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While Steven Reed was making history as the first African American mayor of Montgomery, Alabama, Simon Borumand MPP 2021 was experiencing how the history of this community in the Deep South was being transformed.

#CancelRent One Letter at a Time

As renters struggle under financial pressure brought on by COVID-19, Georges Clement MPP 2020 is helping to stave off evictions.

Brothers Senan and Hassaan Ebrahim standing together with their arms crossed.
Man walking through a refugee camp, wearing a blue hikmahealth.org t-shirt.
Senan Ebrahim in Lebanon

Hassaan Ebrahim MPP 2021 and his brother, Senan—who’s in his third year at Harvard Medical School—founded Hikma Health, a nonprofit that builds software for organizations providing health care to refugee populations. 

“Our mission is to get this technology in the hands of the many people who can use it,” said Hassaan. “At the heart of it, we’re really thinking about the impact we want to have.”