National Journal Spotlights IOP Efforts to Engage Younger Voters

March 10, 2007

Efforts by the Kennedy School's Institute of Politics (IOP) to court and engage younger voters is the focus of a cover story this week (March 10, 2007) in the National Journal.
The Journal cites the IOP's ongoing youth voter surveys, which have documented a recent uptick in youth interest in national politics. In fact,
the latest IOP survey indicates that more than 41-percent of young people, age 18-24, voted in the 2004 presidential election. β€œOne of the missed angles of the 2004 election is that college-age people drove the increase in voter turnout nationally,” the article quotes IOP Director Jeanne Shaheen.
IOP Research Director David King is quoted as saying that younger voters often respond to outreach efforts that utilize newer technologies, which can energize and mobilize them in ways never dreamed of in the past. King is currently completing a study of more than 50 campaign managers involved in close congressional races throughout the country in 2006. According to King, "Generation We," as he terms younger voters, will be a powerful voting block in 2008 and beyond.
Access the article, "Generation 'We' β€” The Awakened Giant," on the National Journal web site.

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