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Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Monday, November 12, 2012

12:15 PM Epistemic Disobedience

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

10:00 AM Politics as a Noble Pursuit
12:00 PM Financial Health Series -Budgeting Tips and Tools
12:00 PM Daniel Kanstroom presents "The Immigration Debate"
12:00 PM Mike Allen: "The Role of New Media in Election Coverage"
12:00 PM What's Next for Health Care Reform: Post-Election Insights
1:00 PM Brown Bag with David Maraniss
2:40 PM Harvard-MIT Economic Development Seminar: "Early Childhood Development Policies: A Randomised Control Trial"
3:00 PM Emerging Markets Entrepreneurship
3:00 PM Emerging Markets Entrepreneurship
4:00 PM **Special Date & Location****The Debate About Debates
4:00 PM It’s the Economy Stupid
4:00 PM Politics as a Noble Pursuit
4:10 PM Political Stability at Risk: National Elections in Indonesia 2014 and Myanmar 2015
5:00 PM 2012 Gleitsman Citizen Activist Award Ceremony with Rebecca Onie
5:45 PM The Impact of the Adams Scholarship in Degree Attainment in Massachusetts
6:00 PM NEW TIME!: The future of the transatlantic agenda: Can we re-balance together?
6:00 PM *NEW TIME: 6PM*The future of the transatlantic agenda: Can we re-balance together?
6:00 PM Tomorrow's Energy Challenges
6:30 PM Screening of the film "Call Me Kuchu" followed by Q&A with the filmmakers, Katherine Fairfax Wright and Malika Zouhali-Worral

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

10:10 AM How to Build Traction on Twitter: 10 Ways Twitter can enhance your Communications Efficiency, a Digital Communications worksh
12:15 PM Preparing for Catastrophic Emergencies: Lessons from the Wenchuan Earthquake and the Zhouqu Debris Flow Disaster
2:00 PM Human Rights to Water & Sanitation Study Group: Sam Loewenberg presents "A drop in a bucket: the search for solutions to wate
3:00 PM UN Rule of Law Engagement in Post-Conflict States – Where Now?
3:30 PM Syria and the Arab Spring: A Diplomat’s Reflections
4:00 PM Seminar in Environmental Economics and Policy
4:00 PM Political Disruption - Republic Lost: How $$ Corrupts Congress and How to Stop It
4:00 PM Lessons from the 2012 Election
4:10 PM Taking Our Country Back: The Crafting of Networked Politics from Howard Dean to Barack Obama
4:10 PM Behavioral Economics and Government Regulation
4:15 PM Panel Discussion - Role of International Institutions – Friends or Foes of Development?
4:30 PM Mobility in a Changing World: Innovating through Private Involvement in the Public Sector
5:30 PM The Tohoku Disaster: Responding to Japan’s 3/11 Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Accident

Thursday, November 15, 2012

11:40 AM Empowering Women: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan
11:45 AM The Pharaoh's Curse: Muhammad Morsi and the Temptations of Power
11:45 AM The Pharaoh's Curse: Muhammad Morsi and the Temptations of Power
11:45 AM Nancy Nord: Mandatory Regulatory Review at Independent Agencies
12:15 PM War of Words: The Case for Negotiations in Afghanistan
1:30 PM University as Community Partners: What responsibility do universities have to their host communities? Frontline with Faculty
3:30 PM A presentation by Ivan Simonovic, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights at the United Nations
4:00 PM Book Discussion: "Liberating Kosovo: Coercive Diplomacy and US Intervention"
4:00 PM HRE Training Series: "Women's rights monitoring in conflict and post-conflict countries: experiences from the field" with Dr.
4:00 PM Technology, Innovation & Politics
6:00 PM Theodore H. White Lecture with David Brooks.
6:00 PM Theodore H. White Lecture on Press and Politics by David Brooks

Friday, November 16, 2012

9:00 AM Theodore H. White Seminar on Press and Politics
11:45 AM CID Speaker Series: Featuring Richard Dreimann, Chemonics
3:00 PM Sexuality, Gender and Human Rights Study Group: Debrief and Discussion of the 2012 Election Results: Where Do We Go From Here

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