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HKS in the News April 11, 2012

1. Brazil President Urges Healthy Developed Countries To Spend More Wall Street Journal

2. Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign (Grayson, Parker) The Harvard Crimson

3. Gambling on nation-building (Begay) The Economist

4. It's Time To Embrace The Next Era Of U.S.-Iraq Relations (Cusack) Forbes

Brazil President Urges Healthy Developed Countries To Spend More

Wall Street Journal

April 11

Cited: Kennedy School

Topic: Brazilian President’s speech at HKS last night

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday again urged healthy developed countries to spend their way out of the economic crisis, and reiterated her criticism of easy-money policies.

Those countries that aren't in the eye of the financial and economic storm must invest more to help return to growth and prosperity, Rousseff told Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, at an event that was broadcast on the Internet...

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Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign

The Harvard Crimson

April 11

Quoted: Trey Grayson, Institute of Politics, Richard Parker, Shorenstein Center

Topic: GOP presidential race

Former Senator Rick Santorum announced Tuesday that he would suspend his campaign for the presidency, leaving a clear path for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney to assume the Republican nomination and challenge President Barack Obama in November’s election...

“[Romney] technically doesn’t have enough delegates yet,” Institute of Politics director C.M. “Trey” Grayson ’94 said, but “there’s no political scenario that would create any other outcome than a Romney nomination.”

“I would think that he’s going to shift into a prolonged media and fundraising tour, and he’ll use the completion of the primary cycle as an extended series of victory laps,” said Harvard Kennedy School lecturer Richard Parker. “He’ll use the process of seeming to campaign to test messages.”…

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Gambling on nation-building

The Economist

April 7

Quoted: Manley Begay, Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development

Topic: Native American sovereignty

Meeting Ronnie Lupe, the chairman of the White Mountain Apache tribe, is rather like an audience with the chieftain he would once have been. At 82 he has a sage’s bearing, takes his time speaking and does not allow himself to be interrupted…His office commands a view in one of the sacred directions of the Apache, across a reservation in remote Arizona that is roughly the size of Delaware but home to only about 12,000 tribal members…

But sovereignty has at least three pieces, says Manley Begay at the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development, a research group. First, there is “inherent” sovereignty. Mr Begay’s Navajo, for example, consider their sovereignty a sacred gift from their Holy People. But there are also legal and de facto sovereignty, and the federal government, for most of American history, honoured neither. It considered treaties merely a tool to take land from the tribes. Its real policy towards Indians before 1851 was to remove them. After 1851, when the first modern Indian reservations were created, the policy was to contain them in what one Indian author has called “red ghettos” for their widespread poverty, unemployment, alcoholism and crime…

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It's Time To Embrace The Next Era Of U.S.-Iraq Relations


April 5

Commentary by: Jake Cusack MPP 2012

Topic: U.S.-Iraq Relations

Last week President Obama nominated Brett McGurk, an old acquaintance from my time in Iraq, to be the next U.S. Ambassador to the country. He is the right man for the post, deeply respected by many Americans and Iraqis for his continuous work there since January 2004, including negotiating the original Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA). But he now must undertake the daunting task of fixing the broken and distorted American narrative of Iraq...

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In the HKS TV Studio

John Park, Belfer

MSNBC, 4/10

Topic: North Korean nuclear program

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