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Harry Harris MPA, after nearly 15 years as a successful and aging entrepreneur, has sold HealthCare California, central California’s largest home health agency. In October 2019, he was selected as Fresno’s Man of the Year. Harry enjoys leisure time at his home with family and friends. Also, he engages energetically in frequent global travel, nearing 150,000 air miles annually. Antarctica is a scheduled destination in November 2019, thus completing multiple visits to the seven continents!



Jack Underhill MPA is preparing a paper on expanding affordable housing and reducing homelessness for the Conference of the American Society of Public Administration in March 2020. He spent a week in Appalachia with the Appalachian Service Project renovating homes for the poor.


1970 | 50th Reunion

Geoffrey Dutton MCRP writes, “My 30-year career in academia and industry as a geospatial software developer ended when I obtained a PhD in geography. Too superannuated to climb an academic ladder, I took up technical writing for the next 15. When my romance with high tech faded, I put myself out to pasture to write whatever I pleased, including articles damning high tech for betraying its promise and users. I found time to publish in 2018 an oddball thriller called Turkey Shoot, which portrays a ragtag group of radicals out to smash one or more states. Now writing a sequel to it (women’s crime fiction, of all things). Never did make much use of my MCP degree. Cheers to all.”



Manolo Abella MPA writes, “I am now retired after establishing the Institute of Labour Studies in the Philippines and managing various UN and International Labor Organization projects for migrant workers all over the world for over 28 years. What I learned from HKS came in handy in advising governments on what to watch out for in reforming bureaucratic structures and systems, especially in politically sensitive areas of public policy like migration. Taking into account conflicting interests and stakes of bureaucracies with overlapping functions and responsibilities served me well in my advisory work, including my research for Oxford’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, MOP in Sussex, the European Commission, and the World Bank.”



Paul Bailey MPP writes, “I am winding down a career in public policy, working for different government agencies on a variety of topics, with an emphasis on public finance and financial responsibility. I first studied financial responsibility as part of my second year MPP work. Who knew that something learned in school could be a theme of one’s life work? I was in the combined MPP/JD program, so I started off in the 1972 Kennedy School class but graduated in 1976. I am honored that HKS accepted my son for a mid-career MPA; he works for the State Department’s Foreign Service.”

Scott Martin MCRP writes, “I am vice president/principal of Hilliker Corporation, an industrial and commercial real estate brokerage, and also of Westwood Net Lease Advisors. With Hilliker Corporation I am brokering the sale and lease of industrial and office properties in the St. Louis metro area. Westwood represents buyers of net leased real estate nationwide, such as fast food restaurants, dollar stores, and leased industrial and office properties.”



Robert Sabbatini MCRP and his wife, Bonnie Loyd, are both fully retired and have recently completed a seven-month trip to Italy. Robert was recognized as an Italian citizen in March of last year.

Portrait of a HKS graduate standing next to the deputy executive director of the U.S. Botanic Garden, at an alumni reception in one of the garden’s greenhouses.
Lisa-Joy Zgorski MPP 1993 (right) stands with Susan Pell, deputy executive director at the United States Botanic Garden, after welcoming HKS alumni to the gardens for an alumni event in September.


1980 | 40th Reunion

Ngure Mwaniki MC/MPA, after graduating from HKS, worked in the Office of the Vice President and Ministry of Finance of Kenya, and then was seconded as a consultant in the Office of the Economic Advisor to His Excellency the President. Ngure later worked as an economic adviser to the first governor of Nairobi City County, and served on several national boards, including those of the Revenue Authority and the Privatization Commission. He currently is founder and chairman of Mwaniki Associates Ltd., an economics and management consulting firm that has been in operation for 35 years and covers the sub-Saharan African countries. Ngure is also the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in Kenya. He was cochair of the Harvard-Yale Alumni Club of Kenya from 1986 to 1992, and in his spare time enjoys golf, conservation, and creative writing.

David Reed MPP writes “Dear Bureaucrat,” the advice column for people who work in the public sector, published in Federal Times. David writes, “Dear Bureaucrat gives practical advice backed by peer-reviewed research. The most popular column so far has been ‘Dear Bureaucrat, My job wants me to lie!’”

Alexandra Schweitzer MPP writes, “I’m back at the Kennedy School as a senior fellow in the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, focusing on social determinants of health (SDOH). I plan to write about the underlying drivers of SDOH collaborations between health care and social service organizations. Managing high-cost, high-risk populations is a critical challenge on its own; adding housing, nutrition, or transportation assistance makes it much more complicated—and much more important. I’m doing similar work as a consultant to a Medicaid Accountable Care Organization. I’ve had great input from classmate Anne Weiss MPP. Hope to see everyone at our reunion in May.”

Patricia White MPP writes, “After 22-plus years in London, we returned to the United States in March 2017 and are now living in Old Town Alexandria, which reminds us just a tiny bit of London. We maintain ties to London as our daughter still lives there and I continue to serve on the board of English National Opera. Closer to home I am serving on the board of the National Museum of Women in the Arts and we are getting involved in the local community.”



William Hamilton HKSEE has published Formula for Failure in Vietnam: The Folly of Limited Warfare. Compiled from in-person interviews of the generals and admirals who were ordered to fight a land war in Southeast Asia and told by a former infantry company commander who carried out those orders on the ground in Vietnam and Cambodia, this book details how the Johnson administration chose to fight a war of attrition against North Vietnam and then failed to seal off the battle area from Red Chinese and Soviet resupply and allowed North Vietnamese ground forces to have sanctuaries in Laos, Cambodia, and even North Vietnam itself.

Michael Schabas MCRP writes, “Since 2016 I have been an advisor to Ontario’s Metrolinx regional authority, which is investing $20 billion in expanding and upgrading the GO regional rail system to operate faster electric trains every 15 minutes across the network. Since early 2019 I have had the same role for the $11 billion Ontario Line subway. For both projects I drew frequently on lessons I learned at HKS, including developing and explaining ridership and revenue forecasts, building a rock-solid business case, recommending a PPP procurement structure, and providing the arguments that persuaded government to provide the necessary financial and policy support.”

Thomas Sellers MC/MPA writes, “In June 2019 I was elected to my town’s Budget Review Committee in Ogunquit, Maine, where Terry Ann Lunt MPA and I have been living since retiring four years ago. In addition, I continue serving as a trustee of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and as a member of the DFCI Quality Improvement/Risk Management Committee.”



Eric Elbot MC/MPA, in joining the HKSNE Alumni Board of Directors, will focus on opportunities for alumni to strategically champion the greater public good, publicly make the case for the aspirations of a robust public sector, and deepen the meaningfulness of alumni involvement in our beloved Kennedy School, as it increasingly embodies: character is destiny.



