Classes of 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008, 2013

Why did you first come to Harvard Kennedy School? The challenging ideas, the rigorous study, the idealistic student body?

Join us again to experience the power of your Harvard Kennedy School community. Reflect on your time in Cambridge and learn something new from innovative HKS faculty and from one another.

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This schedule is subject to change. Updates will be made regularly as speakers and topics are confirmed.

View photos from last year's Reunion!

As we gear up for Reunion 2018, which is just a month away, we are thinking back to last year's Reunion when we welcomed over 800 alumni back to campus!

Friday, May 18

3:00–7:00 PM
Registration & Check-in
Acuña-Sunshine Lobby, Wexner Building

4:00–5:30 PM
Re/connect with HKS Centers, Programs, and People and Self-Guided Tour
Various Locations

5:30–8:00 PM    
Welcome Reception
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum

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Saturday, May 19

8:00 AM–3:00 PM
Registration & Check-in
Acuña-Sunshine Lobby, Wexner Building

8:00–9:00 AM
Continental Breakfast 
HKS Café

5.20.17Reunions0316_small.jpg9:00 AM
State of the School
Doug Elmendorf, Dean and Don K. Price Professor of Public Policy

Presentation of the Alumni Public Service Award
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum

10:15 AM
Politics, Populism, and Democracy: What’s Next in the United States and Around the World?
Archon Fung, Academic Dean and Winthrop Laflin McCormack Professor of Citizenship and Self-Government
Marshall Ganz MC/MPA 1993, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy
Pippa Norris, Paul F. McGuire Lecturer in Comparative Politics
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum

11:30 AM
Presentation of the Regional Network Engagement Award, the Class Gift, and the HKS Fund Outstanding Alumni Award
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum

Class Photos
Social Stairs, HKS Café

Class Time & Lunch
Various Locations

2:00 PM
Concurrent Alumni Panels 
Various Locations

Social Innovation: Trends and Lessons

  • Molly Kinder MPA/ID 2008, Director and Professor of Practice at the Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation at Georgetown University (moderator)
  • Morra Aarons-Mele MC/MPA 2008, Founder, Women Online 
  • Piyush Tantia MC/MPA 2013, Co-Executive Director, ideas42
  • Jesse Torrence MPA/ID 2008, Co-Founder and Global Growth Advisor, Gravity Tech Center
  • Livio Valenti MPP 2013, Co-Founder and VP of Policy and Strategy, Vaxess Technologies
  • Jay Walder MPP 1983, CEO, Motivate

Fake News and Alternative Facts: Mass Media in the Disinformation Age

  • Robert Yoon MPP 1998, Howard R. Marsh Visiting Professor of Journalism & Knight Wallace Journalism Fellow, University of Michigan; Former Director of Political Research, CNN (moderator)
  • Masaki Hidaka MPP 1998, Lecturer, CAPA International Education and American University 
  • Karen Kornbluh MPP 1988, Senior Fellow for Digital Policy, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Dugald McConnell MC/MPA 2003, Producer, CNN
  • Gordon Robison MC/MPA 2008, Lecturer, University of Vermont and Program Editor, Al Jazeera English
  • Richard Tofel MPP 1983, President, ProPublica

International Development: Today’s Challenges, Tomorrow’s Solutions

  • Lisa Shannon MC/MPA 2013, CEO, Everywoman Everywhere (moderator)
  • Amani Abou-Zeid MC/MPA 1998, Commissioner for Infrastructure, Energy, ICT and Tourism, African Union
  • Emilio Lozoya MPA/ID 2003, Former CEO, Petróleos Mexicanos
  • Lydia Ogden MPP 1998, Vice President Global Enterprise Policy, Merck
  • Andrew Stern MPP 2003, President and Executive Director for the Global Development Incubator 

All Politics Is Local: Making State and Local Government Work 

  • Doug Levine MPA 2008, Special Counsel, ‎Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Selectman, Town of Wayland, MA (moderator)
  • David Chiu MPP 1993, Member, California State Assembly, 17th District
  • Mary Jo McGuire MC/MPA 1998, Commissioner, Ramsey County, MN; Former Member of the Minnesota Senate and Minnesota House of Representatives 
  • Naheed Nenshi MPP 1998, Mayor, City of Calgary, Canada
  • Miro Weinberger MPP 1998, Mayor, City of Burlington, VT

3:30 PM    
Presentation of the Julius E. Babbitt Memorial Alumni Volunteer Award and the Emerging Global Leader Award
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum

4:00 PM    
From Des Moines to Damascus: Security in the United States and Around the  World 
Ash Carter, Belfer Professor of Technology and Global Affairs and Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
Juliette Kayyem, Belfer Lecturer in International Security
Eric Rosenbach MPP 2004, Lecturer in Public Policy and Co-Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum

5:30 PM    
Evening Reception
HKS Café and Wexner Commons

7:00 PM    
Class Dinners (Planned by Reunion Committees)
Various Off-campus Locations

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Sunday, May 20

9:30–11:30 AM
Registration & Check-in
Acuña-Sunshine Lobby, Wexner Building

10:00 AM    
Celebration of Life
J. Bryan Hehir, Parker Gilbert Montgomery Professor of the Practice of Religion and Public Life
Nye Conference Center

11:00 AM   
Alumni Brunch (all reunion years)
HKS Café and Wexner Commons

Heifetz_5.21.17Reunions1437_Small.jpg12:30 PM
Leading and Staying Alive
Ronald Heifetz MC/MPA 2013, King Hussein Bin Talal Senior Lecturer in Public Leadership, and Founder, Center for Public Leadership
John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum

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