Summer Internship Fundraisers Support HKS Students’ International Opportunities

November 6, 2008
by Molly Lanzarotta

An invaluable benefit of attending Harvard Kennedy School is the international exposure students experience through their classmates, internships, and a steady stream of global luminaries. A photo exhibit opening Nov. 6 on campus in the Collins Rotunda promises to add a whole new meaning to “international exposure” at the Kennedy School.

Selections from the vividly multi-cultural “1,000 Words Photo Exhibit,” which includes student photos taken during summer internships, can be seen in the slide show below. Proceeds from the forthcoming “1,000 Words” calendar will support the HKS Summer Internship Fund (SIF).

Since 1985, the SIF has been supporting Harvard Kennedy School students in serving their communities, their countries, and fellow citizens throughout the world by providing stipends for unpaid summer jobs in the non-profit and public sectors.

The Annual Summer Internship Fund Auction is being held Nov. 13 in the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at 5 p.m.

“1,000 Words” calendar will be available for $20 after Dec. 1. You can order by emailing Martha Foley. All proceeds go to the HKS Summer Internship Fund.

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