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Global Student Community

Harvard Kennedy School is one of the University’s most international schools, welcoming students from around the globe each year. The map shows the countries of citizenship of our current degree program students who hail from outside of the United States.


Woman wearing a headband holding back her long dark hair.

“As the world decarbonizes, my country is in a unique position to develop as well as help the world with its natural resources. I am at HKS to acquire the expertise to break down walls that have held us back and empower my people.”

Mimi Nzuzi MC/MPA 2024, Democratic Republic of Congo

Understanding Economic Policy-Making in Rwanda

Ángela Pérez Albertos MPA/ID 2024 wanted to understand how a government could propel a nation out of poverty. For her, Rwanda was a natural fit. She interned at Growth Teams, a nonprofit founded by MPA/ID alumni advising the Rwanda Development Board on growth matters. Here she shares her experience >>

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“I want to be part of shaping a new kind of capitalism where we’re much better at measuring the things that matter for the wellbeing of our society and planet.”

Emil Bender Lassen MPP 2025, Denmark
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