HKS in the News February 10, 2012

February 10, 2012

1. Money and Morals (Wilson)
The New York Times

2. Gaffe gives Romney chance to redesign safety net (Glaeser) The Boston Globe

3. Congress Passes Brown's Insider Trading Bill (Linsky) The Harvard Crimson

4. Filmmaker Criticizes Media Portrayal of Women (Lund) The Harvard Crimson

Money and Morals
The New York Times
February 9
Cited: William Julius Wilson
Topic: Decline of working-class America

Lately inequality has re-entered the national conversation. Occupy Wall Street gave the issue visibility, while the Congressional Budget Office supplied hard data on the widening income gap. And the myth of a classless society has been exposed: Among rich countries, America stands out as the place where economic and social status is most likely to be inherited. …

One more thought: The real winner in this controversy is the distinguished sociologist William Julius Wilson.

Back in 1996, the same year Ms. Himmelfarb was lamenting our moral collapse, Mr. Wilson published “When Work Disappears: The New World of the Urban Poor,” in which he argued that much of the social disruption among African-Americans popularly attributed to collapsing values was actually caused by a lack of blue-collar jobs in urban areas. If he was right, you would expect something similar to happen if another social group — say, working-class whites — experienced a comparable loss of economic opportunity. And so it has.

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Gaffe gives Romney chance to redesign safety net
The Boston Globe
February 10
Commentary by: Edward Glaeser, Taubman Center, Rappaport Institute
Topic: Romney’s campaign

LAST WEEK, as he attempted to emphasize his focus on middle-class America, Mitt Romney uttered these unfortunate words: “I’m not concerned about the very poor.’’ That statement may have nicked Romney’s aura of inevitability and contributed to his triple drubbing Tuesday by Rick Santorum - whom no less than Bono has described as “a defender of the most vulnerable.’’

In the awkward aftermath of his comments, Romney insisted that if the safety net “needs repair, I’ll fix it.’’ But he has said next to nothing about what that might entail. It’s entirely possible to make the safety net more effective and less expensive - by consolidating programs, improving incentives, and rethinking our current combination of cash support and in-kind transfers - and it’s high time for Romney to articulate a Republican master plan to do so.

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Congress Passes Brown's Insider Trading Bill
The Harvard Crimson
February 10
Quoted: Marty Linsky
Topic: Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act

In a sweeping 417-to-2 vote Thursday, the House of Representatives passed legislation introduced by Sen. Scott P. Brown that bans members of Congress from participating in insider trading and requires them to disclose all personal stock transactions. …

“This is not going to be a campaign about the issues. This is going to be a campaign about how these two candidates connect with the electorate,”  said M. Marty Linsky, a lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School. “It’s critical for Brown to maintain the kind of independent posture that he’s worked very hard to create.”

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Filmmaker Criticizes Media Portrayal of Women
The Harvard Crimson
February 10
Quoted: Theresa Lund, Women and Public Policy Program
Topic: Screening of “Miss Representation” documentary

A dearth of positive portrayals of women in the media has helped cause a disproportionately low percentage of women in leadership positions in government and business, filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom said at an event on Thursday sponsored by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Women and Gender Caucus.

Newsom’s 2011 documentary “Miss Representation” criticizes mainstream media for broadcasting hyper-sexualized images of women on reality television and tabloid news, while simultaneously ignoring or trivializing female leaders. …

Theresa A. Lund, associate director of the Kennedy School’s Women and Public Policy Program, called Newsom’s film “well-made, thought-provoking, and compelling.”

“Many of those who attended today’s screening left inspired and eager to change how women are portrayed in our culture,” Lund said.

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