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HKS in the News April 18, 2012

1. The search for a new funding model for the world's entrepreneurs SmartCompany

2. Harvard's Latino Problem Harvard Crimson

The search for a new funding model for the world's entrepreneurs


April 18

Mentioned: Research at CID’s Entrepreneurial Finance Lab

Topic: Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship seems to have become the silver bullet for a job-scarce, unemployment-saddled global economy still struggling to shake off a severe recession. Around the world, leaders talk about how startups can create new jobs and lift regions out of poverty. But many entrepreneurs – particularly those in the world’s toughest economies – are still battling to secure the cash they need to launch and run their own businesses. …

And at Harvard, the Kennedy School of Government’s Entrepreneurial Finance Lab is examining whether “psychometric screening tools” that judge for “entrepreneurial ability” and “honesty” could, when paired with sales contracts, convince more banks to lend to entrepreneurs. Further research is under way now.

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Harvard's Latino Problem

Harvard Crimson

April 18

Mentioned: Center for Public Leadership

Topic: Latino studies at Harvard

This weekend’s 15th Annual Latino Law Policy and Business Conference celebrated the rise of Latinos in the U.S. and Latin America, but also revealed Harvard’s most glaring weakness: After forty years, a Latino Studies Center is still missing on campus. …

Since 1994, the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies has been a great resource to students on campus. But the Center’s leadership also recognizes that their charter, focused on Latin America, cannot provide adequate coverage of the “U.S.” part of the Latino identity. In fact, in our Spring 2011 efforts to establish HLSA, the Rockefeller Center was unable to serve as our sponsoring entity because of this very issue. Fortunately, our application to become a university-wide organization received the support of Harvard Kennedy School’s Center for Public Leadership, which has been an incredible resource and partner and is a key reason why HLSA exists today.

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