRA is the conservation leader in the region to transition the mountain west in the United States to a carbon-free economy and protect its iconic wilderness, rivers, and lands, and to advocate for healthy air and water for its growing, vibrant, and diverse communities. Greg is living in downtown Denver, and enjoying the recreation, reflection, and peace the beauty of the region provides.

Allison Shapira MC/MPA writes, “This spring at HKS, I had the pleasure of teaching ‘the arts of communication’ through Zoom. My company Global Public Speaking is now helping people speak with impact, and guide their teams through uncertainty, in their virtual meetings, pitches, and presentations. I would love to be a resource to my classmates who need help in this area, starting with these free tools: Be well and stay safe, everyone!”

“The failure of testing was the original sin because it gave us no time.... It is also our only salvation. It’s our only way to actually be able to have a real adaptation period.”

Juliette Kayyem


Jay Bhatt MPA writes, “As a member of the Presidential Leadership Scholars alumni, I was fortunate to be invited to participate in conversation with President Bush and President Clinton at the Presidential Leadership Program 2019 graduation, celebrating the fifth group of scholars working to make a difference.”

Erica Harrison Arnold MPP, in the fall of 2019, was named the executive director of legal compliance for Henry County School District (Georgia), which serves approximately 43,000 students and 6,000 employees. She served in a prior role as director of performance analytics and research in the same school system through The Broad Center Residency program. Previously, Erica was an associate attorney at Alston & Bird LLP from 2012–2017.

Jennifer Hollett MC/MPA is the new executive director of The Walrus in Toronto. The Walrus believes in the idea of a better Canada, and that a healthy society relies on informed citizens. As a registered charity, The Walrus ( publishes independent, fact-based journalism and produces ideas-focused events. Prior to this role, Jennifer was the head of news and government at Twitter Canada. You can find her on Twitter @jenniferhollett.

Pietro Rabassi MPA writes, “Dear HKS mates, after having spent our holidays in my home region in northern Italy at the border with Austria and Slovenia, we came back to Berlin (Germany) at the end of Feb. 2020. I was suggested by my doctor to take a Covid-19 test because of some symptoms; it was negative. At the same time, in another kindergarten group than our daughter’s a teacher has been found Covid-19 positive. We were quarantined until March 23, and our nanny too. It is a real challenge for me and my wife to work from home with two children under three at home with no childcare. Hopefully the situation will improve soon! I look forward to your stories!”



Leila El-Khatib MC/MPA writes, “Since graduating, I returned to Canada to work in the federal public service. I also opened a consulting firm, 6 Degree Seminars, which, among other things, delivers cultural-competency training specific to the Middle East and Islam. I found myself missing the HKS magic and through your support became an HKS Alumni Board member. In 2020, I will be serving my last term and am thankful for my time to serve alumni. This year, as a global community, we are facing huge socioeconomic and political challenges and so now more than ever we need to take on the role of helpers. Stay safe and healthy. Stay humble and grateful. Feel free to reach out!”Mike McMahon MPP writes, “In the 1980s, a group of Harvard alumni ran candidates for the Harvard Board of Overseers, the University’s highest democratically-elected governing body, to urge Harvard to divest from South African holding companies at the height of Apartheid. Today, I am part of a similar movement focused on climate change, known as Harvard Forward. Together, we are asking alums to vote for the ‘Harvard Forward Five’ in the 2020 Board of Overseer elections. If elected, these five candidates will advocate for bold, sensible leadership on climate. Learn more at and join the hundreds of alumni already on board.”



Saurabh Agarwal MPA has been working on launching a new girl superhero for children in India, Dabung Girl (Fearless Girl). Dabung Girl inspires girls to find the hero within and boys to perceive the superhero in girls around them. She is India’s “First Girl Superhero for Social Impact” and focuses on breaking stereotypes. Superheroes give wings to children’s imaginations and the confidence to take action. However, unlike other superheroes who come and save the day, she helps children find solutions on their own. Target age group is 6–14 years. The first comic book is out with stories on gender and environment. Saurabh is now working on a child protection theme.

Frank Kuzminski MC/MPA is honored to have been selected by the U.S. Army as a Goodpaster Scholar in the Advanced Strategic Planning and Policy Program (ASP3) to pursue doctoral studies. Beginning this fall, Frank will be a PhD student at the University of Washington, where he will focus his research on space security policy and U.S. collective defense commitments in the space domain.

Ted Zagraniski MC/MPA, as a future plans officer since 2017, has traveled the United States, the Pacific, and Western Europe, contributing to U.S. and multinational defense planning efforts. A special highlight was welcoming his second child (a girl) into the world just a couple of months after contributing to the plan for a hospital ship humanitarian mission to South America. His favorite part of every mission is returning home to Virginia and seeing his wife, son, daughter, and Chihuahua again.



