Let’s change the world together

Harvard Kennedy School students and graduates want to advance the mission and work of your organization. And they know how, using their accrued knowledge, skills, and perspectives to help tackle the growing challenges of our complex world. That’s good for society, and good for you.

From internships to client-based projects like our Policy Analysis Exercise, you can gain from our students’ initiative and drive. Through recruiting and hiring, join a range of employers that benefit from the expertise and exceptional talent of our graduates.

We teach integrative approaches to analyzing complex problems at HKS. Our graduates understand issues through a global and multi-disciplinary perspective, equipping them to innovate, build teams, and lead. They have the tools to advance the public interest across sectors in ways that are versatile, forward-thinking, and effective.

Explore these pages to learn how our students and graduates can serve the needs of your organization, how to hire HKS, and the ways to connect with our talent by reading our recruiting policy.

At Harvard Kennedy School, our mission is to empower citizens and nations through leadership, teaching, practice, and scholarship. With our commitment to bold and value-driven leadership, we are a place that convenes the best minds to create change.