Judith Bunnell MPP writes, “Joseph and I have had lots of classmate connections since Reunion! Dinner with Leslie Fogg Bowie MPP and Mark Sullivan MPP in June. Dinner with Ken Farbstein MPP and Zac Rolnik MPP in Boston and then drinks with Leslie Kirwan MPP. Vacation with Janice and Dana Rowan MPP and their son William and our gal, India. Zac hosted us and Dana and Tony Gomez-Ibanez at his house for a barbecue! Scott Jensen MPP’s daughter, Tess, is in D.C., so we promised to look out for her. David Barol MPP also came for a D.C. visit and Mark cooked with Joseph. Kathleen deLaski MPA and Rich Innis hosted us and Dana and Janice for a summer weekend ... . Reach out! Looking forward to your visit.”

Margarita Castellon MC/MPA writes, “After a lot of years with AT&T and various boards in South Florida, I am considering retiring in the very near future and spending six months traveling through Europe, with a home base in Berlin. I look forward to connecting with fellow alums who live in Berlin and elsewhere along my travels. When I return, the plan is to take a fresh look at community needs and to be of service to my favorite nonprofits.”

Jackie Newbury MPA writes, “I would welcome contact from fellow alums if you are in Europe. I am working in London and Germany in banking and building a portfolio of directorships. In between, I have built a zero-energy home and am a keen hiker and traveller but haven’t made it to the United States recently.”

Gabriela Romanow MPA writes, “You won’t notice my new hip, but I hope we’ll find a time to dance together in May! I am pleased to announce that my work in advocating, fundraising and educating about Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) has been formalized with a job working with terrific neurologists at the Massachusetts General Hospital. We are creating New England’s first NMO clinic and research lab. You won’t notice Bob’s mended knee, but he has a new business venture providing him again with the challenges of entrepreneurialism.”

Bob Samuels MC/MPA writes, “A donation to the International Rescue Committee provides a way that American citizens and others can help the Syrian Kurds.”

Karen Walz MCRP continues to enjoy creative and successful urban planning projects in the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Among her recent awards is recognition as a “Texas Planning Legend”—the first baby boomer to be so designated. More information about her consulting practice and projects is at www.planforaction.com or on Facebook @StrategicCommunitySolutions. On the personal side, Karen and her husband, Terry Morgan, had a fascinating trip to Antarctica. They’ve now visited all seven continents (or eight, if you count Madagascar). Jake is in the fifth year of his PhD program in Victorian literature, and son Max is in his third year of law school. “Come to the reunion!”


1985 | 35th Reunion

Ejeviome Eloho Otobo MPA writes, “My book Africa in Transition: A New Way of Looking at Progress in the Region was featured in the Spring 2019 HKS Magazine and nominated for the Grand Prix of Literary Associations Award 2018, announced in July 2019. I am currently publishing an op-ed series titled “China, America and Russia’s Game of Influence in Africa” for the Guardian (of Nigeria). The first two installments of the series were published by the Guardian on July 9, 2019, and October 2, 2019. The next installment, focusing on United States-Africa relations, will be published in early December 2019.”

Jack Gardner MPP continues to serve as CEO of The John Stewart Company, a statewide developer (and the largest manager) of subsidized affordable housing in California (no. 7 in the United States). Jack was recently inducted into the California Housing Consortium’s Hall of Fame in recognition of his “private sector leadership” and “profound impact” on California’s housing sector. According to the consortium, its Housing Hall of Fame recognizes “heroes in the field” based on characteristics such as innovation, effectiveness, impact, collaborative spirit, and inspirational records of service.

James Gruber MC/MPA writes, “I look forward to seeing all of you at our 35th reunion this spring! Prior to my coming retirement this summer from a faculty role at Antioch University New England, I had an opportunity to reflect back on 35 years since taking Ron Heifetz’s class on leadership and how I have tried to apply adaptive leadership to my environmental consulting and teaching. Through the encouragement and support of my dear wife, Patience (whom I met that same year), I was able to complete the book: Building Community—Twelve Principles for a Healthy Future (New Society Publishing) will be released this spring. How the years have passed! See you all May 15.” 

Alison Hughes MPA writes, “Following career retirement eight years ago, served (pro bono) as director of our local governmental women’s commission for a few years. Also organized leadership forums and taught leadership skills to Arizona DACA students who live in border towns. Taking brief time out for relaxation under the radar. Plan to come up for air and engage in the 2020 election. Virginia election results inspired. Hope to turn Arizona blue afterwhich retirement looms once more.”

Michael Pocalyko MC/MPA received the Joseph Wharton Award at a Washington gala. The award honors Wharton alumni whose “professional success exemplifies the outstanding managerial and leadership qualities fundamental to the principles established by Joseph Wharton.” Michael, who earned his MBA at Wharton, was joined at the event by Kenneth Brier MC/MPA 1984 and Maury Devine MC/MPA.

Gary Usrey MPA writes, “At the 2019 U.S. National Squash Championships, held in Washington, D.C., I finished runner-up in the men’s 70-plus division. I also checked off a longtime bucket list item this past September by completing my first skydiving jump.”



Jeff Bleich MPP reports that Flinders University in Australia recently launched the Jeff Bleich Centre for the U.S. Alliance in Digital Technology, Security, and Governance (flinders.edu.au/jeff-bleich-centre). Jeff has apologized to the university for not having a better surname. But he thinks it was a nice statement of faith in the centre that they could name it anything—even “Bleich”—and feel confident it would still be a success.

Casey Corr MPA retired from running a magazine based in Yakima, Washington. He now divides his time between a rural home near Yakima and Seattle. Last fall, he and his wife, Sally Tonkin, had lunch with Patty and Mike Orfini MC/MPA, who were visiting Seattle while their son climbed Mount Rainier.

James Junke MC/MPA writes, “Highlight of the year was my daughter’s wedding in August in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Raptors winning the NBA championship was special. Had a busy fall as a volunteer canvasser for Canadian Minister of Environment Catherine McKenna, who was reelected as the member of Parliament in Ottawa Centre, in the federal election of October 21, 2019.”



Nadine Hack MC/MPA, CEO of beCause Global Consulting, recently spoke at several international conference including: “Role & Responsibility of Media in Deeply Divided Societies” in Belfast; “Future of Planet: Inspiring What Could Be” in Lausanne; and “How to Measure Impact by Movements” in Geneva. She co-facilitated, for the fifth time, the FIFA/UEFA Women Football Leadership Program in Zurich. She was one of 40 participants at the RFK Human Rights conference “Business & Human Rights” with 2014 Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi in Bad Ragaz.

Jim Lederman MC/MPA writes, “I have been forcibly retired because, with the advent of Trumpitis, there is no longer a market in the media for the kind of analytical skills that I acquired at HKS and still cherish—this despite the fact that the Middle East, my professional bailiwick for the past half century and more, is now undergoing what is possibly the most profound social and cultural upheaval since the rise of Islam.”

