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Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Monday, November 11, 2013

12:15 PM “The Dystopian Presented as the Utopian: Does the Internet lead us to forget what we know about life?”

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

12:00 AM Holiday Food Drive - Student Public Service Collaborative (SPSC)
10:30 AM Turkey's Energy Future: What Role for Nuclear Power?
11:30 AM LUNCH BUFFET AND POLITICS: The View from Washington
12:00 PM Marvin Kalb: "The Road to War: Absent Congress, Baffled Media"
12:00 PM School Accountability, Postsecondary Attainment and Earnings
2:30 PM How to Use Social Media Analytics, a Digital Communications Workshop with Nicco Mele, HKS Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy,
4:00 PM Networked Impact
4:00 PM Impressions of the Accidental Senator: Lessons and Reflections about Our Changing Democracy Discovered During my Unexpected J
4:30 PM Haitian Migrant Interdiction Operations and Offshore Detention at Guantanamo Bay with Jeffrey Kahn
5:00 PM Dis-Owning Nature: The BRCA Gene Patents and the Supreme Court
6:00 PM "The Moment of Truth: Math, Media and Mystery" - T.H. White Lecture with the Honorable Alan K. Simpson
6:00 PM 2013 Theodore H. White Lecture on Press and Politics by The Honorable Alan K. Simpson

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

9:00 AM Theodore H. White Seminar on Press and Politics
10:00 AM The Nuclear Crisis at Plutonium Mountain: Two Journalists' Tale
12:30 PM The European Union and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
3:00 PM CANCELLED - Future of Intelligence Seminar: General Michael Hayden
4:00 PM 269+1: Behind the Scenes of A Presidential Campaign
4:00 PM Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: The Role of Entrepreneurship in U.S. Competitiveness
4:10 PM Seminar in Environmental Economics and Policy
4:10 PM User-Friendly Speech Frameworks, a Public Speaking Workshop with Holly Weeks, HKS Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy
4:10 PM Localizing Development: Does Participation Work?
4:30 PM CANCELED -> RESCHEDULED! Study Group on Disability Rights & Realities, Session 4
4:30 PM Iran's Political Economy in Flux: The Shifting Terrain in the Islamic Republic
4:30 PM CANCELLED Public Transit in the Age of the Smart Phone
4:30 PM Street Bump Network
4:45 PM Military Film Series: All Quiet on the Western Front
5:00 PM Partnership and Gridlock in Congress: Can We Make Democracy Work?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

11:40 AM Uncovering the Origins of the Gender Gap in Political Ambition: Early Life Experiences, Political Socialization, and Candidat
11:45 AM Paul Tucker on Shadow Banking: A Political Economy Challenge for Regulators
12:15 PM Postponed: Reassurance and Deterrence from Dominance: Britain and the Rise of the United States, 1837-1846
12:15 PM Arctic Shock: Using Climate Change to Test Theories of Resource Competition
12:15 PM "Theories of Development and External State Building" with Stephen D. Krasner
1:10 PM Become a Media Magnet, a Public Speaking workshop with Rachel Hanfling, TV Producer (Oprah and Anderson Cooper), Media Strate
4:00 PM Inside the Victory Lab: Using Data, Experiments and Analytics to Make Campaigns Smarter
4:00 PM Old, White, Straight, Male Voters Ain’t What They Used to Be…: So How do Republicans Reach Everybody Else
4:15 PM Emerging Trends in Corporate Social Responsibility Data and Disclosure: Opportunities and Challenges. Frontline with Faculty
5:30 PM Rappaport Summer Fellowship Information Session
6:00 PM General Raymond T. Odierno in conversation with Professor David Gergen
6:15 PM Middle East Film Series

Friday, November 15, 2013

10:00 AM Carr Talk and Coffee

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