You Are Here: HKS, Promoting Public Service from North Dakota to Botswana

April 28, 2014
By Molly Lanzarotta, HKS Communications

Who: Daniel Sosnowik, MC/MPA 1998
Where: I am here in New York City, NY
What: “Critical thinking, collaboration, and an open learning environment were the gifts I received during my year at HKS. Upon returning to New York, I set out to share each of those gifts with my colleagues … even while recognizing how very regimented and rank-conscious an agency like the NYPD is. My journey led to the opportunity to redesign the entire NYPD leadership training program as an executive within the agency’s Training Bureau.

“My Section trains nearly 10,000 mid- and upper-level police managers at all ranks. The tragic events of 9/11; the explosion across society of social media and social networking; the continuing challenges of interacting professionally with all of our diverse communities; and our ongoing mandate to address crime and disorder … these are all part of the challenges our officers face in New York. Preparing our members for these challenges involves the very by-words I learned in HKS: collaborating, encouraging thought and open discussion, and empowering our managers to make split-second decisions with confidence. We continue to focus on building NYPD leaders for today and tomorrow, not just for the benefit of the agency, but also to improve the lives of the many millions of residents, workers and visitors that share our city each day.”

You are here: By being engaged in the HKS community, you are here with Daniel, sharing valuable principles with NYPD leaders.

Who: Christine Ndibo Maphorisa, HKSEE 2014
Where: I am here in Botswana.
What: “After attending the Harvard Kennedy School’s Public Financial Management in a Changing World Program in January 2014 and learning about the Problem Driven Interactive Approach (PDIA), I have started to emphasize more of the PDIA over and above the Incentive Driven Interactive Approach. I am glad that I attended the program and am excited that to us it was very timely.

“I thought I should share a picture of when I was attending the Public Service Event/Celebration. Over and above my professional duties as an Economist at the Ministry, I sit in the events coordination committee which oversee our Vision 2016 Celebrations; Public Service Day Celebrations (and awarding public servants for good performance); Consumer Fair (show casing different Ministries, Departments and Agencies’ performance against their mandate and rewarding good performance).”

You are here: When you participate in the mission of Harvard Kennedy School, you are here with Christine, promoting public service in Botswana.

Who: Lawrence Spinetta, MPP 1995
Where: I am here at Grand Forks Air Force Base, ND
What: “The men and women of Harvard have a long and proud tradition of military service. As part of that long line, after graduating from the Kennedy School, I flew F-15 fighter jets for a decade before volunteering to transition to unmanned aircraft, first the MQ-1 Predator and now the RQ-4 Global Hawk. As the 69th Reconnaissance Group commander, I lead the U.S. Air Force's RQ-4 fleet at five bases spread from the Far East to the Middle East. The Air Force is powered by innovation, and my Kennedy School experience continues to prove invaluable as we define a new era in military aviation.”

You are here: Through your connection to Harvard Kennedy School, you are here with Lawrence as he asks what he can do for his country.

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Put yourself in the picture as HKS maps the way to a better world. Print the You Are Here sign and take a photo or video of yourself in a setting that conveys the work you are doing now. Email it to: with your name, your connection to HKS, and location, and share it yourself using #youarehere #hks.

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