Shigetaka Seki MPP received a PhD in environmental science in 2018. In December 2018, Shigetaka started working at the Consumer Product Safety Association as executive director. The association authorizes the Safe Goods (SG) mark certification for products that have met safety standards.

David Wohl MC/MPA writes, “After 20 years of consulting in affordable housing development, I formed a joint venture company, Newport SW, to build or acquire apartments in Arizona that are affordable to low-income families and individuals. Earlier this year, we were awarded an allocation of competitive Low Income Housing Tax Credits to build 40 units for low- and very low-income families in Tucson, and we are now looking for property across the state for future development.”



Volker Baas MC/MPA writes, “After having been appointed to the HAA Global Board this fall, I would like to offer all my fellow HKS alumni active support. I also look forward to establishing a strong relationship with the HKS Alumni Board, and would like to thank the alumni board for a very warm welcome at the HKS reception on October 25 (Karen, thanks for organizing so nicely).”



Russell Hawkins MC/MPA is still based in South Africa (since 1994). He’s currently serving as technical adviser to the South Africa Local Government Association and completing his term as president of the Harvard University Alumni Association of South Africa. He also established linkage with GSPP. “Trying to keep busy. Would like to see more HKS involvement in Africa as well. Would also welcome and encourage classmates and others to visit South Africa. Reach me at hawke@mailbox.co.za. Keep in touch!”

Student organizers at a long table decorated with balloons register other students to vote.
The Harvard Votes Challenge is a nonpartisan, university-wide effort organized by the IOP and the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation. The initiative challenged each of Harvard’s 12 degree-granting schools to increase voter registration and participation among eligible students.


Nancy Kaufman MC/MPA stepped down as CEO of National Council of Jewish Women in June. She is still living in New York City with her three grandchildren 19 blocks away! Nancy has “rewired” and started a consulting/coaching practice called NKK Strategic Advisors. “Come visit!”

Noriyuki Shikata MPP, after two years serving in Beijing as minister, deputy chief of mission, with the Japanese Embassy in China, moved back to Harvard in August 2019. He will be at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs’ Program on U.S.-Japan Relations until May 2020, doing research on emerging U.S. policy toward China and its implications for Japanese diplomacy.

Emily Warner MPA writes, “In May 2019, I officially retired. I live on a ridge in Oklahoma surrounded by hay meadows, pastures, and lovely views! The Voices of Unity community choir and the Boomtown (community) Theater require a lot of time. Our choir participated in Shakespeare’s “Tempest,” a musical at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, in June 2019. I frequent the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame, a Tulsa jewel! Several HKS pals have visited me and my travels almost always include a visit with HKS friends. I am also involved in civil rights issues. You will be hearing about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre on national news as its centennial approaches.”


1990 | 30th Reunion

Jon Morgan MPP writes, “Living in Darien, Connecticut, with my wife, Cathleen, and two children. I am working as an independent board director, primarily for investment funds. In May of 2019, I received a master’s of divinity from Yale Divinity School and will be using this to focus more attention on ESG and sustainability on the boards on which I serve. Also, I am no longer a Republican.”

Bryan Wood-Thomas MC/MPA is currently working on the design of an international maritime research and development board devoted to accelerating the development of low and zero carbon fuels and technologies for international shipping. “If successful, we will invest over $5 billion to move the international shipping sector to a new energy transition. Best to everyone in the Class of 1990.”



Gabriela Alurralde Smith MPA is the founder and president of the Crimsonbridge Foundation (crimsonbridge.org) and has over 20 years of experience in philanthropy, education, and the nonprofit sector. She designed and launched scholarship and educational programs for children and youth, and nationwide initiatives to improve outreach to immigrant communities. Internationally, she founded a development fellowship at HKS supporting emerging leaders from Latin America. Gabriela is a founding investor and board member of Venture Philanthropy Partners, and served as a member of the HKS Dean’s Council and the Georgetown University Board of Regents. Her professional background includes supervising education projects for the World Bank.

Fabiana Feld MPA will retire from International Finance Corporation and will join a renewable energy company as CFO. In addition, she will continue to teach at Stanford Business School and IE in Madrid. Her three sons are on their way to adulthood and this means more freedom to pursue interests that have been sidelined for a long time.

Jimmie McEver MPP was recently elected to the 2020 Class of Associate Fellows of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. He chairs the AIAA Technical Committee on Information and C2 Systems and has been heavily involved in AIAA’s Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange. He is a principal scientist and program manager for cyber capability integration at the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, coordinating  APL’s cyber- and AI-related work for organizations in the office of the secretary of defense.

Barry Sloane MC/MPA has been appointed to the Community Bank Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Steve Zwick MC/MPA retired in 2018 after 24 years serving as the county attorney for Colorado’s San Miguel County. Steve is currently engaged in public service activities at the local government level on a volunteer basis.



Michael Davis MPP writes, “After graduation, I worked for JPMorgan for 17 years, both in investment banking and asset management, where I ultimately ran the western United States for our institutional asset management business. I served for four years in the Obama administration as a deputy assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of Labor, where I focused on national retirement policy. For the last several years, I have been working for T. Rowe Price as head of our Defined Contribution Specialist team, which works with sponsors of large DC plans nationwide.”

Lucinda Flowers MC/MPA writes, “After years in affordable housing, community development, and urban planning, I started my own consulting practice in 2015. I help nonprofits with grant writing and fund development, drawing on decades as a communicator and policy professional. I returned home to New Orleans area in 2003, two years before our world changed forever with the catastrophic levee failures of Hurricane Katrina. As tough as that time was, I was grateful to be here and to work in a field that was so central to the recovery. That said, I still consider New England a “second home”and visit often—one of the perks of self-employment.”

David Greig MPA writes, “In my hometown of Wellington, New Zealand (after many years in Melbourne), working part time at the Ministry of Transport on economics/policy/strategy. The MPA has helped a lot, plus newer themes such as behavioural psychology/Nudge and real options/uncertainty. I get back to the United States every couple of years—enjoy wandering around the Harvard campus and also getting off the beaten track, e.g., Glacier National Park in Montana, and U.S. southern states (for blues music and museums). Also Galapagos, Peruvian Andes hiking, Morocco, Danube/Hungary bike riding, Armenia, North Vietnam. And seeing friends in France and keeping the language going.”

Gail Murray MC/MPA writes, “I am writing a political memoir about my time on the Walnut Creek, California, City Council and the BART Board of Directors. In September in San Francisco, I attended an HKS panel titled ‘Getting Published in an Era of Evolving Media.’ Writing is only the first step! I learned how overwhelming the task is to get the book from paper to publishing! In October I attended a lively discussion by Nancy Gibbs, director of the Shorenstein Center, on ‘The Future of Media and Democracy.’ Nice to reconnect here on the West Coast with the stimulating work at HKS.”

Manuel Valle MPA is back in Madrid after five years as trade commissioner at the Embassy of Spain in Los Angeles.



