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HKS in the News May 24, 2012

1. Lagarde Discusses Changing Nature of Leadership at HKS Class Day

(Ellwood, Saluja, Jahangir) Harvard Crimson

2. Two challenges that college graduates will inherit (Burns) Boston Globe

3. The 'Joplin Effect': The best of democracy and the best of community helped heal the city (Kayyem) Boston Globe

Lagarde Discusses Changing Nature of Leadership at HKS Class Day

Harvard Crimson

May 23

Quoted: David Ellwood, Saurabh Saluja MPP 2012, Asim Jahangir MPA/ID 2012

Topic: HKS graduation address delivered by Christine Lagarde

Lagarde's address was also covered in The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Magazine.

Christine M. O. Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, spoke about seizing leadership opportunities in a changing geopolitical world order in her speech to graduating students at Harvard Kennedy School’s Class Day on Wednesday.

A former lawyer, an Olympic synchronized swimmer, and an international figurehead for her influential role in the realm of global finance, Lagarde was introduced by Kennedy School Dean David T. Ellwood ’75 as a “rock star” before she took the stage. He added that, as the first female finance minister of France and the first female managing director of the IMF, she is “someone who understands intimately the complexity of challenges facing our world today.”

Her speech was a combination of hopeful well-wishes and bracing realism.

“You are now ready to bring your incredible talent and enthusiasm to bear on the world,” Lagarde said. However, she tempered her praise, challenging the class, “Will you have the courage to desire and even demand a better world to leave to your children?...

Saurabh Saluja , a student at the Kennedy School and the Medical School, said that he appreciated that Lagarde’s speech applied to graduates going into a wide range of fields.

“You can expect that interconnectedness and global confrontation even inside a New York hospital” like the one that he will be working in this fall, he said.

“It was a great speech, reflective of both her life journey and our journey ahead,” said Asim Jahangir, a graduating Kennedy School student. “We were presented with the challenges that we’ll face and [made] excited about them, something that really resonates with Kennedy students.”

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Two challenges that college graduates will inherit

Boston Globe

May 24

Commentary by: Nicholas Burns, Future of Diplomacy Project

Topic: Challenges facing new college graduates

Many of this week’s graduates may be too exhausted by round-the-clock celebrations and too distracted by the fanfare to remember much of what their graduation speakers tell them. And it is too much to ask that they focus on their cosmic responsibilities as citizens after receiving their diplomas. But, as we pass the symbolic baton of leadership to them in the years to come, there are at least two great national challenges the graduates will inherit that are worthy of reflection.

The first is to write their unique chapter in the most important work that has consumed Americans since our founding and is our greatest achievement — to advance the cause of human freedom for all our citizens and people around the world.

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The 'Joplin Effect': The best of democracy and the best of community helped heal the city

Boston Globe

May 24

Commentary by: Juliette Kayyem

Topic: The one year anniversary of the devestating tornado in Joplin, MO.

On the first anniversary of the devastating tornado that touched ground here, the nation focused on this small city of 50,000 and its stories of resiliency and resourcefulness. Joplin is a folk tale of middle American community values and strong religious sentiment. It’s “Little House on the Prairie,” in the eyes of cable news. But there is something condescending about that portrayal, as if Joplin’s comeback were an inevitable consequence of good people just being good.

Much has been said about how well Joplin has recovered, but less about how that recovery occurred. Joplin isn’t just a story of hope winning over pessimism. What makes Joplin a truly American story is that its transformation is a triumph of local ingenuity, starting with that most democratic of events: a public meeting.

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In the HKS TV Studio

Olli Heinonen, Belfer Center

Bloomberg News, 5/23

Topic: Iran's nuclear program

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