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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Peking Tom Perspectives: Seminar in Honor of Richard Baum

As a leading scholar on China public policy and a professor of public policy at UCLA, Richard Baum was author of over 50 scholarly studies, as well as author of five books and co-author or editor of five additional books. "He was one of the most important and influential China scholars of his generation," said longtime colleague Clayton Dube, executive director of the University of Southern California's U.S.–China Institute. "Whenever anything important happened in China, people were anxious to know what Rick thought about it. His opinion was greatly valued" (as quoted in UCLA Newsroom). Baum also launched Chinapol, one of the world's largest and most influential internet community convening China experts, journalists, and policymakers. Nearly 20 years later, the Listserv group has expanded to 1,300 members. According to James Fallows of The Atlantic (as quoted in the New York Times), “Rick Baum allowed people from a wide variety of interests to share news, impressions, and questions about China, in a way that left nearly all of them better informed.” Baum also served as an advisor to leading politicians -- including President George H.W. Bush and 2008 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton -- and was a preeminent expert on Mao Zedong, the economic policies of Deng Xiaoping, and the era leading up to the Cultural Revolution. His 1996 book, Burying Mao: Chinese Politics in the Age of Deng Xiaoping is "considered a definitive work on the transformation of China in the decades immediately after the communist revolutionary leader's 1976 death" (LA Times obituary). Published in 2010, Baum’s China Watcher: Confessions of a Peking Tom describes his own personal history in China over the last 40 years starting in the 1960s. This panel honors both his memory and his notable contributions to the field of academic study on China. Introductory Remarks: Matthew Baum, Marvin Kalb Professor of Global Communications and Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School Panelists: William Alford, Henry L. Stimson Professor of Law, Harvard Law School and Director of East Asian Legal Studies Joseph Fewsmith, Professor of International Relations and Political Science, Boston University and Director, Center for the Study of Asia Tony Saich, Daewoo Professor of Public Affairs and Director, Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation Moderator: William Kirby, T. M. Chang Professor of China Studies, Harvard University; Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School; Director of the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies; and Chairman of the Harvard China Fund

  • Location:
    Land Hall, 4th Floor, Belfer Building, HKS
  • Date:
    Thursday, April 25, 2013
  • Time:
    4:10 PM

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