Diane Cherry MPP worked for 22 years at the federal, state, and local levels in energy and environmental policy and took an early retirement back in 2018. The past couple of years she worked at a nonprofit clean energy organization and recently started her own consulting firm, Diane Cherry Consulting. Diane has clients that range from clean energy companies to nonprofits and educational institutions in clean energy-related work in North Carolina and the Southeast. Her current work includes energy resilience for NC military bases, a continuing legal education program for South Carolina renewable energy lawyers, and business development for an energy storage company.

Jeffrey Colvin MPA writes, “After graduating I served on the Kennedy School’s New England Alumni Council while working for the Boston Foundation. After seven years in philanthropy I returned to school and earned an MFA in creative writing from Columbia. With nearly twenty years of research and writing done, my debut novel, Africaville, will be published in December of 2019 by Amistad/HarperCollins. Reflecting my love of urban and international affairs, Africaville recounts three generations of a family whose matriarch is from a black community near Halifax, Nova Scotia, that was destroyed in the 1960s under the guise of urban renewal.”

John Glenn MPA writes, “I retired from EPA in 2013 where I started its Green Racing program. The program encourages motorsports to change a single important metric—drop engine displacement—and adopt energy flow regulations instead to control power and force the sport to use its expertise to design more energy-efficient engines rather than power-dense engines (small engines that use a lot of energy to make power). The program has had a modicum of success, especially in Formula 1 and the World Endurance Championship. Since retiring, I’ve written a couple of articles for Race Tech magazine and was one of two keynote speakers at the 2018 World Motorsports Symposium in London.”

Judy Lear MC/MPA writes, “I am working hard on the Every Woman Treaty, a global effort to stop violence against women. The United Nations Conference on Women in Beijing, China, was 25 years ago, and we have actually come a long way. I am planning on being in New York City at the UN for Beijing+25 and would love to connect with any HKS people!”



Gary Stahl MPA has been happily living with his girls in Geneva for the past two years. Gary is director of private sector partnerships for UNICEF.


1995 | 25th Reunion

Taylor Batten MPP was named managing editor of the Charlotte Observer.

Robert Dam MPP writes, “Greetings! I retired from the Air Force in 2014. I did a PhD in finance at Northwestern, and am currently an assistant professor at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado. My wife, Christa, our two boys, Case and Reef, and I are having a great time in the Boulder and Front Range area.”

David Manero MPP writes, “Here’s to hoping everyone is doing well! We are still in London—probably moving and moving on in 2020. It is exciting! Best to all and hope to see you soon.”



Kimberly Gates MPP writes, “I took a fearless step to “do what I love” as a real estate professional in the San Francisco Bay Area. Sleepless and happily applying skills honed at HKS and a 20-plus-year career in the health care, government, and detection/security sectors. Honored daily to be entrusted to help great people “find their place in the world.” Excited by life’s next chapter!”

Prasad Gopalan MPP is global sector manager for International Finance Corporation’s agribusiness and forestry investments based in Singapore. IFC is a leading investor in the agribusiness and forestry sector in emerging markets with a portfolio of approximately $6.5 billion. IFC is the private sector arm of the World Bank Group and is the leading multilateral development finance institution focused on developing the private sector in emerging markets.

Dennis Weiner MC/MPA, as a founding partner of Responder Ventures venture capital group, was recently recognized in Government Technology magazine’s “Top 25 Doers, Dreamers & Drivers for 2018.” He is currently bureau chief for Palm Beach County School District Police Department, the 10th largest school district in the United States, where he oversees the department’s information technology, physical security, and emergency management efforts for its 187 campuses.



Racheal Seymour MPP is now a writer on the ABC network drama The Rookie, starring Nathan Fillion.

Andres Vinelli MPP was named the new vice president of economic policy for the Center for American Progress. He will lead CAP’s efforts to develop and further an economic policy agenda that will build a more equitable economy.



Patrick Marx MC/MPA has been named lead facilitator for the Adaptive Leadership Inquiry project at the University of Montana (UM). The project is part of the new Office of Organizational Learning and Development, designed to support the professional development of all UM employees.



Veronica Loewe MPA in 2016 received her doctorate cum laude in biosciences and agrifood sciences from the University of Córdoba, Spain. In 2019 she was awarded the International Union of Forest Research Organizations Outstanding Doctoral Research Award for the scientific achievements of her research based on stone pine (Pinus pinea). This research, which focused on stone pine growth and fruiting, variability, and adaptation and management, made a valuable contribution to the advancement of stone pine domestication, helping to establish over 2,000 hectares of new plantations for pine nut production in Chile.


2000 | 20th Reunion

Timothy Anderson MC/MPA writes, “I’m a happy husband, father, and leader of the nonprofit that I started whilst we were together, World Computer Exchange. Let me know if you ever have computers (or cash) to donate, want to volunteer (hands-on or online), or know a group in a developing country that needs some low-cost refurbished computers loaded with educational content. I am grateful for the many classmates who have helped me in aspects of this adventure! It has been great to have this path of trust, grace, and humor to follow during this racist, greedy, and cowardly period in the governance of my country.”

Christine Buchholz MPP writes, “In April, I joined the U.S. Department of State’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons as a senior advisor. The year 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and the Palermo Protocol, which spurred on the anti-trafficking movement in the United States and around the world, respectively. While there is much to do to decimate human trafficking, it is a joy to put my Kennedy School degree to good use and celebrate how the movement has matured in the 20 years since we graduated. Ryan continues to work in community health at Unity Health Care, and our kids are now in middle and high school.”

Adair Dammann MC/MPA writes, “After my 'First Early Retirement' in 2016, I went to Africa (twice!) to teach English to adult women in Moshi, Tanzania. This was life changing, deepening my understanding of race, nationalism, colonialism, and gender, and thus my commitment to social, racial, and economic justice. Ask me about the women and men I met! Upon return, I sought a place to make a difference in my own community—and now direct the Washington State Labor Education Center, at South Seattle College. I fish with my husband a lot; dote on my two granddaughters; plot a return to Africa; and RESIST. Can’t wait to see you all in May!”

Kendra Perkins Norwood MPP was elected for a second term as the Region XII director of the National Bar Association (NBA), the nation’s oldest and largest national network of predominantly African-American attorneys and judges. In this role, she will be responsible for overseeing the NBA’s activities across the District of Columbia. She will also have a seat on the NBA’s Board of Governors. Kendra, who is a government contracts attorney at Wiley Rein LLP, also founded the Section of Government Procurement Law within the NBA and is currently working to stand up the new section.

Rosemary Powers MC/MPA left the public sector in August and pivoted to a mission-driven opportunity as president of the Cristo Rey Boston High School. Cristo Rey is a national network of Catholic schools that combine rigorous college preparatory academics with professional work experience, providing an innovative approach to inner-city education that equips students from families of limited economic means with the knowledge, character, and skills to transform their lives. Rosemary writes, “I am excited to support change for individuals, believing that these local actions will have a transformational effect on national concerns around income disparity and inclusion.”



