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Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Monday, March 3, 2014

11:00 AM Mouin Rabbani: "The Kerry Plan: Deja Vu or Something New?"
11:45 AM From HKS to FEMA: A Conversation with Ashley Zohn
12:15 PM Science Education Across Mass Ave: PSSC and the History of (Harvard) Project Physics, 1961-1970
12:30 PM Rethinking Electricity Distribution Regulation
12:30 PM Changing Geopolitical World Energy Landscape: Challenges to Oil and Gas Producers, Focusing on the Gulf Cooperation Council
4:00 PM Coaching--A Platform for Excellence
6:00 PM Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: Prospects for the Upcoming Summit

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

12:00 AM Being Your Best Speaking Self: One on One Speech Coaching with Marjorie North
11:40 AM Mental Models for Public Speaking, a Public Speaking Workshop with Marie Danziger, HKS Lecturer in Public Policy
11:45 AM The Changing Landscape of Trade Agreements: Genetic Modification and International Trade
12:00 PM Dafna Linzer: "Patience in the Digital Age: Journalism in Real Time, Not Twitter Time."
4:00 PM The “Wingman” in the War Room: A Private Sector Perspective on Presidential Politics
4:00 PM Muslim Youth and The Post-9/11 World
4:10 PM Write and Publish Book Reviews, a Writing Workshop with Greg Harris, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy and Writing Consultant
6:00 PM Gender & Body Language: The Mechanics of Public Speaking
6:00 PM "Crisis in Ukraine: How should the US and Europe respond?"
6:00 PM Crisis in Ukraine: How Should U.S. and Europe Respond?
7:00 PM Navigating Employment in the Federal Service

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

11:45 AM CID Seminar: People Power as a Major Tool for Changing the World, from Kiev to Caracas
12:15 PM The U.S. Rebalance to Asia: A View from the Region
1:10 PM Just Breathe! How to add Power to your Voice and Calm your Nerves when Speaking in Public, a Public Speaking Workshop with Al
1:10 PM CID Seminar: Perspectives on Building a Financially Inclusive World
2:40 PM Improving Patient Safety: Barcoding of Unit Dose Pharmaceuticals
4:00 PM Policing and Politics
4:15 PM CANCELED: Violence Against Women Study Group: "Women in Chains" with Nazir Afsal.
6:00 PM The 2014 Goldsmith Awards Ceremony
6:00 PM Public Speaking for Non-Native Speakers

Thursday, March 6, 2014

8:30 AM Breakfast with New York Times Columnist, Roger Cohen: Testing times for the transatlantic relationship
9:00 AM Goldsmith Seminar on Investigative Reporting
11:40 AM WAPPP Research Seminar Series with Jooa Julia Lee
12:15 PM Adaptation in War: A "Boots on Ground" Perspective on the Counter-IED Fight in Afghanistan
3:30 PM Climate Change in the American Mind
4:00 PM "Do Partisan Media Matter for Democracy Today?"
4:00 PM Courts, Judges and Politics
4:00 PM 2014: Gender, Media and the Permanent Campaign
4:10 PM Writing and Pitching Op-eds, a Writing Workshop with Morgan McVicar, HKS MC/MPA 2003, and Writing Consultant
4:10 PM Expectations of the Next NATO Summit: Altered core functions, operations and a redefinition of the transatlantic link
5:30 PM Panel Discussion: "Refugees are Human Rights Violations Made Visible" with Luise Druke, Udo Janz, Laila Matar, Jonathan Moore
6:00 PM Cultural Citizenship
6:00 PM Middle East Film Series: The Mountain
7:00 PM Do Women Govern and Legislate Differently than Men?

Friday, March 7, 2014

8:30 AM International Women's Day Breakfast: Women Who Inspire
11:45 AM CID Speaker Series: Smallholder Finance: The Next Frontier of Financial Inclusion
2:00 PM DevCom goes to Nollywood, Digital Communications Workshop with Franco Sacchi, documentary filmmaker

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