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Thursday, June 22, 2017
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Sunday, October 20, 2013

12:00 AM HKS Walking Challenge

Monday, October 21, 2013

12:00 PM Conversation on Green Energy
12:15 PM “Data Narratives of the Arnold Arboretum”
1:00 PM Art as Science: The Role of Visual Data in Research
4:00 PM Does the media tell you what you need to know? with Frank Luntz
5:30 PM All In? The Impact of Casino Gambling on Greater Boston
6:00 PM Caught in Conflict: The Journeys of Child Soldiers

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10:10 AM Just Breathe! How to add power to your voice and calm your nerves when speaking in public. A Public Speaking Workshop with A
12:00 PM Betsy Fischer Martin: "Driving the Conversation -- online and on television -- in a changing media landscape"
4:00 PM Impressions of the Accidental Senator: Lessons and Reflections about Our Changing Democracy Discovered During my Unexpected J
4:15 PM For the Common Defense
4:30 PM Transitional Justice Study Group: "The Informal Legal System and Transitional Justice" with David Deng.
6:00 PM It’s Never Too Early – Election 2016: 1,111 Days and Counting…
7:00 PM The Solution Revolution: How Business, Government and Social Enterprises are Teaming Up to Solve Society’s Toughest Problems

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

10:00 AM CID Conference: Promoting Governance and Governments with Impact
12:00 PM "Tip and The Gipper: When Politics Worked" - A Conversation with Chris Matthews
12:15 PM "The United States and Israel - Confronting the Middle East Upheavals" with Zaki Shalom
1:10 PM Strategic Social Media Tools for Public Engagement on Policy Debates, a Digital Communications Workshop with Josh Stearns, Jo
3:00 PM Future of Inelligence Seminar: Interrogations
4:00 PM Documenting Crony Capitalism in Egypt
4:00 PM Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: The Role of Entrepreneurship in U.S. Competitiveness
4:00 PM 269+1: Behind the Scenes of A Presidential Campaign
4:10 PM Seminar in Environmental Economics and Policy
4:30 PM Study Group on Disability Rights & Realities, session 3

Thursday, October 24, 2013

11:30 AM What is Your One Sentence? a Public Speaking Workshop with Mimi Goss, President, Mimi Goss Communications, Inc., HKS Exec. Ed
11:40 AM Women and Power: Hard to Earn, Difficult to Signal, and Easy to Lose
11:45 AM Karen Mills on Small Business and Regulation
12:15 PM The Logic of Using Symbolic Reparations in Conflict Negotiation: Insights from Israel/Palestine
4:00 PM Inside the Victory Lab: Using Data, Experiments and Analytics to Make Campaigns Smarter
4:00 PM Old, White, Straight, Male Voters Ain’t What They Used to Be…: So How do Republicans Reach Everybody Else
4:30 PM Trafficked: Afghanistan’s Neglected Boys
6:00 PM Startup Rising: The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East
6:00 PM Antonio Villaraigosa in Conversation with Ana Navarro
7:00 PM CID Speaker Seminar: Venezuela after Chávez

Friday, October 25, 2013

11:45 AM CID Speaker Seminar: Redistributive Politics and Public Expenditures on Education in Latin America
12:00 PM What's Next for Yemen? Outcomes of the National Dialogue
2:10 PM Writing About Social Justice Passions, a Writing Workshop with Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich, HKS Adjunct Lecturer in Public P

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