Mark Schmitt MPA writes, “For the last year I have been working on setting up the Health Impact Transfer (HIT) Organization, together with three former Harvard grads. We shift resources from repair medicine into prevention, saving thousands of lives and ever scarce financial resources. Prevention is highly lucrative as savings exceed preventive intervention costs by five to 20 times. HIT pre-finances projects via crypto tokens. Parties benefiting from cost savings (e.g., Social Security providers) compensate HIT with a fraction of their savings upon successful project execution. Contact us to help build HIT into a worldwide operating organization. See also healthimpacttoken.org.”



Dal LaMagna MPA writes, “Recently I executive produced Doubting Thomas, which you can find for rent on Amazon. Since our graduation I’ve sold Tweezerman to a German company. I executive produced The Last Dalai Lama? and Dying To Know?, which is about the lifelong relationship of Ram Dass and Timothy Leary. I ran for Congress again up in the Hudson Valley as an independent and failed to get on the ballot. However, my campaign went on as Hudson Valley Happiness and was based on Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Index. I married Sarah Drew, author of the Gaia Codex, in 2017. We live on a farm in Rhinebeck, New York, and have a place in Manhattan close to IceStoneUSA.com, which I bought.”

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy David King stands in front of a large screen with an electoral map, discussing the night’s election returns in front of a gathering of HKS alumni.
More than 70 alumni joined the HKS Alumni Network of New York to discuss the 2020 elections with Senior Lecturer in Public Policy David King in October.


Cynthia Medina Carson MPP, after a decade in the anti-corruption space and a long stint as a tech recruiter, launched her own company, WAGER, her antidote to salary secrecy in the workplace. WAGER is a salary transparency consulting group that began by pairing individuals in the same industry to have salary conversations. After hundreds of conversations, Cynthia began to offer one-on-one consulting, workshops, and webinars. Companies such as Spotify and Google are now inviting her to meet employee groups and help create spaces to have these complex compensation conversations.

Armen Meyer MPP writes, “I moved to San Francisco to start a job in tech. Luckily, I found fellow MPP 2002 Bob Lesser in town. We recently decided to buy a garage so we could start a company. Our idea is to rent garages out to founders, out of our garage, so they too can start companies. If small businesses are the engine of the economy, we are the biomethane for the engines. Come visit, and bring your checkbooks for our HKS-only seed round!”

Edie Rubinowitz MC/MPA, a professor of journalism at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU), won a grant from the Online News Association to cover issues faced by “Dreamers” and DACA recipients. The podcast that she and her students put together is called “DACAmentation” and has played on Spanish Public Radio, an online radio station based in Chicago but with an international reach. As part of the grant, NEIU and Spanish Public Radio hosted town halls and a listening hour where students played their stories and the audience shared their own. Edie and a group of students presented at the 2019 Online News Association conference in New Orleans.



David Eagles MPP recently accepted a position as chief operating officer for Goodwill Industries International. Prior to this, he served as the chief operating officer for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development while serving as the acting deputy secretary for a portion of the tenure. Goodwill is a $6 billion global network built on innovation and human potential. It is one of the most valuable and recognized nonprofit brands, and a leading social services enterprise with over 130,000 employees helping families and individuals reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

Arlyn Gajilan MC/MPA writes, “While I’m still at Reuters, I’ve taken on a new role and am now the digital news director. I edit and manage our global websites and social media teams based in India, the United Kingdom, Tokyo, Canada, Singapore, and the United States.”


2005 | 15th Reunion

Ukko Metsola MPP writes, “I joined Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. in 2016 as vice president, responsible for the company’s government relations in Europe and Asia-Pacific. Our family has grown since the last reunion: we now have four boys with my wife, Roberta Metsola. She continues her work as an elected member of the European Parliament.”



Lisa George MPP writes, “At the end of 2019, my husband, Paul Hunyor MPA/MBA 2007, and our four-year-old son made an exciting move from Sydney to Singapore. Paul is setting up a new office for BCG Digital Ventures for their work in Asia. I will continue in my role as global head of the Macquarie Group Foundation, based out of Macquarie’s Singapore office. We’re lucky to already have a few friends there, especially classmate James Crabtree MPP and his family. We look forward to exploring the region in the coming years. Let me know if you happen to come through Singapore!”



Anna Bell Gall MPP was recently named director of strategy and external affairs for the Energy Institute at the University of Texas at Austin. She was formerly senior advisor to the dean of the LBJ School of Public Affairs at UT. Reach out if you find yourself in Austin!

Christoph Hermann MPP in 2018 co-founded NewsTech, an international media company with a strong focus on journalism and technology. He and his wife, Melanie, welcomed their first child, Carl, on August 11, 2019, in Vienna, Austria.



James Ahlers MPP joined Honeywell Aerospace as director of intellectual property transactions in February 2019. He recently assumed the role of assistant general counsel of sourcing and procurement, supporting Honeywell’s global supply chain operations.

Ben Branham MPP and Sarah Burleson MPP welcomed their second child, Jack Leon Branham, on August 11, 2019, in New York City. While formally coincidental, the fact that his first name is a nod to the place where they met has potential for apocryphal tales down the road. They continue to reside in Brooklyn, where Sarah is a senior trial attorney for Brooklyn Defender Services and Ben serves as chief communications officer for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Their four-year-old daughter, Betsy, began pre-K in the fall and is relishing the role of big sister.

Najim Dost MPA/ID writes, “In the first six years following graduation, I engaged in some consulting work in the area of international development (working with clients such as DoS, USIP, and BBC World Services that took me to places like India and Afghanistan) while also working on my PhD in international studies. Then I settled down in Ottawa, working for the Department of National Defence in the area of performance measurement, data, and analytics.”

Matt Nohn MPP writes, “Hello everyone: Professionally, developing an AI for planning sustainable, inclusive cities at our nonprofit (and always looking for connection to make it happen), while doing part-time consulting and being part-time employed with the World Bank. Privately, Ida (8), Moses (6), and Peter (4) are growing up quickly, allowing Sabrina and me to regain territory. HKS-wise: it is always a highlight to connect with classmates, alumni, students, and faculty. I miss you all. Thus, sorry to ditch you for the reunion in Bali, but I am trying to minimize my (at least non-work) carbon footprint. PLEASE do get in touch, e.g., when in Berlin! Cheers, Matt.”

Maliheh Paryavi MPA/ID writes, “After completing my PhD at Harvard and devoting years to my personal growth, development, and empowerment, I decided to answer the call: help empower others to live their best lives, pursue and thrive in leadership positions, and transform the world both within and around them. To that end, I recently launched “The Maliheh Paryavi Podcast,” which is full of great insights, advice, and inspiring stories from world-class leaders and change-makers. More information about the podcast, my amazing guests, and links to all the episodes can be found on my website: malihehparyavi.com.”

