Harvard Political Networks Conference
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The Harvard Political Networks Conference
June 11-13, 2009

Conference registration is now open.

Update (6/10/09): An attendee fact sheet and lunch guidepdf is now available. Printed copies will be provided at the conference registration desk.

Update (6/10/09): Flashprint, a local printing service, has indicated that they will offer a Harvard discounted rate to conference participants. You need to mention "Harvard Political Networks Conference" to get the rate. Standard copies will be done quickly, but they prefer to print posters as overnight jobs. However, you can upload files to them in advance at their website: flashprint.comOpens in new window. Harvard Square also has a StaplesOpens in new window and a FedEx Kinko'sOpens in new window for your printing needs (use zip code 02138 to find our nearby locations).

Update (6/9/09): A few changes have been made to the program and poster session.

Update (6/5/09): A few changes and additions have been made to the program and poster session. Conference locations were revised on the travel page, and room locations have been added throughout the program. Details for presenters have been added at the top of the Day 2 and Day 3 pages.

Update (5/21/09): A fourth panel has been added to the 9am presentation session on Day 3. Updated descriptions have been added for the workshops on the Day 1 page.

Update (5/15/09): Poster session details have been added added to the Day 2 page.

Update (4/29/09): Poster presenters will each be provided with a 40" x 30" foam board for their presentations. The boards will be displayed in a "portrait" orientation during the poster session. More details on the poster session will be added to the Day 2 page soon.

Update (4/27/09): The travel page has been updated with expanded information. Please make sure to refresh your browser!

When you register, you will have the option to sign up for the two-day conference (June 12-13) or for the full three-day workshop and conference (June 11-13). The opening reception on the evening of the 11th is open to all conference attendees.

If you sign up for the workshop, you will be asked to choose to attend either the Introductory Workshop (Workshop for Beginners) or the Advanced Workshop (see Day 1 for more information on the workshops). The workshops have an attendance limit, and a notice will be posted if either of them are filled.

You can purchase registration with a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express card. If you register after May 31, you will be required to pay an additional $25 for late registration. There is a significant price discount if you are registering as a grad student or post doc. Please see the chart below for more information:

RegistrationBefore June 1June 1 and after
Standard 2-Day (June 12-13) $105 $130
Standard 3-Day (June 11-13) $185 $210
Grad Student / Post Doc 2-Day (June 12-13) $55 $80
Grad Student / Post Doc 3-Day (June 11-13) $95 $120

Please note that the submission period for paper proposals, fellowship applications, and fellowship recommendations has now ended.

Any questions regarding the conference should be directed to david_fishman@hks.harvard.edu.