You Are Here: HKS, Changing Lives Around the Globe

April 8, 2014
By Molly Lanzarotta, HKS Communications

Who: Mariana Andrade, MC/MPA 2010
Where: I am here in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
What: “While at HKS I discovered how I could connect my love of sports to effecting change in the world. For the past three years I have been working for the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. This photo was taken with our brand. We are using this symbol of human achievement to inspire schoolchildren throughout Brazil to become agents of change. By connecting youth to the inspirational power of the Games, our Education Program works on instilling in them the values learned through sports. Increased respect for differences, fair play, teamwork and higher motivation lead to better citizenship and to an improved school environment and learning experience. Sports is a universal language and by tapping into its power, we can have a positive impact on society.”

You are here: By being engaged in the HKS community, you are here with Mariana, inspiring children in Rio de Janeiro.

Who: Edward Omotoso, HKSEE 20O4
Where: I am here in Esa Oke, Nigeria
What: “My wife Florence Ayo and I have established a microcredit charity for indigent small scale women traders in our home town, Esa Oke in Osun State of Nigeria. We give each woman a small loan at a negligible interest rate for one or two years. Only women qualify for the loans and they have to be traders. Pictured: Mrs Omotoso with some of the latest micro loan recipients.”

You are here:
As part of the HKS community, you are here with Edward and Florence, providing opportunities in Nigeria.

Who: Muhammad Saleem Siddiqi, MC/MPA 1983
Where: I am here in Islamabad, Pakistan.
What: “Ever since my retirement from civil service in 2002, I have been teaching management courses in School of Management Sciences, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. I have chosen this activity as a passion for sharing my knowledge with the students of MBA/MPA and BBA (honors). In teaching these subjects, I definitely follow the course outlines officially approved, but what I additionally inject in my lectures is the global perspective. … I am happy to share this part of treasure with them; they are happy to be gifted like this. I am proud to be HERE!”

You are here: Through your connection to the HKS community, you are here with Muhammad, making a difference to students in Pakistan.

You Are Here map graphic

Put yourself in the picture as HKS maps the way to a better world. Print the You Are Here sign and take a photo or video of yourself in a setting that conveys the work you are doing now. Email it to: with your name, your connection to HKS, and location, and share it yourself using #youarehere #hks.

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