You Are Here: Spotlighting the Global Reach of HKS

May 27, 2014
by Molly Lanzarotta

Who: Greg Rosenbaum MPP 1977; Harvard Alumni Association Liaison on the HKS Alumni Board of Directors
Where: I am here in Sochi, Russia
What: "Attached are photos from Sochi where I managed to remember my ‘You Are Here’ sign. Lots of stories and lots of fun, though it was disappointing to witness both US Hockey Teams' defeats. The Harvard connection with the US Women was strong; Harvard Coach Katey Stone coached the USA Women, while four current or former Harvard players were on the team. I am a Trustee of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Foundation. It was in that role I attended the games in Sochi."

You are here: Through your connection to the HKS community, you are here with Greg, sharing the Olympic spirit.

You are here with Robert Reynolds.

Who: Robert Reynolds, MPP candidate 2015
Where: I am here in Quito, Ecuador.
What: "Prior to HKS, I worked at the Working Boys’ Center in Quito, Ecuador. For 50 years, the WBC has provided Jesuit education, vocational training, and family-centered services to the families of Quito’s working children. Recently, I led a delegation of 13 Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Graduate School of Education students on an interdisciplinary trek to learn about this innovative and time-tested human development project. This summer I will return to the WBC with a HKS MPP colleague to produce a short film titled, “A Day in the Life of a Student.” Next year, I hope to bring another delegation of Harvard students studying international development and education to the WBC. This photo was taken on March 16th at the equator."

You are here: Through your participation in the HKS endeavor, you are here with Robert and other HKS students, sharing their experiences with youth in Quito.

Bjarte Reve

Who: Bjarte Reve, Young Global Leader WEF, HKSEE 2010
Where: I am here at Akershus University Hospital, Norway
What: “I just came back from a fantastic Ideasphere at HKS. I'm CCO at Akershus University Hospital at daytime and also elected politician in Bærum, Norway. My passion is to improve healthcare delivery for 500,000 people connected to our hospital. As a city school politician for the Conservative Party, we have enabled our best teachers a new career track. Instead of going into administration the best of them can become 'super teachers' and spend their time coaching other teachers to improve.”

You are here:
By being engaged in the HKS community, you are here with Bjarte improving healthcare delivery and education in Norway.

You Are Hre map

Put yourself in the picture as HKS maps the way to a better world. Print the You Are Here sign and take a photo or video of yourself in a setting that conveys the work you are doing now. Email it to: with your name, your connection to HKS, and location, and share it yourself using #youarehere #hks.

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