HKS in the News February 27, 2012


1. Saving the nonviolent revolution in Syria: For a credible strategy (Mansbridge) Ahramonline (Egypt)

2. Smart nuclear reduction (Kayyem) Boston Globe

3. America is more integrated than you might think (Glaeser) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

4. Lowering the Corporate Tax Rate is a Good Start (Kamarck)

5. Federal $$$ race heats up (Linsky) Wicked Local

Saving the nonviolent revolution in Syria: For a credible strategy
Ahramonline (Egypt)
February 27
Commentary co-authored by: Jane Mansbridge
Topic: Prospects for a non-violent revolution in Syria

... For a year now, a dominantly nonviolent popular revolution has been demanding the resignation of the dictator and his replacement by a democratic regime. It has not succeeded. As the country’s death toll near the 10,000 mark, many more are in prison, and the nonviolent character of the revolution is giving way to the revolutionaries  - civilians or defecting soldiers - increasingly taking up arms.  As the deadlock persists, the question is how the revolution can succeed without losing its nonviolent character. It is a dilemma shared by the Syrian opposition in its most expressive manifestation, the Syrian National Council, as well as the supporters of the revolution worldwide, including millions in the Arab world and leaders and societies of the larger democracies.

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Smart nuclear reduction
Boston Globe
February 27
Commentary by: Juliette Kayyem
Topic: Nuclear arms stockpiles

...from the cacophony of chest-thumping hard-liners over the mere suggestion, leaked to the press, that the White House may be considering reductions in our nuclear arsenal, the good old days of duck-and-cover live on.

So, just to make this clear: America still needs the Bomb.

Everybody together now: We Love the Bomb.

President Obama, you the loudest: The Bomb is My Friend.

Reductions in the kill-them-a thousand-times-over nuclear weapons program are not a sign of weakness or a reversion to a 1960s peace campaign. They are the consequence of reality. Size no longer matters.

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America is more integrated than you might think
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
February 26
Commentary by: Edward Glaeser
Topic: Racial segregation in America

Even as two-thirds of Americans now say that there are strong conflicts between rich and poor, another great American division is slowly healing.

We should celebrate the decline of racial segregation in America for the fourth consecutive decade. While there are far too many children -- of all races -- raised in the midst of poverty and desperation, the lessening of segregation reminds us that our nation continues to have a great ability to fight even its worst problems.

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Lowering the Corporate Tax Rate is a Good Start
February 25
Commentary by: Elaine Kamarck
Topic: Proposal to lower corporate tax rate in the US

When Japan lowers its corporate tax rate on April 1, the United States will have the highest corporate tax rate among industrialized nations. That's why it was very good news when, earlier this week, the Obama administration proposed plans to lower the corporate income tax rate to 28 percent and take steps to broaden the base.

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Federal $$$ race heats up
Wicked Local
February 25
Quoted: Marty Linsky
Topic: Political campaign spending

Political observers say campaign cash already flowing steadily to some U.S. Senate and House candidates in Massachusetts will likely become a flood by the 2012 election.

Donors poured $17.5 million last year into the race developing between Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and likely Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren as the contest gained national attention, according to Federal Election Commission records....

"You're probably going to see a lot more outside groups, super (political action committees), getting involved," said Marty Linsky, a longtime lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. "This is going to feel more like the presidential campaign than we've come to expect."

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In the HKS TV Studio

Ted Strickland, Institute of Politics
MSNBC, 2/24
Topic: 2012 presidential race

Broadcast Notes

Richard Parker, Shorenstein Center

WBZ-TV/Channel 4 (Boston), 2/25
Topic: Mitt Romney's presidential campaign

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