Jose Luis Romo MPP in 2008 decided to pursue for his PAE a strategy for the development of his home state of Hidalgo, Mexico, following Ricardo Hausmann’s methodology. In 2016 Jose was appointed minister of economic development of Hidalgo. Three years later he managed to attract the largest amount of investment in the state’s history and, as a result, today the state of Hidalgo has the second highest rate of poverty reduction in Mexico since this data has been collected. Following this achievement, he was promoted to minister of public policy (chief of cabinet), and is responsible for the design and implementation of the state’s public policy. Jose calls it “a fairy tale.”

Massi Santini MPA/ID went through a year of major changes. Professionally, after 10 years of honorable service at the World Bank, he quit his staff position in April, ran for a seat in the European Parliament in May, and attended one fellowship with the European University Institute in Florence until July and another with the University of Hong Kong in November. Massi plans to move to New York after that, where he will contemplate his next move: the private sector? Back to a multilateral organization? Politics? On the personal front, there’s a potential breakthrough in the making, which will be shared in due time!”

Tai Sunnanon MPP writes, “I’m launching the second annual Global Social Enterprise Summit at UCLA March 27-28, 2020. It’s an un-conference where we’re providing tangible resources and offering ideation workshops to help you make the world a better place. Interested in speaking, advising, or attending? Visit gses2020.org.”

Karina Weinstein MPP writes, “I live in Staten Island (NYC) with my husband and two sons, ages 8 and 2. I am currently the strategy, innovation, and operations advisor at FXB USA, an international development organization working to break the cycle of poverty. My role includes advising FXB on embedding climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies into its work. Additionally, I serve on the board of Mixteca, a nonprofit organization that empowers the Mexican and Latin American immigrant community in New York. I am a member of the Staten Island Democratic County Committee. Looking to connect with alumni interested in climate change and immigrant rights.”



Katherine Ellis MC/MPA writes, “I am living in Melbourne, Australia, and working as the CEO of the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria. It is the peak body for young people (ages 12-25) and the youth sector in the state, providing policy advice to the government, building the capacity of the sector, elevating youth voices in decision making, and pursuing thought leadership on matters important to young people. We have a particular focus on young people who face marginalization, such as Aboriginal, disabled, culturally diverse, LGBTIQ+, and rural young people.”

Concepción Galdón MPA/ID is president of the social venture Puentes Global, which he co-founded in 2009. “I’m also a member of Ashoka Spain’s venture board, expert advisor to Madrid City Council, and sit in several investment committees of impact funds. In 2017 I became IE University’s social innovation lead. At IE I have the mandate to promote social innovation academic content across schools and programs, encourage more research on the topic, and engage with organizations and corporate partners in sustainability and purpose-driven projects. I’m also a professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at IE and a tutor of intrapreneurship projects for corporations.”

Antonio Núñez MC/MPA reports that this past June his latest book, The Leader in Innovation (El lider ante la innovacion, Amazon), was published. More than 100 CEOs were interviewed for the book, which analyzes the keys to innovative leadership for senior management.

Hassan Tetteh MC/MPA was promoted to the rank of captain in the United States Navy and currently serves as the health mission chief for the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) at the Department of Defense. Hassan shared his exciting work as director of Specialized Thoracic Adapted Recovery (STAR) Teams, based in Washington, D.C., in a TEDx talk, “From Life to Death,” and highlighted his research in thoracic transplantation that aims to expand heart and lung organ recovery nationwide and save lives.


2010 | 10th Reunion

Josh Archambault MPP writes, “I remain fully engaged in the think tank world working on market-oriented health care reforms. Please reach out if you work at the state level or in D.C. and want to work together. My wife and I have joined a local nonprofit that works to mobilize churches to support the foster care community and continue to serve as foster parents as well. It has been deeply rewarding and another policy area to engage in on the side!”

Tasce Bongiovanni MPP and Zack Bongiovanni, along with Lucas (5) and Caroline (3), welcomed Ayla Nizhoni into the world in December. Tasce is excited to start in her role as an assistant professor in the Department of Surgery, specializing in the surgery of trauma and critical care at University of California, San Francisco, and San Francisco General Hospital.

Ian Mills MPA writes, “Hope everyone’s doing great. Courtney and myself are now living in Barbados! I’m working for UK Aid (DFID) across the region and Courtney is embarking upon her next business venture—watch this space! Our little ones (Ariella and Eliud) are very happy and keeping us busy. Do get in touch if you want to visit! There are worse places in the world (and you might bump into Rihanna…).”

Anne Perkins MC/MPA writes, “My first book, Yale Needs Women, was released by Sourcebooks in September 2019, the 50th anniversary of coeducation at Yale College. And yes, many people are astounded to learn that Yale did not admit its first women undergraduates until 1969 (and Harvard was even later!). Yale Needs Women follows the story of five of these young women—three white and two black—through the tumultuous early years of coeducation. Early reviews have been strong: “stunning” (Library Journal), “thrilling” (Booklist), “riveting and uplifting” (Janet Yellen), and “beautifully written” (Henry Louis Gates Jr.). To learn more, see yaleneedswomen.com.”



Jordan Brehove MPA reports that on May 25, 2019, the sun shined on the outdoor wedding of Jordan Brehove and Amanda Baldauf in Centerport, New York, at the Vanderbilt Museum. Mike Kramer MPA was part of the wedding party, adding energy to the beautiful celebration with a very active dance floor. Jordan and Amanda now reside in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Hassina Sherjan MPA writes, “I have been working to help marginalized women and girls, who were deprived of education during the years of war, to complete high school, through Aid Afghanistan for Education (aidafghanistanforeducation.org). Afghanistan, still, suffers from insurgency and most of the country is in conflict due to terrorist attacks daily. I believe the main obstacle to peace is the fact that Afghanistan has the highest illiteracy rate in the world. Fifty percent of girls, by age 12, are either married or engaged. AAE has successfully graduated over 2,000 female students, who are now attending universities or working to support their families.”

Ruth Torres MC/MPA writes, “After an unsuccessful bid as the city council candidate for my party in 2017, I was elated to be the loser on the slate (that had more women than men for the first time), which was headed by the woman who would become the first female mayor of West Haven, Connecticut. I’ve been on her staff since she took office, which suggests that we should be open to deviating from our career goals when opportunities present themselves. This appointment was never on my radar but I have applied every single thing I learned at HKS in this role. Rafael and I continue to keep our feet in both our homelands—Connecticut and Puerto Rico.”

Mark Tracy MC/MPA has joined Indigo Ag as vice president and head of alternative finance. Indigo is a $30 billion start-up recently named as the no. 1 company on CNBC’s 2019 Disruptor 50 list. Indigo, alongside growers and buyers, is building a system responsive to demands for high-quality and sustainably produced food and fiber. Indigo develops microbial and digital technologies that improve grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health. Recently Indigo announced the Terraton initiative to sequester excess atmospheric carbon in farmland through regenerative practices, reducing the effects of climate change.



