It's not just about the degree.

Studying at Harvard Kennedy School is also about making lifelong friendships, cultivating community outside the classroom and building on the skills you already have to take with you beyond HKS.

That's where the Kennedy School Student Government (KSSG) comes in.

Elected by you and your classmates, KSSG organizes events throughout the academic year, including the spirited formals, family-friendly gatherings and the HKS Talent Show. More importantly, they represent the entire HKS student body, conveying your ideas and concerns to the administration and faculty members.

KSSG members share one goal: to ensure that your HKS experience is rewarding and memorable.

Every Aspect of HKS Life

KSSG members are led by an executive committee comprised of a student president, an executive vice president and 10 vice presidents who focus on:

  • Academic affairs
  • Communications
  • Diversity
  • Finance
  • Internal affairs
  • International student affairs
  • Professional development
  • Student activities
  • Students with partners/families
  • Technology and operations

Each degree program class also elects representatives to serve as KSSG members. The main elections are held each fall, with executive committee members serving one-year terms.

"I want HKS students to say that they are proud of who they are as Kennedy School graduates"

Originally from Torrance, California, Arohi Sharma served as the President of the Kennedy School Student Government (KSSG) for the 2016-2017 academic year. In an interview with The Citizen, Sharma explained why she ran for KSSG president, the challenges of the job, and shared some advice to students to make the most of their time at HKS.

Arohi Sharma MPP 2017

2017-2018 KSSG Executive Committee

President: Gessika Innocent
Executive Vice President: Ali Nadeem
VP Academic Affairs: Nadia Nivin
VP Communications: John La Rue
VP Diversity: Dena Elkhatib
VP Families: Anton Tejeda
VP Finance: Paul Orajiaka
VP Internal Affairs: Brandon Stephens
VP International Student Affairs: Aditya Todi
VP Professional Development: Roy Liu
VP Student Activities: Azizjon Azimii
VP Technology and Operations: Brian Lefler
Harvard Graduate Council: Mariano Machado, Hanes Roberts, David Walfish, Jennie Williamson

Contact the Student Services team if you are looking for a full list of the current Kennedy School Student Government representatives.