HKS in the News January 31, 2012

1. Segregation Curtailed in U.S. Cities, Study Finds (Glaeser) The New York Times

 2. US has tied own hands as Cuba drills (Kayyem) The Boston Globe

 3. Professors Debate Future of War (Nye, Toft, Walt) The Harvard Crimson

Segregation Curtailed in U.S. Cities, Study Finds
The New York Times

January 30
Quoted: Edward Glaeser, Taubman Center, Rappaport Institute
Topic: Segregation

 More than 40 years after the federal government enacted fair-housing legislation and the Great Migration of blacks from the South began to ebb, residential segregation in metropolitan America has been significantly curtailed, according to a study released Monday. …

 “Residential segregation has declined pervasively, as ghettos depopulate and the nation’s population center shifts toward the less segregated Sun Belt,” Professors Glaeser and Vigdor wrote. “At the same time, there has been only limited progress in closing achievement and employment gaps between blacks and whites.”

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US has tied own hands as Cuba drills
The Boston Globe

January 30
Commentary by: Juliette Kayyem, Belfer Center
Topic: Off-shore drilling

 THIS MORNING, a congressional committee will meet in Sunny Isles Beach, Fla., to examine our capacity to handle an oil spill in the Caribbean. It is an important event, acknowledging a new reality: Expanding offshore drilling is not exclusively a US pastime. Like so many other North American enterprises, drilling has international appeal.

 Perfora, nene, perfora. (In English: drill, baby, drill.)

 Cuba is now set to begin tapping the ocean, and the need for rigorous engagement with Havana has never been more immediate. It should not wait for some hoped-for Cuban Spring or for the Castro brothers to die. There is simply no mañana.

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Professors Debate Future of War
The Harvard Crimson

January 31
Cited: Joseph Nye, Monica Toft, Stephen Walt, Belfer Center
Topic: Decline of war

 Although world peace may be a utopian ideal, those living in fear of World War III have reason to exhale, psychology professor Steven A. Pinker and American University professor Joshua S. Goldstein asserted Monday night at a Harvard Kennedy School forum.

Speaking to a packed audience, Goldstein and Pinker explained the central arguments of their recently released books on dramatic declines in violence in the modern world. The forum, moderated by former Dean of the Kennedy School Joseph S. Nye Jr., pitted Goldstein and Pinker against Monica D. Toft and Stephen M. Walt, professors at the Kennedy School.

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Broadcast Notes

Matt Bunn, Belfer Center
American Public Media “Marketplace,” 1/30/12
Nuclear power in America

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