Jay Bhatt MPA reports that on June 27, President George W. Bush and President Bill Clinton were joined by Presidential Leadership Scholars Lisa Hallett, CEO of wear blue: run to remember, and Jay Bhatt, senior vice president and chief medical officer of the American Hospital Association, at the George W. Bush Presidential Center for a conversation centered on the work they are doing to address veterans' issues and challenges in health care. The discussion took place during the graduation ceremony of the 2019 class of Presidential Leadership Scholars. Jay was also named an Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellow.

Andrew Chakhoyan MC/MPA writes, “Since graduating in 2012, I’ve completed a Global Leadership program at the World Economic Forum, tried myself in the corporate world—working for an international telecoms corporation—and most recently have founded an advisory firm called Strategic Narrative Consulting, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Also, I regularly contribute to the WEF Agenda Platform, became a member of the Netherlands Speakers Academy, gave a TED talk (youtu.be/MjIlCwhQVi0), and most recently joined the board of the Harvard Club of the Netherlands.”



Leila El-Khatib MC/MPA writes, “Hello, amazing HKS alums! Since graduating, I returned to Canada to work in the federal public service. I also opened a consulting firm, 6 Degree Seminars, which, among other things, delivers cultural competency training specific to the Middle East and Islam. I found myself missing the HKS magic and through your support became an HKS Alumni Board member. This year I am excited to serve on the Executive Committee of the board, working on making improvements to areas impacting alumni. This was a natural progression from having served students as commencement class marshal and HKS representative to the Harvard Graduate Council. Feel free to reach out!”

Five alumni sit on a panel in the HKS Forum, welcoming new students during orientation week.
HKS Alumni reflect on their Kennedy School experience at a panel for new students during orientation week. Pictured from left to right: Allister Martin MPP 2015, Doug Levine MPA 2008, MaryRose Mazzola MPP 2015, Carlos Aparicio Madico MPA/ID 2015, and Matthew Aronson MPP 2010.


Piyush Jain MPP writes, “During my PAE in the MPP program, I worked on crowdfunding as a solution with the foresight of creating a GoFundMe of India. ImpactGuru.com then came into force.  ImpactGuru’s potential to scale was affirmed when it raised a $2 million Series A equity investment round, which was the largest for any crowdfunding platform in Asia, excluding China. Other milestones include the Indian government of Maharashtra’s $20,000 grant to us and partnerships with Apollo Hospitals Group, GlobalGiving.org, and Give2Asia.org. Since inception, $60 million has been mobilized for 25,000 patients from 400,000 donors. I’m grateful to HKS for awakening the entrepreneur in me!”



Leoule Goshu MPP is developing a University of Washington Seattle summer program to train diverse students for public service and leadership careers.

Michael Koehler MPA and his husband Allister Chang MPP 2015 spent the year deepening connections to each other’s home countries: Michael in their new condo near Rose Park in Washington, D.C., and Allister on a Bosch fellowship in Berlin, Germany. Michael keeps being committed to bringing adaptive leadership out to the world. In March 2020, his firm KONU will offer a three-day “Adaptive Leadership Lab” in Washington. A 10 percent discount is available to colleagues and friends of HKS alumni at konu.org.

Nate Mackinnon MC/MPA and his wife, Kaitlyn, welcomed their beautiful new baby girl, Madelyn Rose, into the world on July 22, 2019. Madelyn is already practicing diplomacy by keeping her two “brothers” (the dogs) from playing too rough together. She’s a natural leader who may someday be back at HKS. Madelyn, Nate, and Kait still live in beautiful Reno, Nevada, next to Lake Tahoe. “Come visit!”

Mai Mislang MC/MPA writes, “I am a former political speechwriter turned executive director and consultant for nonprofits in the Philippines. I focus on issues such as health, food, and wellness, which I frequently write about on Medium and Thrive Global. I still sing with my blues band in Manila and am coproducing a documentary on local music legends. The future of work is remote, and we need to leverage technology to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle: walk more, use less gas, grow our own food, cook our own food, and minimize single-use plastic. If you’re looking for a coauthor/reference on any of these topics, please follow me on LinkedIn.”


2015 | 5th Reunion

Bessma Aljarbou MC/MPA writes, “I have been living in the sunny (sometimes smoky) Bay Area since graduating from Harvard. I’ve continued my environmental focus and now lead Apple’s supplier clean energy program, where I work to help our global suppliers transition to renewable energy. Work is rewarding, and I am putting my HKS degree to good use in advocating for regulatory and market mechanisms to achieve cost-effective renewable energy as fast as possible. Hugh and I are quickly being overtaken by our energetic 3-year-old. We enjoy exploring the West Coast and are planning our first family camping trip.”

Natalie Brand MC/MPA writes, “At the end of 2018, I relocated from Washington state to Washington, D.C., to work for CBS News, specifically the affiliate services division. I produce and present reports on national politics for CBS affiliates nationwide, CBSN, and the network. I look forward to life on the road in 2020 as campaign season takes off. Iowa has become a favorite state to visit.”

Kimberly Dowdell MC/MPA relocated to Chicago this year to rejoin HOK, a leading global architecture firm, where she spent part of her earlier career in New York. Her focus has been on major aviation and corporate design commissions, and on actively pursuing large-scale architecture and planning projects around the world. Kimberly is also serving as the 2019-2020 national president of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA), where she has ushered in a 40 percent increase in membership since she took the helm in January. On behalf of HKS, Kimberly serves as a cochair of the Center for Public Leadership’s Alumni Council (CPL AC).

Juana Hernandez MPP wed Victor G. Sanchez on October 12, 2019, in Los Angeles, California. In attendance were fellow MPP classmates Miya Cain MPP, Amanda Dominguez Ayala MPP, Caitlin Guzman Hartman MPP, Stacey Harris MPP, Markus Kessler MPP, Cristian Martinez-LuSane MPP, Alicia Olivarez MPP, and Paul Monge MPP, as well as former Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy editorial staff Octavio Gonzalez MPP 2013, Viviann Anguiano, John Garcia, Jeffrey Reynoso, and Seciah Aquino. In November, Juana joined HCM Strategists as a senior associate in their postsecondary practice.

Olof Hugander HKSEE now works as a senior consultant at Brakeley Nordic, advising nonprofits on resource mobilization strategies—within philanthropic support, strategic partnerships, and stakeholder engagement. In this capacity, he manages consulting assignments for universities, civil society organizations, and cultural institutions. Brakeley traces its roots to 1919, when its founder was hired by Harvard to run the first modern university capital campaign. Presently, Brakeley operates through a number of regional consultancies serving the nonprofit sector throughout the world.

