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HKS in the News March 8, 2012

1. Harvesting full potential of women in labour force (Hausmann) Business Times Singapore

2. HKS Grad Denied Parole (Haigh) Harvard Crimson

3. Precision farming yields many gains (Paarlberg) China Daily

4. Ocean planning and Massachusetts (Kayyem) Boston Globe

5. Mitt Romney's brand of football (Gergen)

6. Not so Super Tuesday (King) The Guardian (UK)

Harvesting full potential of women in labour force

Business Times Singapore

March 8

Quoted: Ricardo Hausmann, Center for International Development

Topic: Gender gaps in employment

INTERNATIONAL Women's Day today will see women's economic, political and social achievements celebrated across the world.

There is much reason to celebrate since gaps in health and education have closed significantly over recent decades.

But gender gaps continue to persist in terms of employment. Closing this gap is critical since it has been found that boosting women's economic participation has the effect of propelling the economy forward.

Ricardo Hausmann , director of the Centre for International Development at Harvard University, referring to the Gender Gap Report 2011, said that, among the 134 countries covered in the report, 'we have found that gaps are closing between women and men's health and education . . . And yet only 60 per cent of economic participation gaps have been closed. Progress will be achieved when countries seek to reap returns on the investment in health and education of girls and women by finding ways to make marriage and motherhood compatible with the economic participation of women.'

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HKS Grad Denied Parole

Harvard Crimson

March 7

Cited: John Haigh

Topic: Imprisonment of HKS alumnus

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev, a graduate of the Harvard Kennedy School serving a two-year sentence in his native Azerbaijan on charges that he avoided military service, was denied parole in an appellate court last week.

His supporters—including many Kennedy School students and faculty—contend that the government detained Hajiyev in March 2011 on false charges in order to silence his work calling attention to election fraud and corruption in the national government....

A year after Hajiyev’s incarceration, the Harvard community continues to protest his imprisonment. Kennedy School Executive Dean John A. Haigh and numerous Harvard professors wrote a letter to Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev on Hajiyev’s behalf, and more than 500 students and community members signed a petition addressed to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calling for his immediate release.

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Precision farming yields many gains

China Daily

March 8

Commentary by: Robert Paarlberg

Topic: Farming policies in China

The Chinese government's No 1 central document released in February attached great importance to high-tech agriculture, and it is a hot topic during this year's annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

Everyone thinks high-tech farming means biotechnology, but it actually goes far beyond that. Biotech seeds are now being upstaged in the United States by a variety of "precision farming" technologies, such as drip irrigation and GPS guidance systems, that offer savings in the use of water and chemical inputs.

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Ocean planning and Massachusetts

Boston Globe

March 8

Commentary by: Juliette Kayyem

Topic: Ocean planning policies

IT IS DE RIGUEUR these political days to claim that anything Massachusetts does is bad for the nation as a whole. Health care aside, a new study shows that the state’s adoption of a comprehensive approach to ocean planning is not only good for the environment but also for business. It’s a message, however, that is under attack by the energy industry and its allies in Congress.

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Mitt Romney's brand of football

March 8

Commentary by: David Gergen, Center for Public Leadership

Topic: GOP presidential campaign

Some footnotes to Super Tuesday after a night that never ended:

-- Mitt Romney's narrow victory in Ohio inevitably brought back memories of Woody Hayes, fabled football coach at The Ohio State.

For years, Buckeye teams methodically ground out victories with an offense affectionately called "three yards and a cloud of dust." Few long passes or acrobatics -- just keep slogging and adding a few more points on the board.

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Not so Super Tuesday. But is it worst ever in Republican nomination race?

The Guardian (UK)

March 7

Quoted: David King

Topic: GOP presidential race

...That inability of the Republicans to settle on a candidate this year is ominous not just for Romney, but for the entire conservative movement. It points to a seething discontent within the ranks, a suspicion of the party's leadership, and – most disturbingly for the future — a fundamental disagreement over what conservatism means....

"This is exposing an immense divide between the Christian conservative fundamentalist wing and the more internationalist and economic wing associated with Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole and the first President Bush," says David King, a public policy expert at Harvard Kennedy School.

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In the HKS TV Studio

Kevin Ryan, Belfer Center

Australian Broadcasting, 3/7

Topic: U.S. missile defense system

Broadcast Notes

Stephen Walt, International Security Program, Belfer Center

Minnesota Public Radio, "The Daily Circuit," 3/7

Topic: Iran's nuclear program

Trey Grayson, Institute of Politics

PBS' “Newshour,” 3/7

Topic: GOP presidential race

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