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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Innovation in American Government: Change and Continuity Over Two Decades

Applications to the Innovation in American Government Awards program have provided a forum for the nation’s public sector innovators to tell their stories: stories of persistence, controversy, and vindication. Sandford Borins has used those stories to create databases to characterize the nature and evolution of innovative programs and characteristics of successful innovations. Replicating his path-breaking research of the early nineties (published in his 1997 book Innovating with Integrity), Professor Borins has just completed his analysis of applications to the 2010 Innovations in American Government Awards. He will present both qualitative and quantitative research to account for the persistence of innovation and its necessary transformations. RSVPs not required but encouraged to christina_marchand@hks.harvard.edu. Sandford Borins is a professor of public management at the University of Toronto and author of Innovating with Integrity: How Local Heroes are Transforming American Government (1997) and Governing Fables: Learning from Public Sector Narratives (2011).

  • Location:
    Taubman 401
  • Date:
    Wednesday, April 10, 2013
  • Time:
    1:10 PM

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