Harvard Political Networks Conference
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Day 3: June 13
Presentations, Keynote Address
and Business Meeting

Presentation Information
Presenters should prepare to speak for approximately 30 minutes. Projection equipment will be provided, but presenters will need to bring their own laptops (and adapters for Macs).

8:30am-9:00am Continental Breakfast
CGIS South Building Concourse

9:00am-10:30am Presentations

Panel 1
Tsai Auditorium (Room S010)

Race, Gender, Geography and Biases in Congressional Cosponsorship Networks
Skyler Cranmer
University of North Carolina, skyler@unc.edu
Co-Authors: Bruce Desmarais, University of North Carolina; James Fowler, University of California, San Diego

Sparsed Network Analysis of the Senate Voting
Laurent El Ghaoui
University of California, Berkeley, elghaoui@berkeley.edu
Co-Authors: Alexandre d' Aspremont, Princeton University; Jee-Kwang Park, Princeton University

Panel 2
Belfer Case Study Room (Room S020)

Exceptional agency: Political brokerage in EU lobbying
Dimitrios Christopoulos
University of the West of England, dc.christopoulos@uwe.ac.uk

The Beltway Network: A Network Analysis of Lobbyists' Donations to Members of Congress
Jennifer Victor
University of Pittsburgh, jnvictor@pitt.edu

Panel 3
Room S250

National Party Committees and 527s: Linkages in the Same Network
Seth Masket
University of Denver, smasket@du.edu
Co-Authors: David Dulio, Oakland University; Richard Skinner, Bowdoin College

Who's Leading Whom: Leadership PAC Networks through the Republican Era of Congress
Suzanne Robbins
George Mason University, srobbin1@gmu.edu

Panel 4
Room S050

Collaborative politicians- the intended consequence of the decentralization reforms: Evidence from Pakistan using social network analysis
Ghazia Aslam
George Mason University, gaslam@gmu.edu

Human Security Networks in the Indian Ocean Tsunami
Annelies Kamran
Graduate Center/CUNY, akamran@gc.cuny.edu

Network Governance in Malaysia's Telecommunications Industry
G. Sivalingam
Monash University, gslingams@gmail.com

10:30am-10:45am Break

10:45am-12:15pm Presentations

Panel 1
Tsai Auditorium (Room S010)

Mapping Culture, Politics, and Religion in the Arabic Blogosphere
John Kelly
Morningside Analytics, kjw1@columbia.edu
Co-Author: Bruce Etling, Harvard Law School

Mining the Malaysian Sopo Blogosphere
Brian Ulicny
VIStology, Inc., bulicny@vistology.com
Co-Authors: Mieczyslaw M. Kokar, VIStology, Inc. and Northeastern University; Christopher J. Matheus, VIStology, Inc.

Panel 2
Belfer Case Study Room (Room S020)

Persistence of Collaborative Relationships in Post-Katrina Emergency Response
Scott Robinson
Texas A&M University, srobinson@bushschool.tamu.edu

Democracy by Design:  The Institutionalization of Neighborhood Participation Networks in Los Angeles
Chris Weare
University of Southern California, weare@usc.edu
Co-Authors: Juliet Musso, University of Southern California; Kyu-Nahm Jun, Wayne State University

Panel 3
Room S250

Civil society campaigns and social resistance to water privatisation in Latin America: A study of policy networks
Emanuele Lobina
University of Greenwich, e.lobina@gre.ac.uk
Co-Authors: Vladimir Popov, University of Greenwich; Philipp Terhorst, Loughborough University

Water Management Networks in an Ecology of Games
Mark Lubell
University of California, Davis, mnlubell@ucdavis.edu

12:15pm-1:30pm Break for Lunch

1:30pm-3:15pm Journal of Politics Plenary Panel Session
Tsai Auditorium (Room S010)

Networks in National Random Samples
Betsy Sinclair
University of Chicago, betsy@uchicago.edu

Whole Network Analysis vs. Network Sampling
Michael Heaney
University of Florida, mtheaney@ufl.edu

Network Data Collected through Field Experiments
David Nickerson
University of Notre Dame, david.w.nickerson@gmail.com

Evidence for Causal Relationships in Observational Network Data
James H. Fowler
University of California, San Diego, jhfowler@ucsd.edu

3:15pm-3:30pm Break

3:30pm-4:30pm Keynote Address
Tsai Auditorium (Room S010)

Network Science: From the WWW to Social Networks
Albert-Laszlo Barabasi
Northeastern University

4:30pm-5:30pm Business Meeting
Tsai Auditorium (Room S010)

Please note that this preliminary program is subject to change.


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