HKS in the News February 8, 2012

February 8, 2012

1. Santorum Dampens Romney Lead (Linsky) The Harvard Crimson


2. In the end, Somali famine preventable (Paarlberg) Harvard Gazette


Santorum Dampens Romney Lead
The Harvard Crimson
February 8
Quoted: Marty Linsky
Topic: Santorum’s win in three primary states

After reemerging at the front of the Republican primary race last week, Mitt Romney’s campaign suffered a major setback Tuesday night in the shadow of Sen. Rick Santorum’s sweep in three state primaries—contrary to the predictions of many Harvard experts.

Santorum was met with a flood of support in Minnesota and Missouri, winning 45% and 55% of the vote, respectively. He also eked out a narrow victory in Colorado, a state Romney carried decisively in 2008, leading the former Massachusetts Gov. by five percent. …

“Unlike most of the nominees who have come out of either party in recent memory, he’s pretty messed up,” Kennedy School Lecturer Marty A. Linsky said. “He’s been beaten up pretty badly.”

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In the end, Somali famine preventable
Harvard Gazette
February 7
Quoted: Robert Paarlberg
Topic: Famine in Somalia

The United Nations declared last Friday that Somalia’s famine is over. But the official declaration means little to the millions of Somalis who are still hungry and waiting for their crops to grow, according to authorities gathered at Harvard University. …

“In today’s 21st-century world, just about everything about famine is man-made,” Paarlberg said. “We’re no longer in a world of man against nature.”

Paarlberg’s assertion echoed that of other speakers, who pointed out that several of the most deadly famines in history occurred because of government action or inaction.

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In the HKS TV Studio

Nicholas Burns, Belfer Center
CNBC “The Kudlow Report,” 2/7
Topic: Greek debt crisis

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