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HKS in the News June 29, 2012

1. Are voters ready to move on? (Gergen)

2. Why Kenya Has to Adopt Biotechnology in Farming (Juma) All Africa

3. Documentary reveals divided lives (Ahn) Korea Herald

Are voters ready to move on?

June 28

Commentary by: David Gergen, Center for Public Leadership

Topic: The Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act

With the Supreme Court's thunderbolt, a crucial battle is over on health care, but the war surely goes on. Or does it?

There has been a widespread view among conservatives that if the court were to uphold Obamacare that would do more to galvanize the tea party and other parts of their base than any other outcome. Anger and frustration can be powerful motivators in politics.

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Why Kenya Has to Adopt Biotechnology in Farming

All Africa

June 27

Commentary by: Calestous Juma, Belfer Center

Topic: The promise of genetically modified crops in Africa

…Today a new revolution is knocking at Africa's door-agricultural biotechnology. It promises to do for agriculture what mobile technology has done for communication. I wrote my second book, The Gene Hunters, in 1989 on the technology. It was seven years ahead the first commercial release of biotechnology crops in the United States. There were concerns from the outset akin to those raised about mobile phones.

It was claimed that biotechnology would only benefit rich farmers, destroy the environment and undermine food security. But evidence is stacking up against these earlier doomsday claims. The current adoption rate of biotechnology crops is 11% in developing countries compared to 5% in industrialized countries.

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Documentary reveals divided lives

Korea Herald

June 27

Quoted: Jason Ahn MPA 2012

Topic: Documentary film by HKS alumnus

When Korean-American Jason Ahn’s grandmother was hospitalized with stomach cancer in the U.S., she longed to see her sister in North Korea once more before she died.

But she was unable to make the trip in response to her sister’s letter, and died without speaking to her sibling again.

“For a reply, we had no other choice but to send her funeral photos to her sister,” recounted Ahn in an introduction to the new “Divided Families” documentary he has now directed on the issue.

“Her tragic story belongs to our own, but I have realized that there are many similar stories like that of the Korean immigrants in America. As the second-generation Korean-American, I see it’s necessary to produce a film that exposes their tragic reality to the American public and speaks for them in the future.”

The Harvard Medical School and Harvard Kennedy School student temporarily put his schooling on the back burner to give voice to the anguish of the more than 100,000 American citizens of Korean heritage separated from immediate family members still living in North Korea.

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In the HKS TV Studio

David Cutler
Bloomberg News, 6/28
Topic: The Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act

Broadcast Notes

David Cutler

WBUR’s “All Point,” 6/28
Topic: Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act

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