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Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Monday, April 11, 2011

12:00 PM The Non-Aligned Movement and Nuclear Non-Proliferation
12:00 PM Low-Carbon Energy Options
12:15 PM STS Circle Seminar with Duana Fullwiley
3:30 PM 23 Things They Don’t Tell You about Capitalism w/Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge University
5:30 PM Building Coalitions through Public Service: How Greenwood, Mississippi Is Tackling Rural Poverty and Inequality
6:00 PM Future of Latin America Discussion Series- "From Theory to Practice: Lessons from the Political Transition in Chile after the

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

12:00 PM "Did Dodd-Frank Fix the Mess?" Discussion with Gretchen Morgenson.
12:00 PM Making Amends: The Responsibility of Warring Parties to the Civilian Victims of War
4:00 PM Perishable Power
4:10 PM Challenges in Cyberspace by Dr. John B. Sheldon
5:00 PM "Politics, the Brain and Human Nature" with David Brooks, New York Times
5:15 PM Right to Water Study Group, Topic: "Water Politics and Human Rights in Central Asia"
5:30 PM The Fiscal Crisis of State and Local Government Pension Systems
6:00 PM Wars and Budget Wars: Managing in the Pentagon
6:30 PM Global Queer Series, Part Five: "LGBTQ Human Rights in Iraq"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

11:40 AM Behind the Scenes of Being a Diplomat: Beyond Summits and Cocktail Parties
12:00 PM Lunch Seminar: Crisis Response and Crisis Management: Gulf Spill and Japan Nuclear Disaster
12:00 PM Mild Crisis, Half Hearted Fiscal Stimulus: Indonesia During the GFC
12:00 PM Program on Education Policy and Governance Colloquia
2:00 PM (Webinar) School Reform in Detroit: Critical Lessons in Building Community Support
3:00 PM Allah, Army, and America: Pakistan's Trinity, Triumvirate, or Trifecta?
3:30 PM A Day of Celebration: The Taubman Building at 20
3:30 PM More Nuclear Power without More Nuclear Proliferation?
4:00 PM Democracy, Diplomacy and Politics
4:00 PM Investigate or Irritate?: Drugs on the Internet
4:00 PM David Ignatius: America and the Global Political Awakening
4:10 PM Seminar in Environmental Economics and Policy
4:10 PM Participatory Budgeting: Democratic Deliberation and Decision Making at the Local Level
4:15 PM The Western Balkans and Europe: At a Crossroad
4:30 PM CID Macro Connections Seminar- "The Universal Shape of Economic Recession and Recovery after a Shock"
6:00 PM Future of Latin America Discussion Series- "The New Middle Class in Brazil"
6:00 PM Campagin 2012: Who's In, Who's Out? Who's Up, Who's Down?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

11:40 AM When the Glass Ceiling Gets Thicker: Risk and Gender Diversity in the Executive Suite, Sreedhari Desai, WAPPP Fellow
11:45 AM Lunch Seminar: Causes and Solutions to the Financial Crisis
12:15 PM Contesting the Past: Shaping Official Narratives in Turkey and Japan
4:00 PM Energy Policy: Can We Bring America Together?
4:00 PM Deleted: Post 9/11 Interventions: National Security or Imperial Hubris?
4:15 PM "Atlas Versus The Cherry Tree: Museums, the Nation, and the World"
4:30 PM Haiti in Transition
6:00 PM Challenges in Implementing Sustainable Development Policy in Pakistan
6:00 PM A Conversation with Dr. Atul Gawande
6:30 PM The Activist's Studio: A conversation with Roberta Achtenburg & Julie Davis

Friday, April 15, 2011

11:45 AM CID Graduate Luncheon Speaker Series- "A Microfinance Discussion with Sadaffe Abid"
4:00 PM Lunch Seminar: The Regulator's Dilemma
7:30 PM Day 1, Gay Rights as Human Rights Conference: 6th Annual Papadopoulos Lecture,"Who Will Give Us the Right to Marry?"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

12:00 AM Day 2, Gay Rights as Human Rights Conference: Day-long schedule of events

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