HKS in the News January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012

Set Your Personal Goals in Advance (Bohnet) USA Today

2. Summers considered for World Bank post (Summers) Bloomberg

3. The Man Who Put the 'M' in OMB (Goldsmith) Governing

4. David Axelrod to lead new political institute (IOP)

Set Your Personal Goals in Advance
USA Today
January 5
Cited: Research by Iris Bohnet
Topic: Negotiation strategy

Major League Baseball All-Star pitcher Jered Weaver of the Los Angeles Angels admittedly left millions of dollars on the table in August when he passed up free agency and signed an $85million, five-year deal with the team. In announcing the deal, he said, "Could have got more, whatever. Who cares?"...

You might suggest that it's easy to say this when you've just signed a deal worth $17million a year. But it's relatively rare among top athletes and professionals to do what Weaver did -- and it highlights three important lessons, as generally noted in a recent "Harvard Negotiation Newsletter"...

Harvard Kennedy School professor Iris Bohnet has found that most are less likely to accept a new job, even if it's much better than their current job, if a peer has received a better offer. Comparing yourself with others (for Weaver, what other star pitchers were getting) thus has the potential to undercut your psychological satisfaction and ability to satisfy your interests.

Of course, it's critical to research the compensation of similarly situated peers. This market-value analysis, relatively easily accomplished on sites like, can be a powerful move to justify your or your employer's offered package as reasonable

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Summers considered for World Bank post
Bloomberg News
January 19
Cited: Lawrence Summers
Topic: Report that President Obama is considering nominating Larry Summers as the next president of the World Bank

WASHINGTON - President Obama may put his mark on the World Bank by nominating Lawrence Summers, his former National Economic Council director, to lead the bank when Robert Zoellick’s term expires later this year, according to two people familiar with the matter.

While a Summers nomination may draw criticism from some Democrats who disagree with his past stances on deregulating the financial industry, he has support inside the administration from top officials, including Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and current NEC Director Gene Sperling, said one of the people.

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The Man Who Put the 'M' in OMB
January 18
Commentary by: Stephen Goldsmith, Ash Center
Topic: Roy Ash

I work for the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard's Kennedy School. Roy L. Ash, who died last month, stood for the best values of civic engagement, and his professional contributions to public management warrant not only accolades but also reflection. His insistence on top-level executive commitment to management change remains relevant to mayors, governors and other innovators at all levels of government.

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David Axelrod to lead new political institute
January 19
Cited: Institute of Politics
Topic: Formation of a new institute of politics

This story is also covered in the New York Times and Chicago Sun-Times.

Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod is launching a new non-partisan institute of politics at the University of Chicago, which he will head in 2013 after the presidential election, calling it an important initiative “in a time of great cynicism.”

The University of Chicago institute will be modeled after Harvard’s Institute of Politics, which operates within the Kennedy School of Government.

“I’m on the board of the Harvard IOP, which was started 50 years ago by the Kennedy family as a tribute to the late president, to encourage young people to go into politics. I think that’s more important today than ever, particularly in a time of great cynicism,” said Axelrod on a conference call Wednesday.

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Broadcast Notes

Trey Grayson, Institute of Politics
NPR's “Morning Edition,” 1/18
Topic: Political importance of secretaries of state

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