Research Insights are bite-sized, usable takeaways from HKS faculty working papers, peer-reviewed articles, and other publications. We include a sample here that cover different policy topics—from the link between education and pay to the connections between political affiliation and housing policy. You can find more Research Insights on our Policy Topics page.

A college education sets workers up for higher wages later in life. Professor David Deming studies how and where to those gains come, and how can we design better jobs for everybody.


Professor Erica Chenoweth reviews and summarizes the points of agreement and disagreement among experts.


Research by Assistant Professor of Public Policy Justin de Benedictis-Kessner and coauthors found that mayors’ political affiliations may affect housing policy.


Lecturer in Public Policy Robert Livingston and colleagues introduce the idea of Masculinity Contest Cultures and why they are likely linked to undesirable workplace behaviors.


Leadership experts, including Lecturer in Public Policy Dana Born, argue for revisiting the framers’ language and intention to understand what it means to create “a more perfect union.”