Your Partner. Spouse. Children.

Whoever comes with you to Harvard Kennedy School, know one important thing: they are welcome here.

The HKS community becomes an even more dynamic place when our students' families accompany them to Cambridge. As a school, we will work to support you by providing the resources you need to make the balancing act more manageable.

Coming to HKS With Children
Mónica Ramírez MC/MPA 2015, a lawyer and an activist, struggled to decide whether to attend Harvard Kennedy School with her 9-month old son. She describes the challenges—and rewards—in store for women with children who return to school mid-career. Backup Care provides certified back-up child care if your permanent child care provider is temporarily unavailable. You can use the agency’s services up to 10 days each academic year and pay only 50 percent of the caregiver's hourly rate; the remaining half is subsidized by HKS. The membership and referral fees are covered by HKS as well.

Child Care@Harvard

Child Care@Harvard provides resources to Harvard students who are parents. In addition to listing different child care options in the Boston and Cambridge areas, information is also available on back-up care and babysitters, schools and after-school programs, camps and school vacation programs and parenting support networks.

Harvard International Office (HIO)

HIO is an important university-wide resource for international students and scholars who come to Harvard with their partners, spouses and families. The office provides information about resources, groups, child care and schooling and family visas.

HKS community families gather in The Study for Trick-or-Treating

HKS and Harvard Online Resources

One of the best resources we have is each other.

The HKS Student-Parent listserv is a platform for students with children to connect with each other, organize events and share information on child care, pediatricians, preschools and other schools and local kid-friendly activities. The Harvard University Graduate Student-Parent listserv is another network for Harvard graduate students who are parents to share information, organize outings or swap or sell items. Additionally, the VP for Families representative on the Kennedy School Student Government is another way for students and their families to connect with one another.

Lactation Rooms

A private, safe and secure lactation room is available on the fifth floor of the Taubman Building at HKS to students who are nursing mothers. An additional 20 lactation rooms are also available across the Harvard campus. Harvard’s Child Care website includes details.

Parental Student Relief Program

You may be eligible to enroll part time at HKS if you are a primary caregiver for pre-school aged children. You would still be eligible to receive financial assistance, but your award package may change based on your reduced course load.

As part of the program, you must maintain your student health insurance and student housing. If you are an international student on an F-1 or J-1 visa, you are not eligible for this program because of federal visa requirements. 

Children and families are a part of the HKS community