There is an electric feeling of possibility on our campus.


Energy and activity, forward momentum, and enthusiastic exchange. Our students are at the heart of it. They are remarkable for their diversity of background, experience, and thought—enriched by their differences and connected by a commitment to transform ideas into solutions to public problems.

As a Harvard Kennedy School student, you will be welcomed into a vibrant community representing countries and territories from around the world and every corner of the United States to form an intellectually curious and globally-minded cohort.

Getting involved in the active life of the school is one of the surest ways to feel at home here. As a student at HKS, you can participate in more than 80 student-run organizations, ranging from the Student Public Service Collaborative to the Rowing Club. You can be part of student-led conferences, contribute to any of our student publications, or commit to serving the HKS community through the Kennedy School Student Government.

Explore the options and craft your HKS experience.



The HKS experience is incredibly rewarding. It is also rigorous and demanding. Along the way, you may find some support can help keep you on track.


HKS has dozens of opportunities for extracurricular involvement. Volunteer. Play a sport. Join a professional interest group. Learn something new.


HKS is one of Harvard’s most international schools, welcoming students from around the globe each year. Get to know why they decided to come to HKS.