NY Times Spotlights Unique Effort in New Orleans Neighborhood

February 25, 2007

A recent New York Times article focuses on the path of self-renewal traveled by residents of the Broadmoor neighborhood of New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina — a path on which they have been joined by students from the Kennedy School.
The article chronicles Broadmoor’s journey, highlighting the work of Harvard graduate students —
most of them from the Kennedy School — that has bolstered the neighborhood’s renewal plan. Harvard support for Broadmoor has been facilitated by Belfer fellow and New Orleans resident Doug Ahlers. The public policy and planning support offered by Kennedy School students continues into its second year as a new group of students will head to Broadmoor this March for a week of data collection, analysis and strategy alongside the residents who make up the Broadmoor Improvement Association.
Access the story, “A New Orleans Neighborhood Rebuilds,” on The New York Times Web site.
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