Julia Kurnik MPA, since graduating in 2015, has joined WWF-US as the director of innovation start-ups, moved to New Jersey (near Philadelphia), and added several additions to her family. Shira (3.5), Asher (1), and Peaches, a 2-year-old lab mix who was adopted just last week, have joined Julia, her husband, and their two cats in one very active house. Julia cannot wait to see everyone at the reunion in May!

Erica Leinmiller MPP, for her devotion to her submarine’s crew, diligent work to ensure continued compliance with radiological regulations, and training on weapons employment, received the 2018 Submarine Squadron 16 Junior Officer of the Year award. After 32 months onboard USS Florida (SSGN 728), a cruise missile submarine based in Kings Bay, Georgia, she recently transitioned to teaching the next generation of submariners in Groton, Connecticut. She looks forward to weekends back in Boston, and meeting up with classmates in the Northeast!

Juan Mejia MPA writes, “I was elected to the Venezuelan National Assembly. As a deputy I am a member of the finance committee and I am also the chair for ‘Plan País’ Committee which is in charge of putting together a plan to recover Venezuela from its crisis. I have also started a ‘soup kitchen’ program to feed undernourished children in the poorest slums in Caracas; we have served more than 50,000 meals. Two months ago I received a sentence by the Supreme Court accusing me of rebellion and several other crimes, which forced me to go into exile where I am right now with my wife and two-year-old daughter.”

Nicolas Miailhe MC/MPA writes, “Five years after cofounding The Future Society while studying at the Kennedy School, I am pleased to report that the organization has grown into a robust 501(c)3 organization. It acts as a global independent think-and-do tank, whose mission is to advance the governance of AI and other emerging technologies. Our theory of change revolves around an innovative combination of programs: policy research and advisory services; seminars and summits; education and leadership development programs; and special projects such as our AI Civic Forum, Global Governance of AI Forum, Independent Audit of Algorithms, and AI Commons, which promotes AI adoption in developing countries.”



Lester Ang MPP recently took on a new role as the strategy head for the Cloud Networking Group within Cisco Systems, for APAC, Japan, and China, after a stint in management consulting with Monitor Deloitte.

Gareth Davies MC/MPA is running for national Parliament in the United Kingdom. Alyce Su HKSEE writes, “At the invitation of HKTDC, chaired by Dr. Peter Lam, I attended the AmCham China Conference 2019, “Global Impact: The US-China Relationship in the 21st Century,” with keynote Charlene Barshefsky. The conference explored the global impact of the relationship between Washington and Beijing from the perspectives of international business executives, leading academics, formal diplomats, and presidential advisers. In October 2019, between the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, and the 2020 presidential election of the Republic of China, Hong Kong’s ABCD has not changed—American Peg, British Law, Chinese Land, and Digital Asset.”



Niruban Balachandran MC/MPA was honored in November 2019 by the New America Foundation as one of the nation’s 40 AAPI Foreign Policy and National Security Next Generation Leaders. He was also honored by the iTrek Foundation with the Bradley M. Bloom Impact Award for his individual efforts to improve Indonesia-Israel bilateral relations.

Edward Cuipa MPA recently joined the Office of International Affairs at the U.S. Department of the Treasury. He and his wife, Haley, welcomed their son, Edward Torrey Cuipa (aka Teddy), on October 13, 2019.

Abdi Ismail Isse MC/MPA writes, “After graduation, I spent seven months in northern Yemen coordinating the humanitarian response of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). I moved to Baghdad, Iraq, in January 2018. In my current role as deputy head of delegation for the ICRC, I am overseeing the implementation of one of ICRC’s biggest humanitarian operations in the world, with more than 2,500 national staff, 150 international staff, and 10 offices across Iraq. My main tasks are coordinating humanitarian interventions that meet the needs of affected communities in need of protection and assistance, while managing risks in a volatile security environment.”

Dana Myrtenbaum MC/MPA is the director of the City for All program, promoting gender-mainstreaming in local governments in Israel. To learn more, go to itach.org.il/?lang=en.

Wayne Powell HKSEE has been appointed to the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Advisory Council. He previously served two terms as mayor of Manhattan Beach, California, and was chair of the Los Angeles County Beach Commission. He currently serves on the board of directors of several nonprofit organizations and is a member of the City of Manhattan Beach Senior Advisory Committee and the Beach Cities Health District Finance Committee.



Danielle Feinstein MPP writes, “This year I began working on the Public Leadership Credential as the research and content manager, curating educational content for the Kennedy School’s inaugural online credential program for mid-career learners. There are three tracks working with Kennedy School faculty: Moral Leadership (Chris Robichaud), Using Evidence (Teddy Svoronos), and Policy Design and Delivery (Michael Walton). It has been incredibly rewarding to apply my diverse and informative experiences here to work with a wonderful team of faculty, learning designers, and technologists to spread premiere HKS frameworks across the world at a scale never seen before!”

Cory Siskind MPA recently raised an institutional investment round for Base Operations, her start-up. Base Operations helps companies keep their global workforce safe and connected through crisis and risk management. The round was led by Boston-based Glasswing Ventures with participation from Spero Ventures, Good Growth Capital, and Magma Partners. Base Operations’ customers include Fortune 500s seeking innovative ways to keep their employees safe around the world.



Jerry Durkin MC/MPA in October played Erik in a well-received and sold-out production of the Tony-Award winning play The Humans at Lean Ensemble Theater in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Alnoor Maherali MC/MPA and Farah Alani were married in the picturesque town of Amares in northern Portugal among their family, friends, and classmates. The two now happily reside in New York City. 

Stefan Norgaard MPP, after graduating from HKS this past May, worked as a negotiation research fellow with the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, researching and developing three analytic cases of transformative city leadership alongside former HKS colleagues. Now he is a first-year PhD student in the urban planning program at Columbia University (degree expected in 2024). Stefan’s evolving research interests currently lie at the intersection of political economy, urban governance, and social justice. He is grateful for the skills, thinking, and values generated by his HKS experience.

David Richter MC/MPA has formally announced that he is a candidate for the Republican nomination for the U.S. House of Representatives in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District. The seat is currently held by freshman Democrat Jeff Van Drew, one of the most vulnerable incumbents in Congress. One reporter has already called David the “frontrunner” for the nomination, and another called him “the only serious challenger” to Van Drew. The primary is scheduled for June 2020.

Igor Zgrabljic MC/MPA writes, “Dear HKS friends, It has been only a few months outside school and I am sure we all share the feeling of how great was our time at HKS. Post graduation I have spent a lot of time in our library working on my transition ‘Back to work.’ The process was long and demanding, but rewarding at the end since I have started a job which represents exactly what I wanted to do next in my career. I was appointed as government affairs and public manager for Central and Eastern Europe at Google. Looking forward to staying in touch with all of you and wish you all the best in the years to come.”

Photos by Raychel Casey, Natalie Montaner, Ally Schmalling, Martha Stewart, Natalie Fabe Ubias, and Joey Wang