Chris Lumry MPP writes, “After running a nonprofit for the past three years that captures film stories of hope to break stigma around mental health, I launched OneStep Guides (, a new platform that connects people to supportive services online. Our guides provide recovery coaching and general mindsets coaching for anyone looking to grow and build a more thriving life. This new endeavor stems from a personal passion for mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. It’s an honor to work in this space. We prioritize support for affected families and offer services for people from all walks of life, including professionals that need help where they are.”

Caroline Mauldin MPA, in October 2019, launched a consulting company, Happy & Bennett (named for her grandmothers), dedicated to advancing progressive causes in conservative areas. Specializing in building bridges via communications, strategy, and connection, her goal is to help elevate the work of social justice activists and organizations working in politically challenging environments. Current clients include The Coastal Conservation League (South Carolina), The Gates Foundation, and The Brigid Alliance (NYC). When not quarantined, Caroline splits her time between New York City and Charleston, South Carolina.


2016 | 5th Reunion

Gareth Davies MC/MPA was elected as a member of Parliament in the United Kingdom on Dec. 13, 2019.

Theodora Skeadas MPP writes, “A year ago, I joined Cambridge Local First, a nonprofit network of 400-plus locally owned and independent businesses formed to build a strong local economy and a vibrant community, as executive director. We support, promote, and celebrate a local economy community by educating the public and government about the significant environmental, economic, and cultural benefits of a strong local economy, supporting small businesses, and advocating for policies. In recent weeks, our efforts have intensified. We now work tirelessly to provide businesses the resources, education, skills, and partnerships they need to successfully maneuver this pandemic.”



Gal Lin MPP has been named one of Israel’s 40 under 40 up-and-comers in the agriculture industry by Mashov Group, Israel’s prime publisher for the agriculture sector, for his work at the AgTech startup eggXYt. eggXYt is pioneering the use of gene editing to make the livestock industry more sustainable and address hunger in the world. Using CRISPR technology, eggXYt is enabling the pre-incubation sex detection of chicken eggs, preventing the culling of 8 billion male chicks, and saving the egg industry billions of dollars.

Yael Stern MPP has been selected for the MassChallenge Israel 2020 accelerator program with her startup, PainPal. Through PainPal, Yael is transforming the care of chronic pain patients with an innovative virtual behavioral health platform based on the most cutting-edge pain research. PainPal has also been granted funding by the Israel Innovation Authority.

Nadia Viswanath MPA writes, “I am based in San Francisco and enjoying deepening my experience in urban labor markets and workforce development in my role on the global team of Generation. Generation is a global nonprofit organization that operates across 13 countries to transform education–to–employment systems with innovative training programs. Generation has reached over 35,000 graduates in five years with 80% job placement rates. In my role, I work across our 13 countries to identify our operational challenges and design for improved quality and outcomes. If you’re in or interested in the space, would love to connect!”



Asset Abdualiyev MC/MPA, in September 2019, joined McKinsey & Company’s San Francisco office as a senior implementation consultant. In this role, Asset is working on strategy development and implementation phases with clients in various industries.

Safwan Amin MC/MPA practices law at an international law firm where a substantial amount of his work is focused on public policy and advising governments in the Middle East region. He also recently served as the chief of staff to the Prime Minister Designate of Iraq. Safwan will be returning to school later this year to pursue a graduate degree at Yale Law School.

Stephen Jones MC/MPA writes, “I joined a group called the Global Special Operations Forces Foundation (GSF). As the only professional association for the U.S. and international special operations communities, we fill a critical gap in the national security discourse by leading like-minded public and private entities to increase understanding of the role that special operations can play in addressing global security. Our mission is two-fold: 1) advocacy for adequate resourcing; and 2) bringing the special operations community together. Our events focus on building the capacity and capability of our U.S. and international partners. Learn more here:”

Grey Lee MC/MPA continues to advance sustainability in the built environment through a small portfolio of projects: creating a nonprofit arm of the award-winning net-zero-energy housing developer Placetailor, providing process guidance at the International Living Future Institute, and teaching the green building and urban resilience course at Harvard Extension School. He is also welcoming impact investments into the social-benefit-provider co-housing enterprise Civekos, which he started while at the Kennedy School. He has enjoyed bumping into cohort alumni in Cambridge and abroad. Follow him @greylee.

Khadijah Tribble MC/MPA is now vice president, corporate social responsibility, of Curaleaf Holdings, Inc., a leading vertically integrated cannabis operator in the United States. Khadijah will oversee the company’s efforts to build an ecosystem of impact, policy, and business that aligns with the greater good of the cannabis industry and the communities in which Curaleaf operates and serves. She will also lead the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

Thomas Sellers MC/MPA writes, “In June 2019 I was elected to my town’s Budget Review Committee in Ogunquit, Maine, where Terry Ann Lunt MPA and I have been living since retiring four years ago. In addition, I continue serving as a trustee of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and as a member of the DFCI Quality Improvement/Risk Management Committee.”

Photos by Paul Clarke and Martha Stewart

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