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Excellence and passion lead the way.

Outstanding students from around the world come to Harvard Kennedy School to expand their skills and knowledge. They graduate equipped to engage boldly with the future.

Our graduates are making a difference in every sector of society and across the globe. While they serve in a remarkable variety of roles, they share strengths in common: 

  • Exceptional leadership skills 
  • The ability to think creatively and analytically
  • An urgent drive to improve people's lives
  • The insight and know-how to make a tangible impact

We are home to four master’s degree programs: 

Get to Know Our Graduates

Whether in international or domestic settings, national or local organizations, across sectors and industries, HKS alumni are making their mark with their leadership, quantitative analysis, management, and advocacy know-how. They're using their skills in demanding environments, in a fast-changing world. Get to know them.

In addition, some MPP, MPA/ID, and MPA students are exploring how the world’s challenges can be addressed at the intersection of business, law, medicine, design, and other fields through a combined degree program either at Harvard or with a partner institution.