Ashton Carter Appointed to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice’s International Security Advisory Board

November 16, 2006

At a November 6, 2006 swearing-in at the State Department, Preventive Defense Project Co-Director and Kennedy School of Government professor Ashton B. Carter became a member of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice’s Internationational Security Advisory Board (ISAB) which is charged with providing advice on a wide range of issues affecting national security.
Carter joins the recently renamed ISAB with other members, including Kennedy School BCSIA International Advisory Board Chairman James R. Schlesinger, former CIA Director James Woolsey, Defense Science Board Chairman William Schneider, and Senator Charles (Chuck) Robb, Chairman of the WMD Counterterrorism Task Force. ISAB is chaired by Senator Fred Thompson.
"I'm honored to join such a distinguished group, and to have the opportunity to offer whatever assistance I can to the foreign policy leadership in such troubled times," said Carter.
Attending the November 6 meeting, in addition to Secretary Rice, was former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

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