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HKS in the News May 11, 2012

1. A national call to action on citizenship education (Parker, Nethercutt) The Seattle Times

2. Euro was troubled from birth (Frankel) The Kansas City Star

3. Biden Said to Apologize for Forcing Obama's Hand on Gay Marriage (Jarding) The San Francisco Chronicle

4. Greece: Why not let it sink? ( Barbieri ) CNN

A national call to action on citizenship education

The Seattle Times

May 10

Commentary by: Richard Parker, Shorenstein Center and George Nethercutt, Institute of Politics

Topic: The need for citizenship education

Political polarization in the United States hinders national progress. Consensus, painful as it is when against our respective political and policy instincts, can nonetheless yield progress and move America forward. Unyielding polarization frustrates the electorate and stifles democracy's long-term health.

Fierce division pervades on issues such as government's proper role in a free society, fair tax policies, the growing divide between rich and poor and the balance of power between Wall Street and Main Street. …

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Euro was troubled from birth

The Kansas City Star

May 10

Quoted: Jeffrey Frankel

Topic: The European economy

… Today, as Greece seems likely to leave the euro – and with Ireland, Italy and even France deep in debt and hampered by the single currency – Europe’s bold fiscal experiment faces its gravest crisis yet. But all these problems were predictable: From its inception, the move to the euro was not as much about money as about political unity and guarding against another European conflict. The economics were always known to be, at best, difficult. …

“The decision to let in Greece was purely sentimental,” said Jeffrey A. Frankel, an international finance professor at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. “That’s a sign that they weren’t moving forward in the best way possible in forming their new currency.” …

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Biden Said to Apologize for Forcing Obama's Hand on Gay Marriage

The San Francisco Chronicle

May 11

Quoted: Steven Jarding, Shorenstein Center

Topic: Obama’s support for same-sex marriage

Vice President Joe Biden apologized to President Barack Obama for upsetting the White House's timetable for revealing the president's support for same-sex marriage, according to an administration official. …

Such lapses may not be so politically damaging if they demonstrate candor, especially for a Democratic ticket running against a Republican challenger in Romney that the Obama team caricatures as an "Etch A Sketch" candidate changing positions for political convenience, said Steve Jarding, a Democratic political consultant and lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

"People are so cynical, so turned off, so distrustful and disillusioned with politics and politicians," Jarding said. "In and of itself, having a guy speak his mind I don't think is necessarily a bad thing." …

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Greece: Why not let it sink?


May 11

Quoted: Pierpaolo Barbieri, Belfer Center

Topic: Greece’s economy

Greece may have given us the word democracy and many of the principles of civil society. But now it is "the sick man of Europe," and the people of other European democracies are asking whether it's worth saving with billions more dollars of their money. Put crudely, their argument is this: So what if Greece slides ignominiously out of the eurozone? …

Pierpaolo Barbieri , Ernest May Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School's Belfer Center, has written extensively about Europe's financial crisis. "Greek voters have turned against the old duopoly of PASOK and New Democracy," he says, referring to the dominant parties of the past 30 years.

"They are tired of crisis. That doesn't mean they are against being part of the eurozone. They realize their savings would be wiped out if a devalued drachma took the place of the euro and that Greek banks would collapse. So it's important to separate the weakness of the existing political parties from the issue of the bailouts and the eurozone." …

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In the HKS TV Studio

Lawrence Summers, Mossavar-Rahmani Center

CNBC “The Kudlow Report,” 5/10

Topic: The U.S. economic recovery

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