Our students come from across continents and sectors with different perspectives and life experiences. As alumni, they carry the Harvard Kennedy School mission around the globe.

Here are some of their stories during their time at HKS.

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Students standing with the mayor of Montgomery, Alabama.

Experiential learning from the inside out

Simon Borumand MPP 2021, Andrew Bentley MC/MPA 2020 and Katie Shultz MPA/MBA (Tuck) 2022

Georges Clement MPP 2020 standing outside

#CancelRent One Letter at a Time

Georges Clement MPP 2020

Vidya Neelakantan MPP 2019 looking out window.

Recommitting to public service

Vidya Neelakantan MPP 2019

Kyle Ofori standing in HKS courtyard.

Reviving America's cities

Kyle Ofori MPP 2019

Howard Cohen MPP 2018 holds out microphone.

Helping democracy go viral

Howard Cohen MPP 2018

Hands join in solidarity.

A case study in bipartisanship

Jake Viola MPP 2018

Shauna Theel & Andreas Westgaard standing in front of poster board.

Moving toward energy efficiency

Shauna Theel & Andreas Westgaard MPP 2017

Sophia Sadinsky MPP 2017 on laptop speaking with someone.

Achieving a durable peace

Sophia Sadinsky MPP 2017

A desk with an apple on it in front of black backdrop.

When schools can’t do it all

Molly Osborne MPP 2017

Micaela Connery MPP 2016 headshot.

When housing becomes a community

Micaela Connery MPP 2016

Harvard Kennedy School brick sign on campus.

Connecting law and policy

Orga Cadet MPP 2016

Joanna Penn MPP 2015 laughing.

In a stack of boxes, a world of ideas

Allister Chang MPP 2015

Allister Chang stands in front of the Ideas Box.

Revisiting Sierra Leone

Joanna Penn MPP 2015

Michelle Fakler MPA/ID 2020 sitting on bench in medical gear.

A need to do and a need to serve

Michelle Fakler MPA/ID 2020

Aalok Pandey sitting in HKS indoor courtyard.

Building a nation through infrastructure

Aalok Pandey MPA/ID 2019

Daniel Barjum MPA/ID 2019 in front of plants on HKS campus.

Using data for discovery

Daniel Barjum MPA/ID 2019

Isidro Guardarucci MPA/ID 2018 sitting with HKS campus in background.

A softer approach to economics

Isidro Guardarucci MPA/ID 2018

Lant Pritchett and Christy Lazicky pose while holding a frame certificate.

How to use machine learning for peacekeeping

Christy Lazicky MPA/ID 2017

Borja Santos holds globe.

Prepared to contribute

Borja Santos MPA/ID 2017

Ivana Rachmawati MPA/ID 2018 standing along the Charles River.

Transforming microfinance in Indonesia

Ivana Rachmawati MPA/ID 2018

People sitting together on the floor in a room with green painted walls.

Learning to keep an open mind

Sofia Hurtado Epstein MPA/ID 2015

Eva-Maria Olbers MPA 2019 holding award with Harvard President Drew Faust.

The winning strategy of empowering others

Meghan McCormick MPA 2019, Eva-Maria Olbers MPA 2019, and Cara Myers MPA/ID 2018

Averil Spencer holding photo in front of lockers.

Helping to empower women in India

Averil Spencer MPA 2017

Baheira Khusheim MC/MPA 2020 standing on steps on HKS building.

Returning home, changing the narrative

Baheirah Khusheim MC/MPA 2020

Ariella Barker in front of flowers.

Always an advocate

Ariella Barker MC/MPA 2020

Jake Moore stands in uniform on a dock by the ocean.

Adjusting the flight plan

Jake Moore MC/MPA 2019

Claudia Nastase looking through glass door on HKS campus.

Finding refuge in the unexpected

Claudia Nastase MC/MPA 2019

Mid-Career student Kesha Ram holds The Buck Stops Here sign on the HKS social stairs.

Empowering through politics

Kesha Ram MC/MPA 2018

P Vaidyanathan Iyer MC/MPA 2018 in front of windows overlooking HKS courtyard.

Seeing the trees and the forest

P Vaidyanathan Iyer MC/MPA 2018

Women in the trenches panel speaking in classroom.

Overcoming barriers for women in public service

Gessika Innocent, Mariana Matranga, Hodan Osman, Kesha Ram, and Tirza Reinata MC/MPA 2018, and Rebecca Mears MPP 2019

Margareta Matache speaking at podium.

A voice for social justice

Margareta Matache MC/MPA 2019

Halla Hrund Logadottir MC/MPA 2017 standing in front of glass doors on HKS campus.

The Arctic innovator

Halla Hrund Logadóttir MC/MPA 2017

Piyush Tewari standing on a busy street corner.

Building a safer road

Piyush Tewari MC/MPA 2017

Student Kim Bright sits in the HKS library.

"We can sleep in June"

Kim Bright MC/MPA 2017

Harvard Kennedy School brick sign on campus.

A passion for public service

Dongyoun Cho MC/MPA 2016

Harvard Kennedy School brick sign on campus.

After HKS, a return to political life in East Timor

Fidelis Leite Magalhaes MC/MPA 2016

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick MC/MPA 2015 sitting in beige chair being interviewed.

Bringing health care literacy to the street

Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick MC/MPA 2015

Concurrent student Jonathan Lane poses with backpack.

Supporting cities and communities

Jonathan Lane MPA/MBA 2018

Carolyn Fallert MPA/ID / MBA 2018 posing in front of whiteboard.

Found in translation

Carolyn Fallert MPA/ID / MBA 2018

Elorm Avakame outside in medical coat.

Paying it forward

Elorm Avakame MPP/MD 2018

Jorge Silva holding newspaper sitting on chair in campus.

Designing the future of cities

Jorge Silva MPA/MUP 2018

From Harvard Square to the Oval Office group photo.

From the classroom to the state legislature

Elyse Voegeli MPP 2019 and Cici Coquillette MPP/JD 2019

Amandla Ooko Ombaka speaking among colleagues at Harvard Kennedy School.

Before moving onward, looking inward

Amandla Ooko-Ombaka MPA/ID / MBA 2016

2019 Bloomberg Harvard Summer Fellows Blog

The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative sent 21 Harvard graduate students to cities in the United States, Canada, Finland, and the United Kingdom. These Summer Fellows worked for 10 weeks on issues of importance to the mayors of their cities—from blight remediation, to minority-owned businesses, to transportation, to harm reduction sites. 

The students chronicled their fellowship experiences. Here, in their own words, are some of their stories.