Stepping away from the books every now and then can make you a better student.

Harvard has dozens of opportunities for extracurricular involvement. Volunteer. Play a sport. Join a professional interest group. Attend a conference. Share a skill. Learn something new.

Students congregate at the annual international festival

Student Organizations

Harvard Kennedy School student activities are as diverse as our students themselves. You will find more than 80 student-run organizations that run a full range of topics and activities. They also provide valuable networking opportunities both on and off campus for you to connect with: your classmates and other students, HKS alumni, journalists, community leaders and policymakers.

Our students are involved with groups including:

  • Africa Caucus
  • Arts in Public Life
  • Black Student Union
  • Business and Government Professional Interest Council
  • City+Local Professional Interest Council
  • Democratic Caucus
  • Energy and Environment Professional Interest Council
  • The Future Society
  • Gender Policy Union
  • Latinx Caucus
  • LGBTQ Caucus
  • Republican Caucus
  • Soccer Team
  • Tech Professional Interest Council

Contact our Student Services team for a complete list of student organizations at HKS. 

Student Public Service Collaborative

Another way you can be involved in community service is to participate in the Student Public Service Collaborative (SPSC). This student-led organization is dedicated to promoting the ideals of public service on campus and in the surrounding community. Its many activities include monthly volunteering opportunities, food and clothing drives and the annual Public Service Week, which features workshops, lectures and a day of service during the spring semester.

Take a Faculty Member to Lunch Program

The Take a Faculty Member to Lunch Program is one of our most popular activities. The way it works is simple: You and a small group of your classmates take a faculty member to lunch—your treat, thanks to HKS. It is a lively way for you and a faculty member to spend time together outside of the classroom.

Quorum Calls

A quorum call is a parliamentary practice used to summon absent members of a deliberative body. At HKS it is an opportunity for you to mingle with students from all degree programs and unwind at the end of the week over snacks and refreshments. The Kennedy School Student Government along with other HKS groups co-host the Quorum Calls every Friday from 4 to 6 p.m.