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HKS in the News April 24, 2012

1. Walmart's Massive Bribery Scandal: What Happens Now? (Heineman) The Atlantic

2. The military’s persistent gender divide (Kayyem) The Boston Globe

3. ‘Kony 2012’ Mobilizes Legislative Response (Sifry) Roll Call

Walmart's Massive Bribery Scandal: What Happens Now?

The Atlantic

April 22

Commentary by: Ben Heineman, Belfer Center

Topic: Walmart bribery scandal

Senior Walmart executives stopped a far-ranging investigation into pervasive bribery in Mexico, which the company engaged in so it could build stores quickly and obtain market dominance.

So alleges a lengthy, carefully reported New York Times story that is likely to set off an explosion affecting America's eighth largest company and its top leaders, including present and past CEOs. Although facts have to be established by the authorities, this piece is a must read because it presents a detailed case that something was rotten in both Mexico City and Bentonville (Walmart's Arkansas headquarters). …

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The military’s persistent gender divide

The Boston Globe

April 23

Commentary by: Juliette Kayyem, Belfer Center

Topic: Gender equality in the military

With all the focus on the “war on women,” the issue of war and women isn’t getting its share of attention. On Monday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta announced new rules to combat sexual assaults in the military. Over 3,000 alleged assaults are reported annually, but the Pentagon now admits that the actual number of incidents is probably closer to 19,000 due to systemic underreporting. This acknowledgment marks a cultural shift to protect women in the hopes that the military can recruit, retain, and promote them to the highest levels of command. …

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‘Kony 2012’ Mobilizes Legislative Response

Roll Call

April 23

Quoted: Micah Sifry, Shorenstein Center

Topic: The effect of viral videos on lawmakers

The viral Internet video “Kony 2012” mobilized an unprecedented number of young people to support the campaign to counter Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army. It may also have mobilized an unprecedented number of lawmakers. …

Nonetheless, the popularity of the “Kony 2012” video is not without criticism. Invisible Children has run into trouble for its finances, and several groups blasted the video for oversimplifying the campaign against the LRA. …

Micah Sifry , a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government who has written on technology and civic engagement, also was not convinced “Kony 2012” was particularly noteworthy. “It is dime a dozen in online politics today,” he said. “Everyone is trying to draw attention using online video. The only new wrinkle here is the length.” …

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Broadcast Notes

Tarek Masoud, Ash Center

NPR “Talk of the Nation,” 4/23

Topic: Egypt’s presidential elections

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