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In recent years, HKS has relied on unrestricted donations from alumni, friends and other sources to cover nearly 20 percent of our annual operating budget.

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The cumulative impact of donors affects the quality and quantity of opportunities we can provide to our students and faculty. In just the past few years, gifts under $5,000 from alumni and friends collectively contributed nearly $2 million to the annual operating budget.

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Maintaining this cycle of giving is important to the health of the HKS community and the good that our alumni and scholars do across the globe. When you join HKS’s community of donors, you will have access to special news and events that connect you with the students and faculty who have the potential to transform our world.

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Financial Aid

Navbahor Imamova MC/MPA 2017 and Mason Fellow is a native of Uzbekistan, a region where authoritarianism is entrenched, corruption rife, and access to information restricted.

Navbahor has dedicated her life—first as a reporter for state-controlled media in Uzbekistan and, more recently, as a producer for Voice of America in Washington, D.C.—to providing unbiased news to a region that was not accustomed to a free press. After two decades in journalism, Navbahor realized she wanted to help find solutions, not just report on problems.

"I want to continue to alter the media landscape in Central Asia, and, in doing so, change the political landscape of a region badly in need of fundamental reforms in every sector," she says. "To do this, I need new knowledge, broader skills, a global network and a wider intellectual aperture. And that’s where Harvard Kennedy School comes in.”

Navbahor, like nearly 60 percent of HKS students, is able to attend HKS because she receives financial aid that comes, in part, from donations to the HKS Fund.

Digital Technology and Governance

Digital technology has the potential to improve government services and the political process, but its use in the public arena lags dramatically behind its effectiveness in the private sector. HKS aims to change this by training current and future leaders in the effective use of digital technology.

Toward that end, we have created new courses and have opened searches for several new faculty members who will bring their energy, experience, and ideas to drive change across fields and HKS’s research centers.

HKS used unrestricted funding—including donations in all amounts from friends and alumni—as seed funding to jumpstart this critical initiative.

Summer Internships

Support from alumni and friends is vital to students who want to serve the public good and advance their training through internships but may not be able to afford a summer of unpaid work.

Thanks to the generosity of alumni and friends, students have interned in the private and public sectors without taking on debt to do so. Examples of recent internships include:

  • An evaluation of psychosocial health practices in Indonesia
  • Restoration of elementary education in neighborhoods damaged by Hurricane Katrina
  • Laying the groundwork for developing wind energy in Mexico

Learning Spaces and Life Balance

Several years ago, the Kennedy School Student Government conducted a survey across degree programs. What emerged was a strong desire among students for dedicated study and social space. Thanks to unrestricted giving through the HKS Fund, the School was able to renovate space for this purpose.

Today, the Study in the Taubman Building enables students do much more than study on campus. It is a place to convene for social events, to coordinate group projects and even to bring one’s children when daily life becomes a bit hectic.

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