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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Muslim Youth and The Post-9/11 World

FIRST Session : America Caught Off-Guard: the unleashing of an "Us and Them" narrative and the creation of "Muslim Engagement" 4pm in L166 One fourth of our planet is Muslim. 1.6 billion people. 62 percent of Muslims are under the age of 30yrs. At no other time in modern history has the convergence of national security, pop culture, media and demographics focused upon a religion -- making this generation of Muslim youth experience their lives through the prism of an "us and them" narrative. Every day since September 12, 2001 Muslims all over the planet have seen the word "Islam" or "Muslim" on the front pages of papers online and offline. How has this impacted them? How do they see themselves and how do they perceive others perceive them? Muslims from Argentina to Zanzibar are experiencing an identity crisis. How have governments and society understood these youth and why does it matter? This study group will explore and address the issues confronting Muslim youth through many lenses. We will learn how words of a President (both George W. Bush and Barack Obama), a terrorist, a Superhero, a hit TV show and a pastor can change the trajectory of a young person's identity, politics and faith. We will analyze the "us and them" narrative of Al Qaeda and the way the US government chose to respond to the "war of ideas" through combatting violent extremism (CVE) programs and what is still left to do. As members of this generation -- you will have a front row seat in the examination of your generation that is Muslim whether living as a minority or as a majority.

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    Tuesday, February 25, 2014
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    4:00 PM

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