You get solutions. Our students get real-world experience.

What do you do if your organization is faced with:

  • Major budget cuts
  • Significant personnel change
  • An issue that could use analytical skills

Finding solutions is often a matter of taking the time to consider the facts and alternatives. Finding that time can be difficult. Consider Harvard Kennedy School’s Policy Analysis Exercise, which allows our Master in Public Policy (MPP) students to gain real-world experience.

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The Value to our PAE Clients

Trained in economics, quantitative analysis, strategic and financial management, political advocacy, and leadership as well as in different policy areas, our second-year MPP students work with organizations like yours to address your stated challenges and find smart, actionable answers.

The PAE experience—the MPP capstone requirement—allows our students to work with your organization either independently or in a small team, from September to March, to examine a public or nonprofit sector policy or management issue, and gain real-world experience. Working under HKS faculty supervision, students produce a professional analysis and set of actionable recommendations for your organization that lend fresh perspective on a new or familiar challenge. Many PAE clients have carried out students’ recommendations and often point to the PAE as a smart move for their organization.

The PAE Process

Students work with client organizations, free of charge, to untangle the stated challenges. Using the technical skills and specialized knowledge they’ve accrued at HKS, students will:

  • Define the underlying issues
  • Gather and organize pertinent data
  • Identify and evaluate possible courses of action
  • Propose specific, actionable recommendations

Submit a proposal and use the knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm of our MPP students to help solve your organization’s challenges. Contact us for more information.

Award-Winning Policy Analysis Exercises

Our MPP students have big ideas and the skills to find actionable solutions.