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HKS in the News June 5, 2012

1. Look beyond interest rates to get out of the gloom (Summers) The Financial Times

2. Teachers Unions Have a Popularity Problem (Peterson) The Wall Street Journal

3. What is 'Creating Shared Value'? (Kramer) Forbes

4. Esko Aho to join Harvard University as Senior Fellow (Haigh) The Financial (Finland)

5. Israel asks Arab visitors to open emails to search (Buttu) Associated Press

6. Jailed Azeri activist freed before Clinton visit (Hajiyev) The Chicago Tribune

Look beyond interest rates to get out of the gloom

The Financial Times

June 4

Commentary by: Lawrence Summers, Mossavar-Rahmani Center

Topic: The global economy

With the past week’s dismal US jobs data, signs of increasing financial strain in Europe and discouraging news from China, the proposition that the global economy is returning to a path of healthy growth looks highly implausible.

It is more likely that a pessimistic view is again taking over as falling incomes lead to falling confidence that leads to reduced spending and yet further declines in income. Financial strains hurt the real economy, especially in Europe, and reinforce existing strains. And export-dependent emerging markets suffer as the economies of the industrialised world weaken. …

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Teachers Unions Have a Popularity Problem

The Wall Street Journal

June 4

Commentary by: Paul Peterson, Program on Education Policy and Governance

Topic: Public opinion of teachers unions

However Wisconsin's recall election turns out on Tuesday, teachers unions already appear to be losing a larger political fight—in public opinion. In our latest annual national survey, we found that the share of the public with a positive view of union impact on local schools has dropped by seven percentage points in the past year. Among teachers, the decline was an even more remarkable 16 points.

On behalf of Harvard's Program on Education Policy and Governance and the journal Education Next, we have asked the following question since 2009: "Some people say that teacher unions are a stumbling block to school reform. Others say that unions fight for better schools and better teachers. What do you think? Do you think teacher unions have a generally positive effect on schools, or do you think they have a generally negative effect?" …

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What is 'Creating Shared Value'?


June 4

Quoted: Mark Kramer, Mossavar-Rahmani Center

Topic: The concept of Creating Shared Valued

What does the term “creating shared value” mean? It already has an acronym, CSV, and it’s in fact a powerful concept for companies to use. Ultimately, it’s a strategy for developing the future market while also strengthening economies, the marketplace, communities, and corporate coffers. …

Creating Shared Value originates from an article penned by Harvard ProfessorMichael Porter and HarvardKennedy School of Government Senior Fellow Mark Kramer. The authors presented the concept of CSV in a 2006 Harvard Business Review article, and detailed it further in a January 2011 follow-up article.

Mark Kramer is also responsible for advancing strategic philanthropy. Through a number of articles and books, he’s shaped the thinking that “giving away money is very different than solving a social problem.” This has played a role in getting companies and foundations to think differently about their philanthropic goals, strategy and implementation of the systems and process to achieve those goals. …

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Esko Aho to join Harvard University as Senior Fellow

The Financial (Finland)

June 5

Quoted: John Haigh, Mossavar-Rahmani Center

Topic: Esko Aho’s appointment as a Senior Fellow at the Mossavar-Rahmani Center

Nokia shares that Esko Aho has been appointed to the role of Senior Fellow at the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at Harvard Kennedy School, the school at Harvard University dedicated to study and engagement in public policy and public administration. …

"Today's public problems and opportunities increasingly require collaboration between public and private institutions - between business and government," said John Haigh, the center's co-director and Executive Dean of Harvard Kennedy School. "Mr. Aho brings a unique perspective on how these different institutions can work together more effectively. He has vast experience in government, particularly as Prime Minister of Finland, and in senior executive roles at Nokia. He can help bridge the perspectives of many sectors, enabling the collaboration necessary to solve some of the most intractable public problems. We are pleased he will be joining us as a Senior Fellow." …

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Israel asks Arab visitors to open emails to

The Associated Press

June 4

Quoted: Diana Butto, Belfer Center

Topic: Israel’s airport security measures

In a cyber-age twist on Israel's vaunted history of airport security, the country has begun to force incoming travelers deemed suspicious to open personal email accounts for inspection, visitors say.

Diana Butto [sic], a former legal adviser to the Palestinian Authority and a fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, said the policy of email checks, once used sporadically, appears to have become more widespread over the past year. …

Butto said agents typically want to see people's itineraries, articles they have written or Facebook status updates.

"The problem is there's no way to honestly say you're coming to visit the West Bank without falling into some type of security trap," she said. "Either you lie and risk being caught in a lie, or you tell the truth ... and it's not clear whether you'll be allowed in." …

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Jailed Azeri activist freed before Clinton visit

The Chicago Tribune

June 4

Cited: Bakhtiyar Hajiyev MPP 2009

Topic: The release of Bakhtiyar Hajiyev from prison in Azerbaijan

A Harvard-educated political activist was freed from jail on Monday after Azerbaijan's Supreme Court granted his request for early release, days before a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Bakhtiyar Hajiyev was jailed last year for evading the South Caucasus nation's mandatory military draft, a charge he said was politically motivated, and had about nine months left of his two-year sentence. …

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