You Are Here: HKS, Engaged Around the World

March 24, 2014
By Molly Lanzarotta, HKS Communications

Who: Gareth Hitchings MPA 2013
Where: I am here in Sabah (Borneo), Malaysia.
What: “Since graduating, I’ve been working as a fellow at the Malaysia Blue Ocean Strategy Institute. We are a think tank and consultancy that works with the government of Malaysia. Recently, I led the development of a knowledge-transfer initiative to boost ecotourism in Malaysian Borneo. This photo was taken on Tuesday, Feb. 25, after I climbed to the summit of Mount Kinabalu in the Malaysian state of Sabah (Borneo). It is the highest peak in South East Asia and a world-heritage site for the spectacular plants and animals that live on its slopes. We hope that by bringing international expertise to help locals make the tourism experience richer, we can protect more of this natural beauty from more destructive forms of economic development.”

You are here: By being engaged in the HKS community, you are here with Gareth, making a difference for the environment in Malaysia.

Who: Jody Feerst Litvak MPP 1984
Where: I am here in Los Angeles, California.
What: “It continues to be my privilege to be a part of the incredible transit transformation of Los Angeles County. The region renowned for cars and congestion now boasts the second highest transit ridership in the nation, approaching 1.5 million daily boardings on more than 2,000 clean fuel buses and more than 80 miles of rail. I get to work on a range of projects and programs but my most high profile work involves being part of an amazing team delivering a project that Los Angeles has been talking about for more than 50 years, the nine-mile extension of the subway to the congested Westside.”

You are here: By being engaged in the HKS community, you are here with Jody, transforming transportation options in Los Angeles.

Who: Adrienne Bitoy Jackson HKSEE 2004
Where: I am here in Chicago, Illinois.
What: “Thank you for the opportunity of showing how I am giving back. I attended the Executive Education Program for Innovations in Governance in 2004. I now share what I learned with college and graduate students, many who are public housing residents interning with the Chicago Housing Authority. This photo was taken right after completing my Professional Branding and Social Media workshop.”

You are here: By being engaged in the HKS community, you are here with Adrienne, sharing the gift of education.

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Put yourself in the picture as HKS maps the way to a better world. Print the You Are Here sign and take a photo or video of yourself in a setting that conveys the work you are doing now. Email it to: with your name, your connection to HKS, and location, and share it yourself using #youarehere #hks.

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