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HKS in the News April 17, 2012

1. Bank to be all shook up (Pritchett) Asia Times Online

2. Romney’s challenge: assuring conservatives but reaching swing voters (Grayson) The Dallas Morning News

3. Pseudo-coalition and the nature of political pragmatism (Anwar) The Jakarta Post

4. Asean peacekeepers for Myanmar? (Pitsuwan) Bangkok Post

Bank to be all shook up

Asia Times Online

April 17

Quoted: Lant Pritchett

Topic: World Bank leadership

Lant Pritchett - a professor of the practice of international development at the Harvard Kennedy School - has been leading a campaign against the election of Jim Yong Kim to the World Bank presidency. …

Kim has extensive support around the world for his candidacy, but Pritchett's objections to him all really boil down to an understanding of "development."

Pritchett in the TNR posits two kinds of development: national development and humane development. National development "would involve the natural replication of the four-fold historical transformation of the developed nation-states: Economies would become more productive and hence support broad-based prosperity, polities would become more fully responsive to their citizens, administration would become more capable, and societies would become more equal as birth-based distinctions (such as class and caste) and divisive identities (of kith and clan) faded in favor of modern social relationships. Note that each of these was something that would happen not just to individuals but to a country." …

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Romney’s challenge: assuring conservatives but reaching swing voters

The Dallas Morning News

April 16

Quoted: Trey Grayson, Institute of Politics

Topic: Mitt Romney’s campaign

… One thing Romney has in his favor is that the economy remains a critical concern to voters of all stripes. Everyone grumbles about $4 gasoline. Everyone worries about chronically high unemployment and sagging home values.

“Double down on this whole ‘I understand the economy, we need to get the country moving again’ message,” said Trey Grayson, director of the Institute of Politics at Harvard University and a former GOP official in Kentucky. Rather than switch positions again on social issues, he said, Romney should instead relentlessly emphasize the economy. …

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Pseudo-coalition and the nature of political pragmatism

The Jakarta Post

April 17

Commentary by: M. Syafi'i Anwar, Ash Center

Topic: Indonesian Joint Secretariat of Coalition

Following the political dispute among the elites of political parties grouped in the Joint Secreariat of Coalitian, particularly between the Democratic Party and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), one might ask what is the relevance of the dispute for people’s interests?

Nothing. It is only for the sake of the parties’ interests and it does not resolve the problems people are facing in their daily lives. People will obtain no advantage from the discord, which instead demonstrates malicious political pragmatism. Consequently, it reminds us of the old political mantra: ”In politics, there are no permanent friends or foes, but interests.” …

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Asean peacekeepers for Myanmar?

Bangkok Post

April 17

Commentary by: Fuadi Pitsuwan MPP 2013

Topic: Peacekeeping in Myanmar

Does the Association of Southeast Asian Nations want to sustain its relevance and be a credible player in international politics? Does it want to develop the ability to respond to potential challenges faced individually or collectively by its members?

If so, Asean should consider creating a regional standby force.

The force would operate with two purposes _ peacekeeping and serving as a collective defence against extra-regional threats. …

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In the HKS TV Studio

Ted Strickland, Institute of Politics

MSNBC , April 16

Topic: The presidential race

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